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This week (10/25/14)
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This week (10/26/14)
Time for something in our native English, lets see how this goes shall we?
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“Isn't there anything you can do to fix her?” Audrey pleaded, while Tori's eyes did the same, “Look even in her current state Tori wants your help!”

Alex sighs, “As I am now, probably not.”

“As you are now?”

Alex sighs as she moves to the car, leaning against it, “Can you guess what my other half is?”

“A tiger?” Tori mewled aloud.

Audrey shrugged, “Some kind of cat right? That's what the sneakers do, turn you into a cat girl, right?”

Alex shook her head, “It's no so simple. In fact it's different for everyone,” with a long sigh she began to lift off the ground as her eyes began to glow yellow and become slits of their own as her long red hair turned into a mane of living flames, “For wasn't even something of this world.”

As she continued to float there her skin took on a reddish hue, “For me it wasn't even of this plane.”

And then just as suddenly as it came Alex floated back to the ground, her skin returned to normal and her hair became hair once more.

“Y-Your a demon?” Audrey and Tori said together.

Alex nods, “but even as a hybrid I still have some measure of that power. And with it such power came just as great temptation.”

“You've gone full demon before,' Tori said with a hushed mewl.

Alex sigh, “Imagine the power to shape your face, to change your proportions,” for a demonstration she changed her entire complexion and factional structure to an African girl while making her bust growl 3 sizes that strained to tear her blouse wide open. “Or being able to manipulate fire and defy gravity, if only to a small degree.” Once again her hair became flames as she skin grew redder, her spaded tail and leathery wings erupted from her back and he eyes became glowing yellow daggers again as she floated a few inches above the ground leaving Tori and Audrey transfixed like moths before a flame.

“I could only imagine the kind of power I would have if I just let opened myself to the full potential.” her voice was like sweet honey dripping from the fangs of a viper, drawing the girls in to her ever word, “Imagine what I could do I jut just let it all go.”

The girl's leaned in as Alex leaned in to plant her soft red lips on Audrey's own who along with Tori slowly began to close their eyes in anticipation, hunger, and lust.

And then Alex was once more back to normal, back on the ground and the girl's were suddenly broken from their trance, their bodies still trembling, their skin flush and their hearts racing their minds reeling.

“You tease!” Audrey glared at her! “Why'd you stop we were just getting to the good part!”

Tori's hisses echoed the statement.

“What you call the 'good part'” Alex cautioned, “Would have left you as soulless husks, had I gone any further I would have sucked out your soul and devoured them.

A sudden shiver ran through the girls and instantly their mood was ruined.

“And that's just with the power I have as a Hybrid. The devastation I caused when I went full demon ruined cities and doomed hundreds of souls to purgatory...and I enjoyed it,” a devious smile spread across her lips, “I still enjoy it when I think back to that time. It took everything I had to cage that beast again, to take back my humanity, and now Tori is in that place, consumed by the beast, and frankly I don't think she can come back. When I was a demon at least I could still think and remember my humanity, I had just ignored it. But Tori? She rejected it...twice...if anything human remains it's so far buried I don't think I can bring it out...unless...”

“But it's not gone, I'm right here!” Tori protested in her mewls.

“Unless...” Audrey hung on her words hugging Tori close.

“Unless I go back to that place, take back my full powers, then I might be strong enough to free Tori of the beast...Assuming I don't just bend you both to my will or just devour your souls.”

Audrey looked from Tori to Alex, tears in her eyes, “But...”

Alex closes her eyes and sighs, placing once solemn hand on Audrey's shoulder, “I think we just have to face facts. Tori is gone, the risks are to great...”

Audrey's head fell as she nodded, “Y-Your probably right,” before pulling Tori close and looking into her eyes, “I-I'm so sorry Tori, I'm such a fool. But don't worry, I promise I'll take good care of you.”

'Audrey,' Tori's eyes began to water, 'I wish you could just understand me. I'm still in here, nothing has changed.'

Alex locked her gaze with Audrey as she sighed, “We should probably get some sleep soon, there's a long drive ahead of us tomorrow.”

Audrey nodded as Alex dried her tears and she gently set Tori on the ground, gently patting her behind to get her going, “You should finish eating Tori, I'm going for a little walk.”

As Audrey began to wander off, heart broken Tori watched her as Alex knelt next to her whispering, “I'm sorry I couldn't do anything to help, ever since those sneakers came into my life it's been one failure after another. I got so desperate for a change when my friend said Audrey was looking for something to prank you with I didn't even think about it and gave him the sneakers. I didn't know you and only knew Audrey vaguely now I’ve ruined another life.”

Lifting into the air Alex vanished into the treeline leaving Tori alone.

'But,' she mushed as she looked around the camping grounds alone, 'I'm still here. Nothing has changed.'

But even as she thought those words her eyes fell to her paws and her face grew even sadder, “Well not nothing...”
Tori toppled backward as her hind quarters struggled to hold her erect, with with Audrey holding her forepaws it was clear the large feline was not meant to stand like that, her growl as she rolled back onto her paws and stood back up further undercut the point.

“You're not even trying!” Audrey chided, “It's been 3 days now, you need to change back to a human, we have to return home soon.”

Tori growled as she shook the stars from her eyes, “Well maybe it's better this way! Maybe I like being a Cheetah!”

Audrey's voice cracked as her chest flopped forward in shock and horror, “Y-You don't mean that? Do you?”

Tori rolled the crick out of her neck as she paced around Audrey, “M-Maybe I do...this is what you wanted...a-and honestly it's getting harder and harder to even remember what I was like when I was human.”

Stalking around Audrey she started to sniff her, “I mean really what's good about humans. You have to wear itchy clothes, your slow, you can't fend for yourselves. Things are so much better as a cheetah. Besides you get the kitty you always wanted.”

“W-What about your friends?” Audrey pleaded.

Tori shrugged, “It would have been so confusing trying to rember who knew me as a boy or girl, this way everyone sees me the same way.”

“But only I can understand you,” Audrey counters, “If anyone sees you their throw you in the zoo or ship yo back to wherever cheetahs live.”

Tori shrugged again, “That's fine, I can just live with you.”

“What about your job?!”

Tori shrugged, “I'm sure they can find someone else, besides I have you, you can take care of me, I'll be your pet.”

“Your kidding right? What about your life.”

Tori yawned and licked Audrey's face, “This is my life now. And I'm quite enjoying it.”

“B-But I cant have a pet cheetah, it would cause a panic, probably get me arrested.”

Tori yawns as she starts to pad off into the woods, “That's your problem, not mine.”

“W-Where are you going?” Audrey chases after, “You can't just ignore the problem, you need to change back!”

“I'm going hunting. I'm hungry.”

“I have food in the car!”

Tori yawns bored, “There's no fun in your food, I like hunting my prey, stalking them. You head back your only going to tip them off and make hunting harder.”

“I am not leaving your side until I talk some sense into you, and being my pet cheetah is nonsensical.”

Tori pauses, looking curiously to Audrey as she closes her eyes and grunt with effort.

“What are you doing?” Audrey paces around her curiously.

“Concentrating,” she growls.

Audrey smiles, “Your going to turn back into a human? I convinced you?”

“No,” Tori grunts her form pulsating, shrinking and growing back to the original size.

Audrey stepped back warily, “S-Stop whatever your doing, just stop!”

“If I can't be a cheetah,” she growl, brow furrowed in effort, “M-Maybe I can be something else...”

“L-Like what?” Audrey back up more nervously.

“S-Something s-smaller, t-tamer, more f-fitting to the c-city.”

“Y-You can do that?” Audrey says with a mix of awe and trepidation.

“I-It's easier to see then a human.”

Her form was starting to shrink now, her features shifting, becoming less wild and more domesticated.

“I-I don't believe this,” Audrey said with a whisper even as Tori's form got smaller and smaller, less like a wild hunter and more like...“a house cat, your turning into a house cat?”

Tori purred, as the world started to spin around her and her vision started to blur.

“Wait!” Audrey protested, “what about John? How are you suppose to become his girlfr...his mate...if your a housecat?”

Vision going fuzzy Tori cause one final gaze toward Audrey with dawning realization before the world went black, 'John!'

“Thank goodness your awake!”

As Tori's vision returned the first thing she heard were Audrey's words.

“This is all your fault you know.”


'What is going on?' she wondered as the inside of the tent came into focus where a concerned Audrey and an annoyed Alex were looking down at her. Wait down? They were huge! Quickly turning her head this way and that she noticed the entire world seemed huge...or maybe she was just smaller? She felt smaller.

“Hey now,” Alex said softly as she lifted Tori to her chest, “You've been out for 2 days take it slow, can you speak?” before turning a dread glare to Audrey, “Get some water and something to eat, now!”

Audrey scrambled out of the tent in a hurry causing Tori to chuckle, “I've never seen Audrey run like that!”

Alex looked less then enthused, “Oh dear, it's worse then I thought.”

Tori looked around confused, she felt fine, better then ever, and to prove it she left from Alex's arms, “What's wrong, I feel greeeeat!”

Audrey scrambled in with a bowl of water and some tuna, and as she set them on the floor Tori's stomach rumbled making her scramble for the food as Alex pulled Audrey outside the tent.

“I-Is she going to be alright?”

“It's worse then I feared, the Tori you knew is gone.”

“W-What?” Audrey gasps as Tori herself stopped eating and turned her head to the entryway.

'What is he talking about I'm fine.'

Alex continued, “You just had to see what her animal form was like, just had to push her didn't you. Well now look what you've done. She's completely rejected her humanity. She's nothing more then a house cat now!”

'W-What?' Tori looked down at her paws confused as Audrey mouthed her own disbelief. Sure she was smaller now but she was still the same on the inside, Alex had no idea what she was talking about.

Growling Tori pushed her head out of the tent, “Hey just because I look like a cat doesn't mean I'm not still me inside!”

Alex pushed her back inside the tent with her foot as she spoke with a soft tone, as if addressing a child, “Just finish eating, your master is in trouble.”

Tori hissed and bit her toes, “Don't talk to me like a child!”

Quickly Audrey's eyes went wide as she scrambled to pick up Tori, carefully petting her fur, causing a soothing sensation to ripple through her body as she held Tori close to her chest.

“Shhh, shhh, Mommy's here...just calm down,” Audrey said in a soft, level tone as she continued to pet Tori.

The gentle petting washed away her mood as she drifted into a content bliss and purred as Audrey turned her attention to Alex, “What do you mean she's just a house cat? I thought you said if you went full animal you kept your mind.”

“Just listen to her!” Alex counters, “she's not talking, I doubt she even understands what we're saying. All she can do now is hunt mice and meow, the Tori you knew is gone, all because of your morbid curiosity.”

Tori stopped at this looking curiously to Alex, “What do you mean I'm not talk-” Then cut herself short, her eyes going wide in realization, 'they don't understand me...'
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(Contains: violence/gore)
Tori yawned loudly as she stretched out her back and arms lazily like a cat as the delicate scent of morning dew and fresh pine filled her nostrils making her purr as she slowly opened her eyes to find herself sprawled out on a blanket inside a small tent just big enough for two. She was also still naked and alone and so cautiously poked her head out the tent door, “A-Aud-”

And was stunned silent by the magnificence of the forest beyond her.

“Your awake!” Audrey's voice wafted in from behind the tent and she bounced up to the door, her Cheshire grin quickly turning into a pout as she turned Tori head side to side and pulled back her lips to inspect her teeth, “awwwwe you're not a kitty!”

Tori growled, “Of course not, I told you I'm not going full feline, there's no way to tell if I'll even be able to change back!” before pulling he head back inside the tent and sitting Indian style on the blanket under her, “Now where are my clothes?!”

Audrey poked her head in smiling, “Didn't pack them. You won't need um.”

“What!?!” Tori growled as she quickly tried to cover herself, her hand brushing the collar on her neck her one article of clothing and drawing her eyes to the tag that red her name.

“Cute,” she narrowed her eyes at Audrey with a soft growl and a unamused look, “I'm your little pet now. Now get me my clothes.”

Audrey grabbed the collar and dragged Tori out on her hands and knees smiling, “Told you I didn't pack them!”

Tori growled and brushed her hand away before cracking a triumphant grin herself, “Fine then I'll wear your, we're the same size remember?”

Audrey didn't loose her own smile, “Didn't bring any food,” her voice becoming sing songy again, “If you want to eat your going to have to hunt for it kitty!”

Tori growled and sniffed the air, “Fine I'll bag us some breakfast but you are going to have to pick me an outfit while I'm gone.”

Finally Audrey pouted, “Awe but I want my kitty cat.”

Tori purred mischievously as she started to pad off, “I'm the one with claws, fangs, catlike agility and flexibility, night vision and superior sense of hearing and smell. It's going to be EASY for me to find a meal for myself and I don't think having it raw is going to really bother me. But you, how long do you think you'll last without food?”

Audrey scowled at Tori, “You are no fun at all.”

Tori looked back over her shoulder and stuck out her tongue before she unsheathed the claws in both her hands and feet and began to scale a tree before leaping off to the next one, her voice trailing off into the trees, “No i'm just being catty, just like you wanted!”

Audrey huffed as she sat down by the stone ring and started to build a fire, “Stupid catgirl.”

“I heard that!” Tori called back from the distance.

Tori chuckled softly as she landed on the next branch, her golden eyes scanning the forest floor, “Today is a good day! I out smarted Audrey at her own game.”

Dropping back to the ground level she took a moment to stretch out again before breaking into a run, 'Now for some breakfast! *mrowl*'

With the fire going Audrey looked around the campsite, it was eerily quiet as she dug her cooking pot out of one of her bags along with some spice baggies, “Kitty is that you?”

A grin spread across her face as she made her way back to the car and sprung the trunk while taking one final look around before opening one of several coolers and pouring some tea into a her thermos cap before tipping it back with a smile.

Tori found herself quite surprised at how easily and naturally hunting came to her. Already she had several squirrels and a couple rabbles dangling triumphantly from her mouth by their ears and tails, she had a few scratches and the like but was in pretty good shape as she stalked through the woods, her ears alerting her to the gentle bubbling of a nearby brook which she decided to follow.

Once on the banks she set her meal down beside her and looked at her reflection for a bit, twigs and leaves clung to her hair which was a complete mess, bits of blood, some her own, mostly her pray spattered her body, and the feral image that reflected back at her sent a shiver down her spine.

'If this is what I'm like when I'm in control what is the full beast like?' her mind wondered as she absently began to lap at the waters of the lake.

In her mind's eye she saw her fingers curl in as they transitioned into paws, her legs shrink, twist, and bend until they were no longer human. Gold and black fur spread out all across her body as her breasts shrank away to nothing and her face pushed out into a muzzle just as her hair melted into her growling fur. She lifted her head taking in the scents of the forest as her ears swiveled about and she took her prey back up into her fangs to stalk back to the camp, following the scent of her pride mate, of Audrey. She was Tori, ferocious, untamed, wild. She was a swift hunter, a cheetah. And she was was powerful, a first class hunter, and as she closed in on her camp she let out a triumphant roar as the roaring fire and Audrey's back came into view.

Tori stopped short, lingering in the shadows of the trees the fire dancing in her eyes as Audrey shivered at the sound of her roar but at the same time turned toward it with a smile.


Tori couldn’t move, Audrey was to close to the fire, primal fears holding her back as she dropped her kills as Audrey began to move toward her.

“Look I got the fire going,” she smiled before motioning to a stump with a pile of clothes sitting on it, “and as promised I set out an outfit for you.”

Tori kept her distance as Audrey drew closer, a broad smile on her face as she took in her form, “Your adorable.”

Tori acted, clamping her fangs around Audrey's wrist as she pulled her further from the forest, making her both stumble and cry out in pain.

“Audrey!” Tori growled as she saw her friend cradled her bleeding arm from her sharp fangs. “I-I'm sorry...I didn't mean...”

Tori's eyes quickly saw the sign of of the red cross, a first aid kit, just by their tent and got ready to run, “Hold on.”

But she stopped short as she came closer to the glow of the fire, growling angrily at it as she slowly circled around the camp to find a better way in but none presented itself.

“I-I can do it,” Audrey said weakly as she turned back around and made her way back to the camp, ignoring the fire as she opened the first aid kid and winched as she disinfected her cuts and wrapped her arm, all while Tori growled, pacing around the fire.

“Ok now come over here Audrey,” Tori growled as she moved back to her original spot and took the game in mouth, “I got us breakfast!”

“Just bring it over here and I'll cook it right up, I got the pot boiling and everything.”

Tori paced around the area tensely, “I think I'll stay over here.” her eyes lingering on the clothes a moment, “A-Also I think I'll be just fine the way I am.”

Audrey smiled, “I told you that didn't I, but come on I don't care how warm that fur coat is you can still warm up by the fire.”

Tori growled as she whipped her head tossing the game toward Audrey, “I'll stay over her...y-you never know what kind of dangers are out here in the wild. I-I should keep watch.”

Gingerly Audrey collected the game with her good hand and clumsily began to skin and clean them, “Come on I insist, you can change back if you want.”

“R-Right....change back,” Tori fumbled with the words, closing her eyes, trying to picture her previous self, but nothing came to her.

“Tori?” Audrey asked curiously, “What's taking so long.”

Tori forced a feline laugh, “I-I think I'll be just fine like this, at least for a little while.”

Audrey was now starting to get worried, “You can change back can't you?”

Tori laughed nervously, “O-Of course I's just...well...why bother I'll have to change back again the next time I go out hunting, or scouting, or if you know a wolf or bear shows up to protect you.”

“Then change back then, I want my friend to eat with me, not to be skulking about the perimeter like some hunter watching her next meal it makes me nervous!”

Tori laughs, “Don't be ridiculous I would never make you my prey your my friend.”

“Well then at least come closer,” Audrey drops the cut meat into the pot as she takes the rest back to the car which was just at the edge of the fire light so Tori followed her.

“I have a bit of a confession to make,” Audrey smiled sheepishly as Tori padded up close enough to touch as she set down the remaining game, while Tori cleaned the blood from her hand from cleaning the rabbit for the stew Audrey took a deep breath, “I might not have been telling the truth when I said that I didn't bring any food.”

Tori stopped cleaning her hands and rolled her eyes back in her head as she leaps into the rear seat of the car to grab Audrey's keys and toss them to her as she fiddled with the trunk and, “Why am I not surprised.”

“Hey I needed to find some way to motivate you to let out your inner animal and now look at you a regal and beautiful cheetah!”

Tori purrs at the complement as Audrey opens the trunk and stores the game in an empty (save for the ice) ice chest. As Tori leaps down from the back seat and looked into the trunk she was shocked to find that the ice chests each had a cord coming out of the back that fed to a wire at the back of the trunk compartment.

“You know why I wanted to borrow John's car?”

Tori rolled her head as Audrey pulled out a milk jug and started to fill a small bowl, “I figured it was so  when we were on the road you I could let the wind whip though my a dog.”

Audrey smirked, “That is one reason, but the main reason is he rigged up his trunk with a power supply tied right into the engine block. Mainly he uses it for things like a boom box or to power a projector or a console for on the go drive in moves and LAN gaming wherever you are but it also works really well to keep food refrigerated for a week.”

Tori purred as the images sank in and she licked her lips hungrily, “I had no idea John was that kind of guy, he really would make an ideal mate.”

Audrey chuckled and then Tori came back from her fantasies, most of which included her with a swollen belly and a litter of kittens on the way courtesy of John, it didn't even matter to her that he wasn't the right species for her current form, she noted that Audrey was back by the fire, the bowl of milk sitting temptingly by her feet, “Come on it's fresh and cold.”

Tori whimpered.

“What's the problem?” Audrey wondered as she made her way back give a slight tug on Tori's collar, “Stop fooling around.”

But Tori dug her claws in and refused to budge as her eyes reflected the fire and she trembled.

“Y-Your scared?” Audrey finally noted as she gently pet Tori's soft fur and felt the constant tremble of her skin, “Of the fire?”

“D-Don't be ridiculous,” she laughs nervously, “T-that’s silly. Only anim-” she cut herself short and back off bowing her head, her voice almost a whisper, “Terrified...also...I tried...I can't change back.”

“Y-You can't” Audrey said with a tremble in her own voice as she wrapped her arms around Tori, “I-I'm so sorry! I-It was all in good fun! I-I just wanted to see your animal form!”

Tori own eyes began to water as she began to gently lick Audrey's face as she tried to bring confidence into her voice, “I-It'll be alright...I-I have a week off right? I-I'm sure I'll figure it by then.”

“A-Are you sure?” Audrey trembled.

“Absolutely!” Tori smiled wildly and cheerily. Though mentally she amended the statement with a far less positive attitude 'not.'

Audrey's face warmed as she unwrapped herself from around Tori and hurried back to the camp site grabbing the blanket from inside the tent and the bowl of milk, she wrapped Tori in the first and laid the later at her feet.

Tori purred and she settled down to happily lap at her milk, 'Though I suppose things could be worse.'

Audrey then sat down next to her, an arm around Tori's neck as she greatly stroked her head, “The stew will be ready in a few minutes then why don't we go fir a hike together?”

Tori purred, “I'd like that,” and Licked Audrey's face as she teased her playfully, “But I think I'll have the upper hand. I've got claws, fangs, cat like agility, flexibility, and enhanced senses. It's too bad your not an awesome feline like me.”

Audrey laughed, “I am so jealous of you!”

Tori laughed back, “Don't be hatin' just because I ain't fakin'!”
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity)
“On second thought I'm not sure this is a good idea...” Tori said softly, wringing her tail as Audrey was a blur packing a suit case and running about her house like a mad woman.

“It's going to be fun!” Audrey chuckled as she took a moment break from her dashing about, “besides don't you want to see what kind of cat you'll turn into.”

Tori shrugged halfheartedly, “Yeah I guess, a little...but Alex said changing wasn't something easy and that changing bac-”

“That's why we're going camping!” Audrey cheered as she threw up her arms in joy, grabbing Tori's along with her her and pulling her into the motion, “We'll be in the middle of nowhere, communing with nature and letting your wild side run freeeeeeeee! Doesn't that sound fun?”

Tori had to admit it did, and did her best to suppress a smile yet it still crept through, a nervousness in her voice as she spoke and fished out her phone from her sweatshirt pocket, “I-I suppose I should email the office, let them know I'm taking a few days off, then pack my own bags.”

“Leave all the packing to me you just get your time off.”

“O-Okay,” Tori said hesitantly as she fished in her other pocket for her keys, but no sooner were they in her hands then Audrey snatched them away and ran off.

Dropping her attention to the phone Tori began to pace about as she started to type out her letter. Even though her hands were pretty small before this new change had made them even daintier and she found hitting the small keyboards on her smart phone came easier, absently she found herself wandering outside as she slipped her ear buds into her new ears as she started up one of the games on her home screen and just let the upbeat music and addictive game play settle her rattled nerves even as her pace increased and her mind wandered.

'I suppose it's not so bad being a girl, my old life is still intact and I any new people I meet will only know the new me. I think I can handle that.'

Taking her gaze up from the screen she noticed that she was pretty far from her neighborhood but wasn’t feeling all that tired and so she kept joggers, additional her eyes lingered on a handful of other jogger that passed her field of vision. Smiling at one particular young man wen he waved at her.

'He's pretty cute too,' she purred as she waved back then kept moving, 'and so athletic, bet he's an animal in bed as well, *mrowl*.'

She stopped suddenly shaking her head, “What am I thinking! I'm straight!”

Then her gaze fell to her bosom, her smile twisting awkwardly.

'A straight woman, so being into guys is perfectly normal.' she told herself as she ducked into a bus stall and took a seat letting her eyes watch the people around her.

'But I still remember being a guy, and being into girls,' she debated with herself just as a female jogger passed, waving friendly to her.

She waved back warmly, 'I can sorta remember what I find attractive about someone like her as well but I'm just not feeling it.'

And then she saw a dog and it's owner run down the street, and all the fine hairs on the back of her neck, arms, and legs started to stand on end as her back arched and she began to hiss softly until the dog and it's owner passed and she began to relax, 'Guess I'm not a dog person either.'

As she returned to a more relaxed state and waved at other passerby the site of the bus stirred her to action as she pushed to her feet and turned back toward home.

'Maybe this road trip is a good idea. If not for Audrey's reasons. I could use some time to figure out who I am now, and what these strange feelings mean.'

With a growing smile she picked up the pace and found herself home before she knew it, a surprised look on her face as she came up to her neighborhood to find Audrey was waiting outside in John's canvas top red convertible, with the top down. Looking back she tried to do the numbers in her head, she wasn't even pushing herself but the light perspiration that clung to her clothes and the fact she was breathing normally, not short of breath, and the sun had moved but not very far. Given all this and where she had stopped she must have been moving pretty damn fast, certainly faster then she had ever run as a man, probably faster then most of the joggers she past.

A wide grin grew across her face as she approached Audrey, “Isn't that John's car?”

“He let me borrow it,” Audrey smiled devilish.

“Really now?” Tori said suspiciously.

“Really,” She smiled eagerly, “we're all packed and ready to go, hope in!”

Tori held out her hand, “I just ran like ten miles in under an hour I'm going to freshen up first. My keys.”

Audrey smiled and handed over Tori's keys as she rolled her eyes and headed for her apartment suite in the complex she lived in. It wasn't like the complexes in more congested cities where hundred of people were crammed in nearly identical boxes of twenty to fifty apartment each stacked dozens of floors high, no she, Audrey, John, and several others lived in a series of 2 story houses in a large lot that had maybe four to six residents per building and maybe a hundred or so residents total.

Slipping into her own apartment she didn't even care that Audrey had followed her as she kicked off the shoes that had started all this. She purred as she felt the soft carpet under her feet, she had to admit the shoes were quite comfortable to run in and she made her way to ward her bathroom, absently tossing her sweater in a corner and was beginning to lift off her plain white tee shirt when her gaze was drawn to the grinning Audrey.

“Do you mind?” She growled.

“Don't mind me, go on!” she urged eagerly, “I want to see.”

“See? See what?” Tori sighed, “Nevermind, I have an idea, still I don't feel comfortable with you watching me like a hawk.”

“Oh stop over reacting, your going to have to deal with it a lot more once we're camping.”

Tori sighed, “I-I suppose so...still it's kinda weird.”

Audrey smiled, “I bet.”

Tori shrugged as she removed her shirt, startled for a moment to see the light blue bar underneath, she had felt it appearing when she changed but still the image of it before her eyes was still a bit jarring. However what was more jarring came when her gaze drifted to her arms and exposed belly where she saw for the first time the spites she only caught glimpses off on her cheeks, in a reflection here and then, and when her gaze drifted down to her bust. All in all it was a pretty interesting pattern and it draw another purr of delight from her lips as her fingers caressed her arms softly, tracing some of the spots for a moment.

Audrey chuckled, “Cute spots.”

“I know right! And my skin is so soft, like fur but you know there is no actual fur, which is great know...that would be just too much, and...”

Tori caught herself reigning in her excitement, as she cleared her throat, “I mea-”

Then Audrey yanked down her sweat pants breaking Tori's confidence with a loud “Yoink!”

“AUDREY!” Tori growled, flashing fang as she turned to face her friend, “That was uncalled fo-”

“Look they go down your legs and around your stomach! You look so cool!”

Tori sighed as Audrey interrupted her to point out the rest of the pattern and she had to admit she did like how it looked and well, what was done was done. With a sigh she kicked her sweatpants to the side and whipped off her socks, she was down to just her bra and panties now.

Tori's mouth got dry as trembling fingers fumbled with the sport bra snaps behind her, this was the big moment, no more hiding or denial, in moments she would be staring down at two fleshy mounds of flesh on her body, breasts, real breasts, and they were hers. It roused trepidation and excitement in equal measures, and it was making her fingers clammy and unsteady.

Until Audrey whipped them off unceremoniously.

“Audrey!” Tori howled as she reflexively covered her bare bosoms.

Audrey rolled her eyes, “Get on with it.”

“Hey these things may be a common thing to you,” Tori protested as she pushed her breasts up into view with her bear hands while still covering the front with her fingers, “But this is sacred territory, no man's land for me.”

Audrey chuckled as she pulled Tori's hand away which made her shiver and shut her eyes tight, “Well good think your no man right?”

“So taking this so lightly Audrey!” Tori hissed, “I just turned into a woman a few hours ago and it;s permanent, found out I have a crush on my neighbor, and now were going to run off into the woods for the week! This is just all so much! Give me some time!”

Audrey's tone softened and grew more sedate, “I-I'm sorry, your right...”

“Thanks,” Tori gave a soft sigh of relife as she slowly opened her eyes and looked down at her bear breasts, exposed everyone and the world.

Or rather to just Audrey not everyone, and less 'the world' and more...alone in her apartment.

Tori smiled as her tensions crashed, “This isn't so bad,” she purred as she moved to her bathroom and turned this way and that to catch different angles of herself in her mirror, “Not to big, not to small.”

She smiled as she bounced on her heels and watched her breasts bounce with her, “Pretty firm but perky.”

“I told you you were cute,” Audrey smiled as she slipped in behind her.

Tori purred louder now as she smiled, “Y-Yeah your right, and these spots look amazing on me!”

Then Audrey tripped her up and she fell out of the bathroom, landing on her hands and knees but not before Audrey slipped off her panties and bolted to the other side of the room before Tori could rise to a squatting position, growling, “Audrey stop doing that!”

“Just trying to move thing along, now get to cleaning yourself up!”

Tori growled as she started to stand and turn back for the bathroom.

“What are you doing?” Audrey asked confused.

“Taking a shower?” Tori said confused as Audrey sauntered over and pushed her back into a squat. “Audrey?”

“That's not how cat clean up,” she giggled as she grabbed Tori's tongue.

Tori shivered a moment and looked down at herself, “Y-You can't be serious...I can't....I mean...there is no way I'm that flexible...besides...I'm still more girl then cat...and.”

“Just do it!” Audrey said annoyed.

“Audrey I'm not going to lick myself clean! I'm not an animal!”

“Well not with that attitude your not!”

“That's another thing, I'm not sure if I'm really up for this girl to go wild...I mean don't get me wrong I think camping is the best possible way to find myself, and just get used to this new body but I don't want to go full cat. I mean Alex even said it wasn't all that easy and it's even harder to turn back.”

Audrey squealed in delight, despite herself Tori found that she was nearly clean, and despite her protests and explanations all through her speech she had been cleaning herself and now that her speech was over so to was her self bath causing her to blush bright red all over, “Looks to me lik you are that flexible aaaaaand can do it just fine.”

Tori growled as she padded into the bathroom still on all fours.

“I'm still taking a proper shower,” she growled defiantly.

Audrey ran ahead and started out the spigot as she sat the rising Tori back down, “How about a bath instead, I'll even do all the work you just relax and enjoy it!”

Tori growled for a moment before sighing and stepping into the filling tub, “Fine, but just this once.”

Audrey squealed in delight once more as she got darted for the door, “I'll be right back!”

Tori sighed and closed her eyes, as she leaned back in the tub and purred, “I suppose this isn't so bad...”

Her eyes darted wide open again as she heard Audrey open and the door and hurry toward the bathroom, “I'm baaaaaack!”

“I'm still here,” she purred as Audrey slipped back into the bathroom with a loofah and some bottles, one of those bottles she pored into the water and it began to bubble. Tori purred, “oooooh bubble bath!”

“Suit up straight!”

Tori sighed as she got back into a squat and Audrey went right to work rubbing perfumes and oils into her skin that made her heady, scrubbing her back and lathering up her hair, and with each touch of Audrey's hand Tori just drifted further and further into bliss and more contented purrs. In fact but the time Audrey started to drain the water and lead her out of the tub, still on all fours, and begin to pat her dry with small towel she had just stopped caring. Audrey fed her a few handfuls of some kind of cat kibble and she just swallowed it down with a smile. Audrey even smiled and gave her a soft kiss on the cheek and called her a good girl as she affixed some kind of collar with her name on the tag around her neck and lead her to a bowl of milk in the kitchen. She didn't even let it bother her when Audrey dragged in what looked like the bottom of a dog house and filled it with kitty litter and pointed toward it. Tori had long since tuned out Audrey's madness and she didn't need to listen to her words to know what she was implying with the industrial size little box. Tori even smirked a little and gave her a token gift for the thought before before padding over to the pile of duffel and sleeping Audrey had stacked in a corner, circled once and went to sleep. Despite everything that had happened today it could have been worse and with a loud rhythmic purr Tori drifted off to sleep.
Why Would You T(h)ree?
the Madcap adventures of Tori and Audrey continue! Oh and before you say it, I know what your thinking about the conclusion, know this Chapter 4 is coming and it's not going to be what you think it is.

Part 1>> Why Would You?
Part 2>> Why Would You Too?
Part 3>> (You are Here)
Part 4>>  Why Would You Four(est)?
Part 5>> Why Would You Fi(ght)v(natur)e
Part 6>> Why Would You Si(n)x


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