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Act 14: Secrets Part 6

“You can't win this!” Jewel protests, “We're stronger then you, faster then you, and let's face it smarter then you!”
“That last one debatable!” Aurora counters as light meets gems mid flights creating a showers of rainbows as the crystal split the light.
“You're light never could break my gem stones!”
“And your light never had much kick to it like mine!” Starlight counters with a show of magic that knocks all three down.
“I've learned a few new things,” Aurora purrs as a tail and cat ears form and the scatter lights of the prisms bent around and knock speed toward the two Dark Magical Girls.
“On it!”
A large crystal shield appears before them to block the attack just as green flames appear around their feet rooting them in place as the lights hit the crystal shield and like a reverse prism emerge from the defensive end as a massive wall of pure white light. That envelopes the girls as they howl in pain and their magical girl form crashes the two collapsing on the floor, naked, shaking.
“It's over now.” Aurora purrs as she walks over to the girls offering them a hand up, “The night mare is over.”
Princess is quick to use her powers to give them each elegant gowns as Chaki powers down to look at Aurora's new tail and ears curiously.
“I am so confused.”
“Yeah when did you learn new spells and become a catgirl?” Samantha/Jewel says confused as she leans on Lilly/Starlight, both of which need the support of all 3 girls to stay standing.
“Well that should be obvious,” The Duke smile as he seemed to float out of Aurora, taking his tail and ears with him, “After David and I fished with Ijime and ShiShi's group I came here and entered Aurora's body to share my power with her.
The Leading Sam and Lilly to some benches they take a seat as the Duke summons several saucers of milk handing one to each girl, “Drink up, it's from Meowchester's finest farms and will help restore your strength.”
Aurora and Princess powered down as Chaki forced a smile before summoning some peppermints and slipping them into the mouths of each girl as Vira, Lilly, and Sam slowly sipped from the bowls while Chaki and Rina lapped at it for a moment before sharing a laugh.
“Meow...I guess...” Rina laughs.
Chaki purrs, Lion joining her from the chain at her hip.
“Don't worry the side effects of our fusion will wear off soon enough,” The Duke explains.
Vira smiles as she creates a dress for the prince, “Well I guess you can mark being a female and a human off your bucket list.”
The Duke smiles tilting his head, “I suppose I can.”
“Nuh Uh,” Chaki protests, “Five minutes don't count! When you experience your first period and get fucked like all your mates do, when you have your own litter then you haven't really experience being female or human! I should know!”
“Ah so all human females desire child birth?” The Duke purrs as he rubs her belly, “They you must be quite the envy of your peers my delicious Kandy!”
She growls as she holds up her ring bound finger,  “Just shut up and get this off me before Ninshin is born again!”
The Duke sighs, “I can't do that, at the very least not until he is born.”
Chaki growls as he summons his blade and presses it to her stomach, “Oh hell no! I already gave birth to him once and a sea monster, I am NOT going through that one more time!”
Quickly Vira summons her ribbons to pull the blade away and restrain Chaki's arms and legs, “Calm down! Calm down! Your gonna hurt yourself!”
“Better then loosing my free will again!”
Jewel flusters and looks away, “I-I'm sorry, I didn...”
“Not your fault,” Chaki immediately relaxes and looks over to Sam while Vira keeps her limbs bound just to be sure, “You were corrupted, that wasn't you. The Underworld does that to people.”
“Yeah but,” Sam holds back tears as she looks to Lilly, “Starlight didn't...she was...”
Lilly flusters next, “In retrospect I am not proud of myself either, I let those monsters trick me into thinking they just wanted to live in the sun, but if you have to kill or enslave everyone to get your own freedom it's not a righteous freedom.”
“The Road to Hell is paved with good intention,” Aurora notes, “Though I am kinda surprised you didn't fully turn and had reservation even when living in the Underworld.”
“She was able to resist it in part due to the nature of her powers, starlight, just as they would be hard pressed to turn you as the Magical Girl of Bows of Light after Rain, your intrinsic nature makes you resistant tot he dark realms.”
“Didn't help much when I became a Fairy, or a warrior, or your mate.”
Chaki, Sam and Lilly all looked away at those memories as they touched their butterfly pendents. Vira just looked down at hers' confused, “Feels like I missed something.”
“You never told her?” Chaki looks curiously.
“Didn't see much point, we got her pendent with the others, there was no need to open old wounds.”
“My Pendent?” Vira says confused, “What about my pendent.”
Before anyone could react though the entire mall began to shake and the Duke Looked skyward as if peering through the building to the outside, “Stating the obvious but Ijime has grown huge and seems to be trying to collapse the ceiling down on us. “I can get you girls out of here or sweep for any civilians I missed. Jewel's crystal prisons should have shattered by now now that the dark spell is broken but I may have missed some in my haste to join the fight here.”
Jewel forces herself to her feet, still mildly weak, “Join with me, I should be able to back track my steps.”
“Come on Lion!” Chaki says transforming again, “We have a job to do!”
Lion roars as Chaki sticks a Candy Cane into each of the girls mouths to accelerate their recoveries as the cat eared Jewel hurries for the entrance.
“Don't forget Erin we left him passed out by the door,” Rina calls out as she Vira and Lilly rush for the emergency exit.
As the building shook the mysterious swordsman sheathed his blade as an exhausted Kotoha and Tizen caught their breath, “Next time Red Warrior we will duel one on one, but this battle has sated my blades needs for now and it seems this battle ground is becoming unstable. Until we meet again.”
Vanishing into a crack Yellow Collapses into Red's arms, “I don't know if I have anything left in me.”
“Leave that to Bear and Me, just get Sabertooth Ready.”
Yellow, still in her cat like armor nods as she takes out her earth badge and transforms it tot brush mode as Tizen does the same with Fire.
The foundation cracks as red water seeps up just as Sabertooth, Lion, and Bear knock the massive Ijime off his feet, a moment later they are joined by a massive version of David in his shark armor, looking pretty heavily damaged, “Surprised? Well what are you waiting for, combine and all that!”
“Can we even do that?” Yellow says from inside Saberttoth and Ijime gets back to his feet.
“It worked for Venus,” Green notes.
“Yeah but this isn't a projection I can see his face that's really him.”
“Enough talking,” Red orders as he takes out Dolphin and Manta, “Combine!”
Quickly summoning the two giant animals they 3 of them make the combination symbol and collect around David creating new armor from him and shark and joining him in a new cockpit.
“Let's make this quick guys,” David says quickly as he summons his shark blades to parry Ijime, “This guy is still a mouthful and were all pretty wasted.”
“Dolphin and Manta?” Green glares at Red.
“Yeah and Sabertooth, Cheetah, and Rabbit,” Yellows adds, “Hanran really came through.”
Green sighs, “Fine, and I suppose Tizen here is using 3 times the Chakra to make this armor complete so I’ll give it a pass just hope you left something for me.”
Thankfully Red and Yellow's helmets hid their blush.
“Watch the ground!” David shouts as his foot slides into a pool of red and it smokes, “We got Sansu seepage!”
Green growls, “Damn it I forgot Vixen and Kappa were going to the basement to break through to the other side. This guy doesn’t want to collapse the mall hes trying to push it into the Underworld.”
“You really didn't think some Samurai Wanna bee could really beat me? The Great Fox Lady?” Vixen gloated as she kicked Brushstroke into a wall.
“I don't know who that is and I don't really care,” he counters as he quickly uses his massive brush to draw a shield to block the fireballs Vixen shot next, “All I know is i'm not letting my girl Aurora down. We fought to much to get here, and Now that I'm in Japan I’m not going to disappoint her!”
The building shook again and Kappa fell from her hand stand, “I'm going to tell that big oaf to be more careful he's going to crush this place with us in it!”
“You will do no such thing Kappa, get back on your head, break the barrier between worlds!”
“B-But I want to Fight!”
“Shut up and do your job!”
Kappa hisses, “You are no fun at all Vixen!”
Another drawing places a large bandage atop Kappa's head, stopping the flow, Brushstroke smirks, “That's one problem down now how about you foxy, call it a night?”
she blasts him again with fox fire, “Not a chance,” as she runs over to rip the bandage from Kappa's head just as a giant of the symbol for water pins the two to a wall and her Dragon Badge falls from her pocket as the building shakes again.
A dark grin spreads across Vixen's face as she watches Brush stroke dace around to avoid the Sansu puddles and she takes out her water badge, “Thanks for the inspiration idiot, you just gave us the victory!”
“Say what?”
Helping Kappa to her feet she scoops up Dragon with her tail and smiles darkly, “Let's rock and roll Kappa!”
As Ijime stumbles back from The Shark's latest attach he is suddenly caught by Great Shinobi, though it too has changed, with only the Dragon armor for one limb and its head open at the top with Sansu Water spilling out Great Shinobi smirks evilly.
“Loooove the new look My Lord, what do you think of ours!”
“Always nice to have backup, even from freak and uncommitted oaf.”
Great Shinobi stumbles back from the attack before smacking Ijime in the face, “You just can't keep your mouth shut can you?”
“Hey if the truth hurts, GOOD!”
“Not when it's hurting your allies!”
Using the distraction Shark lays another fin attack into them, 'Just keep on talking we'll beat the evil out of you.'
“Just be careful about the spill out that's a lot of Sansu coming out of Venus' head,” Red cautions as they step aside another large puddle of Sansu.
Drawing her own Sword Great Shinobi clashes blades with Shark as Ijime vanishes appearing behind them with another whisper that causes their footing to buckle and drop to their knee.
“Bath time!” Great Shinobi taunts as she bends over pouring Sansu all over Shark's back, his new armor smoking heavily as he collapses to the ground. “Did you really thing you could out smart us! We know your tactics inside and out!”
“You don't know jack about my tactics!” David shouts back as he seems to vanish into the ground.
“W-what? Where did they go?”
Only to erupt out of the ground with a flaming uppercut that send Ijime on his back before being pinned under Sharks boot and exploding as wood spike shoot out of the boot and impale him.
Great shark breaths heavily, “Or what I can do with access to fire, earth, and wood energy.”
“Tch,” Great Shinobi sneers as she bashes Great shark with her shell shield knocking him onto his back as Sabertooth falls away reverting to totem form in Yellow's hand as she is ejected from the cockpit to the ground exhausted and exposing David's bare chest, “So you took out the loud mouth, was as much a threat to us as you, and new we've seen your tricks so what you gonna surprise is with now?”
“Got to get back up there,” She forces herself to her paws but her legs and arms give under her and she collapses as Great shark is thrown into a building a stops moving.
“You have fought enough,” The Duke arrives at her side with a handful of Kuros and guides her to a van as her armor crashes and she revered to her normal green eyed human form. “The civilians are safe, and I even evacuated the area around the mall.”
“There are always people left in the buildings, always,” Kotoha tries to protect but her body has no more fight left in it.
The Duke nods and vanishes, “You rest I'll scout around.”
Great Shark Struggles to get back to his feet as Great Shinobi hammers into him with her fists until Manta Bear, Dolphin and Red are all ejected leaving David and Green to weather the blows and revealing that all of Shark has been destroyed and only David bare body and Lion's single limb of armor remain.
“Now partner!” David suddenly shouts as his body shrinks away leaving just lion in the hole as David fights to remain conscious next to Red as the Kuro's help then to the van.
Great Shinobi looks around worried as they are hit by lasers from behind and turn to see Brushstroke riding a large mechanical/armored Shark with an array of new weapons and a personal cockpit for the magical boy.
“Never count a Magical Boy down we're just full of surprises! Lasers FIRE!”
Under the barrage Great Shinobi staggers back as a red glow envelopes them as the mall sinks into a red lake. Fending off the attack with their shield Great Shinobi dives into the red lake that once held the mall and flees.
Brushstroke pats the controls as the additions evaporate into ink and the heavily damaged shark shrinks down, resuming it's position on David's wrist as he finally let's sleep take him. Lion also shrinks down leaving an exhausted but still awake Chaki lying breathless on the ground gently licking her face before being retrained within the chains about her waist once more.
As Brushstroke lands to help her up she absently summons some small candy pellets and feeds to them to the exhausted lion.
“Ready to go home?” Brushstroke smiles as he helps her stand.
“Yeah,” She sighs as she holds her belly as she feels Ninshin growing inside her, “Sure.”
Lifting her into his arm Brushstroke leaps away following after the Emperor’s van with Chaki in his arms as they leave behind the destruction and the massive lake and Sansu that now sits in the center of the city.
“This was pretty nice of you Lord-Sir,” Brushstroke called from the entry way to the men's side of the natural spring, “That last fight was pretty hairy.”
“Don't think too much on it, we may have Jewel and Starlight back as well as Ichiboku and Ashi but I can't be sure if their purified enough that the barrier back at the compound won't reject them as Oni.”
“Is that why you have the Kuros surrounding the place?” David wonders? “Some kind of purifying ritual?”
Tizen nods, “Plus the waters will help in our healing.”
“You really should join us,” David smiles, “This feels awesome, even shark feels rejuvenated.”
To emphasis the point Shark surface a moment and swam around Tizen.
“It just wouldn’t feel right.”
“Then get some rest, maybe you can get some information out of that guy that ShiShi turned into, he hasn’t said a word since he awoke.”
Brushstroke nodded as he pushed to his feet and exited the hot springs, “I'll check in on him, find out his story.”
“Remember when we used to come here as kids, try and peek over at the girl's side?” David grins devilishly as  he looks over at the divide between the two hot baths.
“Don't get any ideas David.”
“Wasn't planning to, besides they outnumber us like three to one. I just meant it's like old times, again.”
“Not quite, You have become a warrior in your own right instead of 'my sidekick' as you used to say. Even Awoke shark to full potential.”
“That was more Genta and Shark's doing then I.”
“We haven’t really had time to catch up, Genta was my training partner back in the Academy as I was learning to master my Sloth Spirit. Technical genius. He built a new body for Squid and built Lobster from scratch. And working with shark found a way for him to share his powers more efficiently with me.”
“Squid? But that was just a shard and he restored it? Amazing.”
“Thought that would impress you,” David smirked, “It's one reason I returned now.”
Tizen sink into the water in thought, “You think he can repair Tiger?”
“It's worth a shot right? When Jii's back on his feet I was planing to ask him about it.”
“You know Jii is going to reject it, he never liked you hanging out with me, thought you were a bad influence.”
David laughs, “But I am a bad influence….on Jii”
Tizen laughs, after everything that happened it felt good to laugh again, it gave him hope for the future.
On the other side of the wall things were much different, since their awakening the Kotoha sisters had not spent a moment apart, Even with Ichiboku and Ashi sporting tails and ears and Kotoha not the trio were wrapped in the tightest of group hugs and tears of joy it was hard to tell when one ended the other began or weather the waters themselves were filled from their tear ducts. The sisters were healthy and reunited, nothing else mattered.
At the other end Rinna, Sam, Lilly, Chaki and Vira were in their own group, silently seeping in the waters, not speaking, really after trying to kill and/or turn your best friends what was their to say. And their was Chaki's swollen belly taunting them all, it had been only a few hours since Ninshin's defeat and she was already in the second trimester, he would be reborn by morning and with it her willpower would be gone again. But the mood even among the Sisters soured as Chaki grunted suddenly and all eyes were on her.
“He kicked again,” She said in horror and seething rage, “won't be long now.”
“What can we do?”
“I told you cut the monster out! Hell slice off my hand!”
“We can't do that, you might not survive!”
“Surviving doesn't mean shit if I go back to being his mindless wife.”
“I might know a solution,” A soft voice called from the door, it was the mysterious young girl in the Kuro robes made her presence known, “I've been reading up on the Red Wedding. And there is only one way to sever the bond.”
“You, your that Kuro girl who spoke up when everyone was panicking, W-Who are you?” Vira wondered.
The girl slipped off her robes and in the waters, “I-I'm sorry, I've been lying to you all, made Tizen carry an impossible burden...B-but now is not the time for that...there is only one way to break the Red Band's curse...y-you have to die.”
“W-what?!” Everyone gasped.
Th girl held out Phoenix, “I can bring you back with Phoenix but the only way to break the bod is is the host dies.”
Chaki pales then slowly looks to her friends, “Just hold me under then.”
“Y-You can't be serious.”
“I would rather die then become that monsters pawn again.”
“There is another complication,” The girl says softly, “We have to do it after you give birth to Ninshin, other wise When Phoenix brings you back he'll bring back Ninshin as well in your womb. I'll have to drown you shortly after birth and fend off his attacks...I-I don't think I’m strong enough to do both.”
“That's why your telling all of us,” Rinna surmises.
The girl nods, “While I tend to Chaki I'll need you all to defeat Ninshin, and we only have a few hours.”
“Ugh, I'm still sore from earlier,” Sam groans, “But I'll do it.”
“Same here.”
“We all feel the same.”
“G-Good,” the girl says softly, “Because we only have a few hours to prepare.”
“What's he doing?” Brushstroke looks to the Kuro guards outside the room and signs when he gets no response, “Of course.”
Letting himself in Brushstroke is surprised to see the young man with dark hair just sitting, staring out the window, “So you gonna tell me about how you became a Oni? Hell why were you a girl Oni?”
The young man looked back, tear running down his face but he said nothing.
“Awe come on man, can't be that bad,” Brushstroke smiled, “Trust me I can relate to the entire gender swap thing.”
This got a new look, a sparkle of hope, in his eyes, “You were a girl too, For how long?”
Brushstroke took a deep breath as he rolled his eyes back and thought, “Oh god YEARS man, YEARS, it's so crazy when I think about it now. And all the madness that lead up to it.”
The young man looked down at his hands trembling, “But you came back to yourself. I had all but given up hope...then I died...and...I really screwed everything up...Really lets Lydia mess with my head. Man how do you atone for that, how am I going to apologized the Jersey and Nova.”
“Jersey and Nova?”
“My best friends, but not just them, I betrayed so many people, Connie, my students, So many people...Then I became a Oni and reveled in how to corrupt you guys. I mean how does anyone atone for that?”
Brushstroke helped to dry the man's tears as he held him close, “Nah man look crazy stuff happens in our line of work I'm sure Jersey Connie and everyone forgave you, I mean you can't hold yourself responsible for what you did as a Oni.”
“T-That's just it...The Oni thing...that's new...After I died...i betrayed them all before that because of those stupid instincts. I jet everyone down because Leon dominated me and I just submitted myself to his will as the Alpha Lion. Then Lydia came along and...”
“Woah! Woah! Slow down, how about a name, maybe your super hero identity as a start. Then we can get on the exposition train.”
The man laughed, “Exposition train, that's funny.”
Brushstroke shrugged, “Eh I try.”
The man smiled again, “M-My name is Ethan, and I was once called Exemplar of Earth, then Disciple of The Way of Lion, then Lady of the Black Gate….then more recently ShiShi daughter of Akuma Sen Heruzu No.”
“Wait did you say Exemplar of Earth?”
Ethan nods.
“Dude my Dad has like a poster of your team in his den, you saved my life when I was a little girl! I still have his autographed Gi from when he joined your academy!”
“Oh,” Brushstroke flusters, “you thought I was born a boy and was a girl for a few years…er sorry about that...I was born a girl...this being a boy thing is the new thing...I hope that doesn't weird you out.”
Ethan smiles, “Honestly I’m a little relived I though only guys got zapped.”
“Well you know us crazy chicks can't let you guys have anything nice without proving we can do it twice as good.”
Ethan's tears dry completely as he bursts into laughter, “I think I speak for every guy when I say you can keep this little trophy.”
Brushstroke laughs back, “See now isn't laughter better then all that doom and gloom. Heck I should introduce you to Chaki should would love to hear that a fellow guy made it back across the great gender divide.”
“C-Chaki?” Ethan looks thoughtful a moment, “Ah right the Green Samurai and Ninshin's wife….now I suddenly feel like my life wasn't so bad.”
“Don't let her hear you say that if she hears you got off easy she'll flay you alive and demand you change right back into a girl to fix things.”
“Yeah no, I am not going..”
And then without warning Ethan finds himself in a slender female body, and glares in horror at Brushstroke, “Not funny! Change me back!”
“Wasn't a joke, and I didn't do anything!”
“You just said I'd be better off as a girl lets I raise the wrath of Chaki!”
“Yeah but I didn't turn you into a girl!”
Before the conversation could go much further the place shook and Ethan quickly poked her head out the window, from her vantage point she could see a fight was breaking out at the hot tubs, and without thought she dove out, Brushstroke right behind her. As her bare feet hit the ground it shook as the very stone at each side of her formed into large fists as she leaps the fence with the ease of a seasoned pro as one fist formed into a large bolder that the for served like a volleyball over the fence.
“What in the Underworld?”
As Ethan landed in the waters the ground shook as he ignored the 3 Yellow Samurai and Four Magical girls, and Brushstroke behind her, “Let's take this to higher ground as he rose the entire pool stones into the air and trapped them all in a cage of rock from from the volleyed bolder. Though the Earth Ethan could feel long before he ever saw the Kuro Princess knelt over Chaki with the Phoenix Badge as she worked to revive her.
“Should have figured you'd come ban Ninshin, you gloated about it enough in the Sansu.”
“I'll explain later,” Brushstroke flusters as she tries to create bindings for Ninshin even as the ground under then began to slop down and everyone save Ethan and Ninshin began to slid back toward the ground.
“Everyone get to safety! Don't worry I don't need to kill him to keep him out of Chaki's lives forever.”
“What do you thin your doing?” The stone wall closed around then sealing them in a dark prison, as Aurora pounded on the stone as it began to sink into the earth.
“Is she doing what I think she's doing?”
“Burying Ninshin with herself deem underground, alive but trapped, with her forever? Yeah seems like.”
“Someone tell he we can kill him now!”
“That's our cue,” The oldest of the Yellows grabbed her sisters and let into the sink hole, “combine our powers and we can break through.”
“Power of Earth!” Ethan howled as he wailed on Ninshin with stone covered fists as the very ground held him rooted in place.
“Don't know who you are girl but go ahead and kill me I am immortal!”
A Trio of blades pierced his heart and the Yellow girls broke though the room.
“Not aneyow more you aren’t,” the youngest purred.
“We severed your connection to Sukio!”
“What? Noooooooooooo!”
Ninsin howled as Ethan summoned a barrier of stone to protect them from the explosion, “Y-You did?”
“That what we were trying to tell you.”
“Don't forget the second life,” Kotoha cautioned.
“This place is gonna get real cramped, real quick.”
Dark energies swirled around Ninshin's body as a platform rocked them toward the surface, “Wont do him much good if I bring the earth down on top of him.”
“True,” the eldest added, “No we just have to outrun the explosion and hope the others aren’t in the blast zone.”
“We aren't going to myow it!”
The explosion was matching their assent and the surface was still some distance away.
“Earth Ninjas?” Ethan asks quickly.
“Samurai,” they trio say together.
“Combine powers...”
The nodded as they clasped hands as theyir speed increased and tunnels branched out from the rocks around them to take the explosions power away just as the reached the surface, All four of them collapsing atop each other exhausted.
“Sheesh the second I die the worlds goes to hell,” Chaki laughs as the Kuro princes collapses into her arms, “Guess I can't let myself die any more.”
Ethan chuckles, soon followed by everyone else.
“So,” Chaki slips over to Ethan and the others as she looks around the empty hot spring, “Who the hell are you, where did you learn to fight like that and most importantly do you have any pants I can borrow.”
Ethan laughs as Vira creates a skirt for Chaki who smiles at her as she pops a candy cane into Ethan and the Sister's mouths, “I asked for pants.”
“Sorry I'm don't know how to do pants.”
Chaki laughs, “Figures, I'm the most masculine girl here and I still never get to wear the pants.”
“I've got pants,” Brushstroke adds.
“You don't count you're a boy!”
“Only recently!”
“Still doesn't count.”
“I used to be a boy and I'm wearing a dress,” Ethan adds.
“We welcome to the club, Our next meeting is this Friday, bring your own tampons…I mean snacks.”
“Can I come?” Brushstroke giggles.
“No girls aloud! This is a boy's only club!”
And everyone just falls over laughing, especially Chaki.

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Act 13: Secrets Part 5
“Better?” Dark Starlight smiled as Chaki slowly crewed on the sub sandwich, around them stood a handful of civilians frozen in violet crystals and one terrified girl behind the stand watching the two Dark Magical girls converse casually with Chaki in one of the booths.
“I-Is there anything else I can get you ladies?”
“You can shut up and let us eat in peace.”
Chaki's eyes were looking more full of life and her voice, while still dronelike, had recovered some of her personality. Pausing as she looked around at all the civilians, “I feel better...thank you.”
Jewel sighed, “You spoil her too much Starlight.”
“She's our friend Jewel! Why are you so cruel! We should turn her into a Dark Magical Girl so she is like us not this mindless drone.”
Jewel hissed, “Hell no, she's more useful like this then as she was! We need her powers uncorrupted!”
“My powers?” Chaki says softly.
Jewel smiled devilishly, “Commingling around dear? I do hope you aren’t planning a mutiny. The Only reason your hear is to humor Starlight.”
Starlight sighed, “You've changed Jewel.”
“And you haven’t changed enough,” Jewel sighs before looking back to Chaki, “Yes your powers, in case you haven’t noticed our dark transformations didn't just open our eyes but changed the nature of our powers.”
Jewel paused a moment to summon some volcanic onyx and an amethyst into each hand, “You use to be all about sparkles and pixie dust and I could create any gem stone I wanted but now? Onyx and Amethyst and shadows and twilight so what do you think our cute little healer would become?”
“That's cold Jewel,” Starlight pulled Chaki close, “This is our friend who cares what her powers look like we should be focused on her enlightenment.”
“She's a human just like all the others,” Jewel hissed as she motioned to the sandwich girl, “Your either with us or against us,” before narrowing her eyes at the sandwich girl, “Speaking of which which side are you on?”
The girl trembled as she quickly started work on another sandwich, “Y-Your side of course.”
“Good answer,” Jewel smiled darkly as she looked to Starlight, “If you'd be a dear.”
“What?” Starlight says confused a moment, “R-Right I can do what ShiShi did for us.”
As she got ready to stand she paused, Looking back to Chaki who was holding her close.
Starlight paused, smiling as she hugged Chaki back, “It's alright we're just going to open her eyes to the truth.”
“It's w-wrong.”
“Tch, typical human,” Jewel sneered as she stood up, “Whatever let's get going those so called heroes are bound to show up sooner or later and we still need to get our proud mother of the monsters a new wardrobe.”
Chaki looks away as one hand goes to her stomach, her voice distant, “I-I'm a mother.”
Jewel reveled in her discomfort as she leaned in close, “That's right dear, your our very own queen of monsters, mother to the Leviathan, like someone out of myth. Aren’t you proud?”
“Not real...”
Chaki tensed a moment as he eyes became dull and she stood up making her way to the exit where a familiar young man waited, arms outstretched, “Looking good my love!”
Back to her old, dead, tone Chaki embraced the young man as the pair pressed their lips together in a long breathless kiss, Chaki leaning back as the young man pushed in closer one hand sliding up the helm of her sequined dress to massage the small of her back and exposing her bare bottom the three women present.
“Ninshin? Show a little restraint, we're in public here,” Jewel smirked as she pulled his hand free and straightened the dress while Chaki leaned against him lovingly.
Ninshin smiles darkly as he pulls unbuttons his pants, “Ah but this body has such wonderful urges and my loving wife is already ready to please them, isn't that right?”
Chaki blankly knelt as she began to slide sown his pants.
Jewel growled as Ninshin/Erin's legs were encased in dark violet crystal as she pulled Chaki away protectively, “Chaki isn’t your whore to satisfy your baseline urges! She's your wife show her the proper respect!”
Both the Sandwich girl and Starlight shared a relived sigh as Ninshin gave an annoyed one as the crystal melted away, “You are no fun Jewel,” snearing as he gave Chaki another kiss as one hand fondled her chest, “Fine lets find her some pants and top so I can at least enjoy the feel of her subtle flesh under mine without exposing her lower region. Sound like fun my love?”
“If that is what you wish, my love.”
At the Emperors manor Tizen made his way to the back where Hanran was squatting over a makeshift nest, chest puffed out as she preened herself. In his hand was a wooden box about the size of a chess board, though naturally much thicker to hold its precious cargo within.
“You seem to be adapting well,” He smiles.
“Your highness!” She squawks wings fluttering, “Give me another hour or so and I’ll have you a fresh egg for the pantry.”
Tizen expertly suppressed his wince, “Don't push yourself, you did more then enough revovering 6 of our lost totems.”
“Six?” Hanran flutters as Tizen opens the case to show the six badges who came to live and took animal form, Dolphin, Manta, Cheetah, Rabbit, Mammoth and what looked like another cat, a large one.
Flustering Hanran looks away, “Oh...I had totally forgot I had 3 animals among my normal collection...if this never happened to me you probably would have still only has Rabbit, Cheetah, and Mammoth.”
“You already had the other three?”
Hanran flusters, “I have so many I guess when you said animals they weren’t separate for my normal demon badges to me.”
As the totems danced around her she tilted her head curiously, “I never knew they could do that? Is that something only the animal badges can do?”
Tizen looked thoughtful, “I presume demon badges could take animate form if infused with the right energy but why would you want to?”
Hanran flutters her wings in a shrug, “Just curious.”
The conversation cut short as they heard the alarms from inside and the badges quickly reverted to their normal forms and Tizen turned to rush back inside.
“Good luck!”
Kotoha was already at the map seeing the marker at the mall nervously as The Duke floated opposite her, David, Rina and Vira were also waiting, “I don't know if I can do this...they already captured everyone else...”
Tizen opened the case as he looked over to the standing armor remembering Chaki's words from before, “We were designed to use more then just the 2 totems were all inherited, We'll be fine if you believe in yourself. And we have the Duke and David backing us now.”
Kotoha paused as she took Cheetah and Sabertooth/Big Cat int her hands, “I-I guess I'll use these, Both my sisters are cats, feels right.”
The Duke smiles as the two badges come to life, “And I will do my part to bind them to your aura.”
“Are you sure this is right,” Ariel asks curiously, “Didn't Jii say that Sabertooth was Wind, will it respond to your Earth?”
“When it comes to felines my power can solve any issues.”
Sabertooth and Cheetah danced in the air around the Duke purring as Tizen reached for Sabertooth, “Let's not, if this one of the legendary ones there is already one out there for Kotoha and we don’t want to remove one of the branches from our court.”
The Duke waves a hand dismissively as his green flames enveloped both totems, “Should you find Earth's true master I can just rebind Sabertooth to a new master, for now only you are able to use their powers and you need as much extra as I can offer.”
“Do it then,” Hesitantly Tizen nods as he hands Rabbit as well to Kotoha, “And that leave Dolphin and Manta for myself.”

“What about this one?” Rina asks curiously as she holds up Mammoth.
“Mammoth is the totem of Shadow not Fire, I can not draw on his power.”
In protest Mammoth trumpets his trunk.
Tizen signs as he pats it's head, “Sorry friend.”
“Are we ready then?” Vira asks impatiently, “Our friends are waiting to be set free.”
Tizen and Kotoha nod as they draw their brushes and the dukes magic envelopes Kotoha, a soft purr resonating deep inside her as her eyes draw into daggers.
“Melody and Manners, Sugar and Spice, Magical Manifestations, Beauty in Flight! Fly High, Love in the Sky, Pure and True, IMBUE!”
“This is horrible,” Kotoha held the mouth plate of her helmet as she gently touched the crystal structure, deep within its reflective faces she could see a terrified face of an innocent civilian. Outside the gate of the mall several of these structures filled the parking lot and barred the doors behind an impenetrable crystal wall.
Aurora moved to the yellow samurai with a comforting smile as she gently pulled her hand away, “It's not as bad as it looks, Jewel's crystal prisons preserve life, they are all quite fine inside and once we break the spell over her they will all be free no worse for wear.”
“A-Are you sure?”
Princess/Vira stepped up next, “I haven’t been with the girls as long as Aurora but even in my time Jewel has used her powers like this to protect civilians caught in the crossfire of our battles, as well as to trap enemies, neither side is any worse for wear after.”
Yellow gives a relived sigh, “That's good.”
“That still leave the question of how we get in,” Tizen/Red moves to the main gate and slashes the crystals with his buster sword only for the massive blade to bound back and nearly knock him off his feet from the recoil.
“Leave that to me,” The Duke smiles, “Now everyone gather around.”
“Huh? What are you gonna do?” Princess asks confused.
“You forget that traveling though mirror and other reflective surfaces is one of my special...”
“I have a better idea,” The loud crash of wood and concrete disrupts Mitten's train of thought as David/The Shark stands back from the hole in the wall he just created.
Mittens scowls, “That was a bit crass.”
“Hey look its not just the five of us you have to transport,” he motions back to the black clad Kuros standing silent behind the ground holding up a banner showing a combined crest of the House of Meowchester, the Emperor, and the Magical Girls.
Mittens/The Duke shrugs, “Then you all go ahead I will stay behind to extract the people from their crystal prisons and catch up with you for our secret plan.”
Red nods, “It's probably a better if they don't see you standing with us, gives us an element of surprise to work with. Let's Go.”
Charging in the quintet, and the Kuros, pause as they see several more civilians and security trapped in crystal.
“Horrible,” Yellow whispered, suppressing bile.
“Let's keep moving,” Red ordered, “It's a big mall and there are a lot of cracks for the enemy to emerge from, let's not let them ambush...”
Ijime emerged from the tiles under their feet and with a single whispered word Tizen was set flying down the hall until a distant crash was heard, it would take him some time to get back to them assuming he was still conscious.
“You're going to pay for that!” Yellow growled, a low feral noise, as she gripped her sword tighty.
“Copycat,” the monster appeared behind her with a whisper, only for Kotoha to spin around and nearly take his head off with her blade.
Ijime leaps back reflexively but the attack still managed a harsh cut across the side of his neck and part of his chest leaving a glowing scar for a few moments.
“What the hell are you,” he hisses, “Why won't you just fall!”
“I am Samurai! I am Guardian of Japan, retainer of the Emperor!” Yellow growled back as she charged Ijime again, “I am your enemy!”
“No,” a sultry voice purred, “You're our sister.”
Yellow froze as ShiShi emerged from the ground with the fallen forms of Ichiboku and Ashi, “You have become with cat, now become one with the Sansu.”
“Join us sister.”
“Join us syster.”
Arms outstretched the monstrous felines that’s were Kotoha's flesh and blood welcomed her. Her knees shook, her body trembled. As the trio enveloped her, ShiShi among them as they embraced her in a group hug.
“There's no reason to fight.”
“We're family.”
“Big sister,” Tears rolled down Kotoha's cheeks inside the helmet, “Your all better...I never...”
Her hands went limp as ShiShhis dark energy began to seep into her.
“Get it together Yellow!”
An energy blast from Shark broke the group apart, each risng like hands and toes as they growled in unison at David.
“That monster wants to turn you evil, to corrupt you like she corrupted your family, don't let her into your head Yellow,” the shark counter as she traded blades with Ijime in the dance of battle. Like Kotoha he two was able to withstand his emotional attacks thanks to Shark's armor taking the damage instead of him, while Aurora and Princess were struggling to recover from their attacks and stay in the fight.
“Don't listen to him!” ShiShi hissed, “We are not the enemy, we are only fighting for our freedom! Your sisters understand, Jewel and Starlight understand, come on Kitten join us.”
Yellow trembled again.
“It's a lie,” Kotoha growled her body twisting in the suit, feet pulling up into paws, claws stretching the fabric of her gloves, as a long serpentine tale whipped out from behind her, clad in the armor of the rest of her body, as her helmet stretched and contorted into the shape of a sabertooth, “You've corrupted their purity, Ichiboku fought monsters like you she would never stoop to this, she would never let innocent people be imprisoned, your all monsters!”
With a mighty roar and a burst of speed Kotoha engaged ShiShi, Ichiboku and Ashi like a beast possessed her fanged helmet coming alive like a real beast to snap and bit at them as her armored claws tore at their flesh, and with the speed of Sabertooth and Cheetah bolstering her she was able to keep on the offensive simultaneously with all 3 cat Oni.
“Now's our chance,” Aurora grasps Princesses wrist as they burst down the center, “Let's free OUR sisters.”
“We're counting on you two,” Princess calls back to Kotoha and David, “Stop that monster and free Kotoha's sisters.”
Taking another attack from Ijime some of Shark's armor began to break revealing some of his face as he gave a confident smile, “We got this in the bank.”
Kotoha was to enbroiled in her 3 on one wild brawl to respond but they could feel her heart with them as her fangs clamped down on Ichiboku's neck and forced her to her knees, brow touching the ground.
“I yield! I yield!” She pleaded.
Kotoha froze a part of her swelling with pride as her sisters acknowledgment of her strength another horrified at her instincts to prove herself queen of the pride, the later winning off as she released her hold and stumbled back, her body not designed to stand on two legs she instantly toppled onto her back, “I-I'm s-sorry big sister.”
The trio took the opportunity to pounce and pin er under them, “We forgive you.”
“Your family, after all.”
“We have no reason to fight.”
Once more ShiShi's dark energy began to seep into her body.
“No,” Kotoha growled in resistance, “This not right!”
“Don't fight it sister,” ShiShi purred.
“You have already accepted the truth.”

“Just look at your armor,” This was one was from Ichiboku who held up some shattered glass so Kotoha could see her bestial reflection. “You're already one of us, why fight it little sister?”
Kotoha trembled, as Ijime smirked, “Those girls are better at getting under her skin then me...I'm a little jealous.”
'You're stronger then this.' A voice whispered in her mind bolstering Kotoha's confidence.
'That's right, this isn't who I am, this is just my armor.'
With a though her armor dispersed and the suddenly all human girl that replaced Yellow caught the trio off guard letting her slip out between ShIShi's legs as she stood tall her eyes sparked like emeralds, the centers drawn into daggers, “This is who I really am. Yes I am a cat, just as Venus is part turtle but that does not define me! Nor does it define you, you are more then some animal, more even then the dark energies that have corrupted you. Remember the truth.”
'Remember the truth,' the same voice whispered into the minds of the 3 girls, causing them to all pause, Images flashing through their mind of lifetimes past.
Ijime reeled back from an invisible attack as The Duke rose from the mirror shard as encircled the three Oni girls in a ring of green flames, “I have this little kitten, I'll burn away their darkness in their hearts now that you have unlocked it to me.”
“Y-your highness?” The trio say in unison as they drop to their knees.
He smiles as he pats Kotoha's back, “Now get moving I senses that Red in in battle with another demon wearing the skin of a cat.”
With a nod Kotoha transforms back, her armor still in the feline shape as she quickly bounds down the hall.
“As for you,” The Duke scowls to Ijime as The Shark gets back to his feet, “I'm afraid you aren't worth my full attention like this trio of lovely felines so you'll have to do with a little phantom pain.”
Shark cracked his knuckles as he extended the blades from his forearms and smirked, “Oh don't worry Your Highness I am more then capable of bringing the real pain!”
“Just keep him from talking and we have this in the bag.”
The shark nodded as he lunged at Ijime before he could recover from the phantom pain.
“So we meet at last Red Warrior,” the mysterious figure who offered his blade to ShiShi appears as Red is pulling himself out of the wall, his body aching.
“Who I am doesn’t matter,” the man says beginning to unsheathe his blade, “My blade hungers for a challenge and it has chosen you.”
“I don't fight for the challenge,” Red says walking past.
“That was not a request,” The swordsman's blade cuts toward Red's back but years of honed reflexes lead let him bring his own blade, in it's smaller form, in time to prevent contact and he quickly spins around to face the man with the serrated blade. “Your as good as I thought.”
Red glares back as they two leap back and get some distance, a shock of pain running through him the pain of his impact reminds him he is not at his best but Bear and Phoenix were already repairing his body from their positions on his armor.
“That was no normal strike, are you one of Akuma's Lackeys?”
“I serve no one,” The Warrior says coldly as he body transforms into a form similar to ShiShi and the others of her circle, another lion themed Oni, “But yes I am more then human.”
“I thought so!” Red readies his blade, “Your just another crazed Oni!”
The stranger lunges, blades clash as Yellow charges down the hall following the sounds of combat.
Ninshin in Erin's body growls as he sits outside the store stuffing his face full of ice cream, “'Not comfortable,' they say. 'Need some privacy' they say. She's my wife and I've already seen her naked, what's the big deal now. Besides why does she need clothes anyway she's going to be spending all her time with me anyway creating the next generation of Oni.”
“At least this ice cream is goo...” As he sees Aurora and Princess approaching he cuts himself short, 'you had one job Ijime, one job…'
The girls skid to a halt as they get to the entrance, Princess taking the lead, “Hey you better get to safety this mall is over run with Oni.”
“R-Right,” Ninshin flusters, 'They can't tell.'
“Hold up...Erin? What are you doing all the way over here in Japan?”
Ninshin flusters, “Erin, never head of him.”
Aurora narrows her eyes, “Your right, my mistake...”
And suddenly blasts him with a rainbow attack.
“Aurora! What are you doing?” Princess cries as as she rusn to help up Ninshin only for Aurora to hold him back.
“I know Erin when I see him, Chaki talked about him all the time, it was her first normal friend after all the craziness with Aiko. What's more after all that stuff with Alex, Dark Jewel and Dark Sakura I’ve gotten pretty good at smelling out dark auras and this guy has the rankest. That's Not Erin, that's a Oni wearing Erin's skin.”
Ninshin shrugs as he pushes back to his feet and summons some Lesser Oni to his side and a blade into his hand, “Well you have me there, I'm Ninshin, Chaki's husband, and your destroyer.”
“I think you look cute,” the Fox faced Oni that used to be Ryo smiles as Chaki exits the changing room in a tee shirt several sizes too big for her patterned with images from the latest treasure hunting, tomb raiding, video game girl all over it.
Chaki frowns slightly, some of the life was back in her voice with Ninshin so far away and her stomach full, but it was still mostly dead, “Kinda big.”
Starlight shrugged, “Can't be helped, as long as your going to be used as breeding stock we limited in what we can find that will offer some modesty.”
Chaki sighs as she once again holds her stomach, “I know.”
Just then The Kappa Monster Venus hurries over with a few skirts and bras in hand, “Found some perfect stuff for our blushing bride and mother.”
Chaki took the bra in hand curiously as she pulled back a flap in the front that open it up in the center, a look of disgust on her fact, “what kind of kinky shit is this?”
“It's a maternity bra, it offers all the support you'd want while opening up for breast feeding. Try it on with this skirt!”
Chaki sighs and slips back into the changing room to emerge a few moments later in just the skirt and bra.
She trembles and rubs her arms slightly as she crumples the hem of the skirt, “Feel kinda exposed but at least it's an outfit.”
Starlight smirks, “Chaki never did like skirts.”
“On the plus side now we can find her some nice tops she can just slip off without being totally exposed,” Jewel notes.
At that Chaki's face lights up.
“I knew that would perk you up.”
Lion roared from the chain around her waist in protest.
“I can't do that Lion, this is my family.”
Lion roars again.
“But they are, my 'mate' is waiting outside even.”
Vixen sighs as she takes out her dragon and water badges, “Their at it again, that totem has became way to independent.”
Kappa nods, carelessly letting the water in the hole atop her head spill out spattering Sansu water all over the floor which begins to smoke and eat through it as she takes out her Wind badge and turtle glows for her forehead.
“Hey careful!” Jewel protests, “Your gonna drop us all into the basement!”
Kappa shrugs, “So what, it's not like we couldn’t get back up here and if I can make contact with the ground we can flood this place in the Sansu.”
Jewel growls, “Then go do handstand in the basement and let us shop in peace.”

“That's not actually a bad idea,” Vixen notes, “Creating a permanent rupture between worlds would only help our cause, come on Venus let's go.”
“If you can drag this mall into the Sansu we'll have all the time in the world to find Chaki the perfect outfit, and plenty of food to keep her well,” Jewel notes.
Nodding a bit Venus turns and hurries off Vixen right behind her.
“Right then,” Starlight smiles, “Let's find you some better fitting tops.”
Chaki drops to her knees just then as they feel the force of an explosion outside.
Jewel growls, “Just great the 'good guys' are here.”
“Chaki you okay?” Starlight rushes to her side as she begins to groan, her stomach swelling slightly as her eyes go clear, “Oh dear.”
Then her eyes narrow angrily as lion growls and one of her nails becomes a sharp claw that she uses to cut open her palm, writing a familiar phrase in blood in the air as she leaps back and Aurora and Princess run in.
“Well isn't this perfect,” Jewel growls as she and Starlight are caught between a pincer of the Green Samurai and Aurora and Princess, “Told you she was a liability!”
“But we were getting along so swimmingly!”
“And then we killed the monster control Erin!” Princess cheers.
“He's fin by the way, must be a pretty new possession,” Aurora adds.
“Thank goodness,” Green says relived as she summons a wood cage around Jewel and Starlight, “Now let's finish this before I birth Ninshin back to life and loose my freewill again!”
Blasts of Magic and Gems shatter the wood prison ad the two Dark Magical Girl take the offensive but they are facing a trio who know their attacks well, even Princess, the rookie of the group, had fought along side them long enough to know their patterns.
“You know we can call tactics right? They know our sequences as well as we do,” Green shouts as she ducks behind a mannequin which is quickly encased in crystals.
“Yeah we got a plan, don't worry just keep them off balance!”


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