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“I'm just glad to have my man back to normal!”

The young woman Sarah smiled as she planted a passionate kills on the larger, well built man walking beside her with his head down.

“For half a day sure, look you gotta get out town before sunset, I mean it, I can't-”

The quartet was cut off however as a duo of bruisers in suits blocked the alleyway the quartet were emerging from, “Time's up Sam, time to pay your debts.”

The second bruiser turned his attention to the remaining three, “we got nothing against your your friends Sam but a good set of witness will help send a message to any other moochers out there.”

Sam was one of the 3 boys escorting Sarah, a rail thin stick of a man with a 3 day shadow and ruffled hair. Of the bunch he looked the most frazzled. The large man, Alex, Sarah was pawing and who kept his head down had a wild mane of hair but exuded a musk of power and confidence despite his slumped shoulders, low head, and lost tones. The last of the group sat some there between the two extremes, more tanned then the pale Sam but no where near the hulking Alex. Cole was of medium build, hair line receding some and had a bit of a paunch, but of the 3 boys he was the shortest, being not much taller then Sarah who was average height for a woman in her 20s.

“I-I just need a little more t-time,” Sam pleaded.

“Times up.”

Alex narrowed his eyes giving out a low growl as he gripped the small pen like wand in his right hand, the bulb at the end starting to glow softly.

“Don't get any idea about being a hero Jumbo.”

As the goons drew pistons and Sam trembled Alex leveled the wand at one and there was a flash of light from the tip. A moment later a wolf stood in the tangled clothes of the goon on the right and the remaining goon dropped his gun in shock.

“What the he--?!”

“You tell your boss my friends, Same included are off limits, alright. Unless you want to join the pack like your buddy did.”

“Shit man! Shit!” The goon said as his pants grew dark and he turned and ran the wolf trailing after him.

Sam took a relived breath as he leaned against the wall, “You just saved my bacon man.”

“Wasn't me,” Alex smirked as he handed the and off to Sarah, “But I think you better hand onto this.”

“Me? Why? You handled things pretty well back then.”

“Because I just don't have the imagination needed to use it right?”

“Come again?” The last boy, Cole, finally cut in. “I mean don't get me wrong--a wolf, of all things? But  you handled that pretty quickly.”

“And that's just the thing, Wolves, haven’t we had enough of wolves? But I could already feel the temptation, seeing my brother wolf like that, seeing how it was so easy to grow the pack. Even when it's daylight I’m not really human. Leave the wand with me and all three of you would have been running around on all fours with fangs and fur to match within an hour. We wouldn’t even have to wait for sunset.”

“Is it really effecting your mind like that?” Cole wondered.

“Look I gotta go,” Sam cut in suddenly patting Alex on the back, “Lay low for a while.”

“W-What?” Sarah fumed, “B-But your the one who found the wand! We'd be wolf chow if you didn't show up with it when you did! You need to help us figure out how to save Alex!”

“Look I know about as much about the wand as you guys, it was just dumb luck that I found it and was able to drive Alex off when I did. But I hardly think all it's good for is magic bolts and wolf morphs and those guys still want to give me a nap with the trouts so I gotta stay low, keep you guys out of it. And in the mean time maybe I can dig up more on the wand.”

Before the rest could argue Sam quickly ran to the end of the alley and around the corner and out of view as Alex growled.

“Well what do we do now?” Cole wondered, looking to the couple.

Sarah paused, looking down at the wand in her hand, “We should probably test it before we us it to cure Alex...”

“Assuming I can be cured.”

“I'm gonna assume that until something proves us wrong!” Sarah says defiantly.

“Ok I'm game, but test it? How?”

“Oh this is gonna be fun!”

A wicked grin grew across Sarah face as she pointed the wand to Cole, “Don't move, at least not until I'm done.”

Cole tensed, he wanted to grab the wand from her hands but she just stepped back and Cole found his feet refused to respond, rooting him to the spot.

“W-What did you do Sarah!” Alex's eyes went wide as he helped pick up Cole from the ground.

“Oh relax, it's all in the name of fun,” she smiled as she tapped the bulb of th e wand on her chin and looked around, “Well we are going to need some privacy while we're testing and seeing as how Cole's stuck where he is a good baricade at the end of the way, something that  will keep people out but that isn't to hard to knock down when were done is a good start.”

And at her command the wand reacted constructing barricade of refuse at the end of the alley, ass if it had been collapsed, though from their side it would be easy to knock down.

“Also let's change the locks to the building on either side of us and give us a canopy so no one can peek in on us, some good sound proofing wouldn’t hurt either.”

And so the wand flashed three times as a canopy of construction platforms blocked out the sun above them casting them into near darkness say for a few rays of light that cam through the various cracks and broken boards.

Sarah smiled as she turned the wand over in her hand, “So far so good. I think I'm getting the hang of this thing.”

“Are you crazy Sarah what if this is like a magic lamp and you just wasted your three wishes? And for what a pitch black stage where I'm stuck to the floor? How does that help Alex's condition.”

Sarah shrugged, “If it was three wishes well Alex would still have two, Sam's got another two, and you'd have all three. But now we'd had a good grasp of what it can do.”

Cole and Alex rolled their eyes.

“I can see alright,” Alex mentions.

“Though your right it is a bit hard to see in here! I wish Cole and I had night vision like a cat!”

he wand flashed again and they alley came into focus, the colors were a bit muted but Cole at least could see again, just in time to see the wild look in Sarah's shimmering dagger like eyes and her girly squeal.

“That is so cool, you've got….like a cat girl!”

Cole swallowed hard, “N-Now don't be getting any ideas!”

Sarah didn't listen as she swung the wand dramatically over head, “Oh! You need a luscious mane of soft long hair to match, at least to here,” Sara squealed as she pushed up her breasts and the wand flashed and suddenly Cole felt his hair growing long and soft as it spilled out past his shoulders.

Sarah squealed in delight as she began to stroke the new soft locks. Cole was starting to get terrified by the childlike glee in her eyes.

“O-Okay, you've had your fun n-now let's focus on Alex...”

Sarah huffed annoyed and swung the wand around and before Cole could react suddenly he found himself starting at the side of the building behind him, and at his back when he looked down.

Alex looked away in disgust, “That just ain't right!”


Sarah just started laughing, “Well stop nagging and it will be all over soon. That was like 6 wishes, clearly there’s no limit to this thing so just let me have some fun and i'll turn you back at the end.”

Cole sighed, “I'm magically rooted to the ground and now all I can see is wall and hair, how exactly am I supposed to stop you?”

Sarah laughs, “That's the spirit!”

“That wasn't me agreeing to be your test dummy!”

But then suddenly a weight grew on Cole's chest, a weight that seemed to last for sevela minutes and linger there still after. With trembling hand he reached toward his chest to confirm those unseen fears.

“B-Breasts? You gave me breasts? W-Why Sarah?”

“Ow!” Alex said suddenly.

“Stop drooling!” Sarah glared angrily at him as his eyes never left Cole's new, quite ample assets.

“I can't help it! It's part of the curse!”

“Un huh,” Sarah said convinced as she waved the wand again and Cole felt his new assets grow in his hands, or rather felt his hands, and feet, becoming several sizes smaller. “The wolf makes you ogle big breasts.”

Despite it all Cole had to laugh.

“Hey look it's true, the wolf hungers for two main things, flesh and flesh.”

It took Sarah and Cole a moment to process what he was getting at before both of them shivered.

“Y-You mean.”

“Did I ever tell you how I was changed?”


Cole gave a sigh as he felt his entire upper body, or mor specifically his shoulder and armors conform to a new slimmer profile as well as his legs which forced a change in stance. But still his neck, head, belly and waist remained unchanged.

“Remember Karen Heart?”

“Girl who disappeared about a year ago?”

“I thought it was the Butcher, like the other girls?”

“Yeah but no one ever found the body,” Cole mused just as he felt his voice crack to a higher octave and his hips widen.

“Oh for Pete’s sake Alex just get that thing away from her!”

“R-Right!” Alex flustered as he snatched the wand out of Sarah hands and pressed it into Cole's hand.

“Stop wasting wishes and just turn me all the way into a girl, maybe do me a favor and shave a few years off in the process.”

As Cole's pride and joy become a innie their was a strange headiness as testosterone changed to estrogen, leading the newly minted backward headed woman to lean on Alex for support for a few moments, and then let go of the wand as she pat herself up and down sighing, “There happy? I'm all woman but my head is still on backward!”

“I'll fix it!” Sarah exclaims as she waves the wand but nothing happens. “Shit!”

“What now?!” Cole strained her voice in frustration, “I can't fix it!”

“Maybe the wand can't reverse anything it creates.”

“So that wolf,” Cole muses, “wait a second that mean's I'm stuck as a girl with her head on backwards!”

“I'll fix it! I'll fix it!” Sarah panics.

“You've done enough fixing!” Cole growls as reaches for the wand but again Sarah steps back, only for Alex to pluck it from her hands and point it at Cole.

Suddenly Cole's world went black and soundless, breathing was also getting hard.

Sarah doubled over, gagging even as Alex fought back bile, his plan had worked but at what cost? For the back of Cole's face, with a wave of hair cascading over it now bore the distinct impressions of a face underneath and the flesh covered eyes peering out through the back side of the head.

Quickly Alex waved the wand again and the flesh seemed to slid around Cole's face until she opened her eyes and took a long sharp breath.

“I couldn't breath!” She gasped as she snatched the wand from Alex's trembling hand, “W-What did you do!”

Alex and Sarah were still trying to get the horrible image out of their mind, “I figured if I could put your head on right I'd have to follow Sarah's lead, one piece at a time. I spun your skull around inside your head. And then used another wish to...”

Cole go the picture and shivered, rubbing her arms, “That bad?”

“Worse,” Sarah's voice cracked as she leaned on Alex, her voice softer now, “L-Look I'm sorry...guess I let the power get the best of me….I'm done playing…a-and if you need a place to stay...”

Cole sighed as her feet unlocked and she stumbled forward, Alex quick to catch her, as she slipped the wand into a pocket and took a moment to look her new body over, “Well at least this body's a knock out, I feel like ten years younger!”

“You look it,” Sara offered meekly, “Y-Your not angry?”

“Angry,” Cole's eyes flashed, “I'm livid! You turned me into a woman for a prank when we were supposed to be trying to keep Alex from you know, turning into a face eating werewolf! Now I've got to either go through all the drama of changing my gender with the government, not to mention trying to explain this to my boss. If I'm lucky I can claim discrimination if he tries to fire me but honestly given the inevitable looks I’m gonna get at work I’m not sure I want to stay there. And that's not even trying to explain how their sun became a woman overnight to my family! You have quite literately ruined my life! And for what? A quick laugh?!”

“I-I'm sorry, I was sure I could reverse it!”

“Yeah well seeing if you can reverse a change should have been one of the first things you did, and you could have done it way back with my hair before you even started adding breasts and the like.”

“To be fair you turned yourself into a girl,” Alex added softly to try and diffused the situation.

“Y-Yeah, Sarah adds, “All I did was-”

Cole started to count off her fingers, “Change my voice/neck, shoulders/arms, hands legs, hips, neck, hair, and add breasts. Don't deney it you were building up to the final stages and we still don't know if the wand has a wish limit. Just because it's more then three.”

“It was at least 7, that's a pretty good sigh it's unlimited,” Alex inserts.

“Yeah well it also seemed obvious you could reverse it. The Absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence. Just because you don't have an explicit limit doesn’t means there isn't one. Far as we know number 8 was the last one. Or that Alex's was and it's now depleted. Who is to say we each get 5, 10, 15, 21 wishes. It could be some arbitrary number like 11 or 14. Or we could all share the same pool. All this tome foolery and we aren’t even any closer to helping Alex. You know the entire reason Sam gave us the wand?”

Sarah looked to Alex sadly, “S-Sorry I wasn't thinking.”

“It's alright,” His stomach rumbling loudly which made the girls suddenly back off and hold each other tightly.

“B-But sunset isn't for like ever,” Sarah squeaks as the girls back up only for their own stomach to rumble and for their mood to break as they laugh.

“W-Well I guess we have been at this a while.”

“I'll go knock down the barricade,” Alex says stomping toward the end of the alley, “We can get something to eat at my place.”

Sarah's eyes then lingered on Cole's ample bust, “Hey your not getting away that easily! You were going explain your ogling!”

“Something about Karen Heart and the Butcher?”

Alex nods as he easily kicks down the rubble and leads the girls out, “Yeah I did owe you girls an explanation. But can it wait until after breakfast?”

Sharing a look the girls nod and follow Alex out.

Some time later the tree sit around Alex's small table in his small apartment enjoying a meal of sorted meats, eggs, milk and other proteins. As he joins them Cole is carefully turning the wand over in her hands thoughtfully, “Sorry there isn't more variety but ever since...the change...I've been a real carnivore.”

“It's fine,” Sarah insists as she glances over to Cole, “But this is going to ruin our girlish figure if we eat to much.”

“Don't start with me Sarah!”

“Look I'm sorry alright but if your going to make it as a woman in the modern world your are going to have to learn how to watch your figure and take care of yourself. Takes maintenance to look as good as you do, as we do.”

“You can take me on my makeover montage later, I'm still more concerned about how Karen, the Butcher, and Alex's condition are related. We don't know how many charges are left in this thing and I plan to make them count. But to do that I need some idea of the condition.”

Sarah lowered her head as he voice got soft, “Right.”

“Then I'll properly freak out about my gender inversion, but as long as I stay on track with Alex I can keep from freaking out about what YOU did to me.”


“So were saying?”

Alex found his own words cut short, Cole was keeping a pretty level head all things considered, it was impressive, arousing, she would make a good mate. He began to drool again as images of Cole bend over on her hands and knees as he rutted her in wolf form filled his mind, causing him to pant.


“R-Right!” Alex's mind returned to the present, “Okay cutting to the chase. Karen is the Butcher, or rather the werewolf, and the one who changed me.”


“L-Look I don't know everything, I black out when I change so I don't know what I do, w-who I...I kill...But I have been able to piece together a few things. They night Karen changed I didn't even know it was here, I figured that out after. I was leaving the gym, figured I was safe the Butcher only goes after girls right?  Maybe a little sexist on my part but I learned my lesson. Out of nowhere the beast, Karen, and belive me I could tell it was female, bounded toward me. But I couldn’t run. Despite the savage maw, the inhuman speed and claws I stood transfixed, and more then a little aroused. You see the Butcher...Karen wasn't attacking women because of some random chance. Female werewolves feed on female prey  and males werewolves feed on male prey. When we come upon the opposite sex were there last night Sarah care to explain what you felt.”

Sarah looked away cheeks burning, her voice soft, “A-Aroused…H-Horney.”

Cole chokes on her milk, “S-Seriously, he was trying to eat our faces off and you...”

“Wanted to bang him,” Sarah says meekly, “Y-yes..”

“I only wanted to eat your face,” Alex explains, “Because you are...were male. When I encountered Karen I didn't put up any resistance as she tore my clothes off and mounted me. Before I knew it the world went dark and when morning broke I woke up the next day in some cave halfway across the county laying next to Karen still in were form. Took me two day to get back to town, and the moon wad full for those 2 nights. And I blacked out those night as well. No doubt transforming into the monster each time.”

“And Karen?”

“Given that she was transformed even by day light and we never heard of the Butcher again My guess is she was pregnant and thus stayed in wolf form to deliver our litter. After that who knows. If We're lucky she and her hell spawn are out hunting in the woods as a happy little pack. If we aren't...we'll it's bee over a year now. The pups will be off the tit soon and...”

“And our little towns looking at the return of the Butcher...” Cole's face went white as her skin went goose bumped

“And between the Butcher and the Midnight Slasher this place will be a ghost town in no time flat.”

Alex nods somberly, “Like I said probably best if you guys just skipped town, especially you Cole.”

“Why me especially?”

“Sarah's been a woman all her life, and if even she got all steamy when she saw me imagine what would happen to you tonight with a fully bloomed flower and all of a day to get used to it.”

Cole swallowed hard, she had to admit all through dinner she had been rubbing her legs together trying to suppress her new bodily urges, and Alex's wolf form amplified those…

Quickly she got to her feet as she ran for the bathroom tossing aside her clothes in the process, “I need a cold shower NOW!”

Sarah suppressed a chuckle as she moved to pick up Cole's clothes pauses as her finger grasped the wand, just as a half soaked Cole poked her head out the door, “don't even think about it Sarah!”

“I wasn't!”

“Sure! Sure!”

Sarah smiles as she sets the wand on a near end table, “I'll be right back, need to grab some things from my place anyway so look I’m not even touching the wand.”

Cole narrowed her eyes before slowly slipping back into the bathroom, “Fine.”

heading for the door Sarah looked to Alex with a smile, “And you behave yourself.”

“Scout's honor,”

“Since when were you a boy scout?”

Alex smiles sheepishly, “Girl Scout actually.”

Sarah tilts her head confused as Alex laughs.

“Long story.”

“O...kay.” Before discreetly slipping out.

Alex smiles as he begins to clean up, his acute hearing trained on the bathroom as he hears Cole softly panting in the shower, a smile spreading over his lips. 'Maybe I should make myself scarce so she can get a handle on her new hormones.'

But despite his attentions Alex found himself lingering by the door, inappropriate images of him, in wolf form, and Cole dancing him his mind as he started to drool.

'Then again maybe she could use some help getting use to her new curves.'

His hand trembled as he reached for the door.

'Locked!' he growled, 'That little bitch!'

Even as he began to drop his pants Alex began to furiously twist the knob, super human strength begin to take its tole on the bolts and frame.

“Alex? Sarah! I better not catch either one of you trying to sneak in!”

The bolt shattered a moment later as Alex tore the knob right off its bearing and strode in completely naked, drooling profusely and with a wild look on his eyes. Cole took one look at him as immediately removed her hand from between her legs and screamed but found herself unable to look away. It was just as Sarah had said she was at once both terrified and aroused. At once both mortified at Alex's intrusion and eager to get him inside her.

The thwap of a rolled up paper across Alex's back brought him to his senses as he turned around to see the furious Sarah brandishing her news print like a weapon. Slinking always Alex slipped on some short and moved for the door, “I'll be back before dark ladies, hope you have a solution then.”

Cole collapsed into Sarah arms exhausted and crying, “It was horrible. Worse then you described. Oh god if you hadn’t come, then I would have...and...” Cole held back bile, but only for a moment at a shocking revelation, “Oh god if Alex had...then I...Just like Karen...”

“What are you babbling about your not a werewolf like Karen was.”

“Don't you get it Sarah, if Alex sleeps with me...or any woman there's a good chance I'll not only wind up pregnant but also infected. Which means stuck as a wolf for the next year as I deliver my own litter.”

Sarah went pale, “I-I didn't even think of that possibility.”

Her eyes darting to the wand, “We need a SOLUTION ASAP!”

Cole nods in agreement as she slinks back into the bath waters “I-I just need to think, settle my nerves.”

Sarah nods as she absently reaches into her back and hands a long, florescent object to the bathing girl.

Cole's eyes go wide as she looks at the unmistakable object.

“It really helps with the urges.”

Cole sighs as she plunges it under the water and lets out a soft moan, “This is all your fault you know.”

Sarah slips out of the room leaving her bag behind and sighs, “Y-Yeah I know...there more stuff in the should help.”

“Mhumm,” Cole purrs as Sarah cleans up the splinters and broken knob.

“I really stepped in it this time, I'm such an idiot.”

As the sky grew dark and the sun was setting Alex made his way back. Cautiously he tried the door of his apartment and slipped inside. And found himself at a loss for words. There in the center of the room sitting in front of a standing mirror on a pair of chairs was Cole, casually brushing her hair with a pink brush while Sarah painted the nails of her fee hand. Both were mercifully dressed though Cole could tell that Cole still had not found a bra to fit her ample bust.

“L-Ladies...I'm back...I...hope you have a solution.”

“I've got a running theory,” Cole said calmly as she put down the brush and picked up the wand pointing it at Alex, “I think Sarah had the right idea going in stages. Insures that no one wish is wasted on something beyond it's scope and insures you wind up in a better place.”

Alex looked nervously out the window,” I can feel the beast clawing to get out so lets skip the exposition and cut to the magic.”

“Agreed,” Both girls said together as the wand in Cole's hand glowed a moment.

“I want to be clear magic wand, when Alex transforms into a werewolf he will not black out but instead retain the memories of what he did when changed. As will anyone he infects. Let them remember.”

Alex's eyes went wide, “W-what, not knowing was a small blessing, now i'm going to know everyone I kill and be unable to stop myself! W-Why?”

“Because if you infect someone at least they aren't left to figure things out like you were, you can help them deal with their new changes.”

Alex nodded, he didn't like it but he accepted it.

“Magic wand understand me clear. I wish that when Alex changes, and infected by him as well, retain their mind. That they control the change it does not control them. If possible this should mean that they can choose not to change if they do not want or change at times other then the full moon, but if that is beyond the scope of your power at least grant the first part where they retrain funn control of their mind and faculties when transformed.”

Alex smiled, “Nice one Cole!”

Sarah smiles, “Now the big one! Go for it Cole!”

“Magic wand, free Alex of this cure, be he beast no more but just a man, not a werewolf by night but just a normal man.”

The wand glows once more and the trio smile laughing!

“It worked!”
“It worked!”
“I'm free!”

Running over to Cole Alex lipfted her up into his arms as he pressed his lips firmly against hers, “I love you man!”

Swept up in the moment the wand slipped from Cole's hand and rolled along the floor and under the sofa as she closed her eyes and lifted one leg in a very girly pose as her cheeks flushed, “”

“Okay break it up you two,” Sarah glowers as she recovers the wand and pulls the two apart, Cole slumping dreamily into the chair as she gently touches her lips, “Alex is my man.”

Cole leans back with a smile, “That was...magical.”

Sarah rolls her eyes as she grabs both their hands, “Come on it's a new night lets watch the moon rise from the roof.”


By the time they made it too the roof the moon was already beginning to rise, and Alex was slowing, as they broke out onto the roof proper he lerced forward on his his hands and knees as his body began to contort, fur grew, limbs stretched and changed shape as a mussel pushed through his face. Frightened, but with growing arousal the girls stumbled backward until they toppled and the fully transformed Alex rose his head and howled to the moon.

“I-It didn't work!”
“But the wand glowed!”

Alex the werewolf stalked toward the girls, sniffing at them as he paced around them.

“Think of something Cole!” Sarah trebled as she pressed the wand into her hands only the drop it, as they feline eyes adjusted  to the dark they quickly scrambled around even as they breath got short.

“Help me find it before I completely loose myself and let him ravish me!”

“Ravish you? He's my boyfriend! I got dibs!”

“Is this really the best time to be fighting over who get the fuck the werewolf?!”

Then suddenly the oddest thing happened.

Alex, the werewolf, laughed.

It was a short, inhuman, beast like laugh but a laugh none the same. Whats more Alex dropped patiently onto his haunches and waited for them to find the wand.

“Are you in there?”

He smiled, it was a terrifying canine smile but he exuded no malice.

“Are you in control?”

He nodded.

“Can you speak?”

He barked.

“Well the third part didn't work but it seems the rest did,” Sarah smiles as she wraps her arms around the neck of the werewolf laughing.

“I still wanna fuck him though,” Cole flusters as she takes a firm grip on the wand.

“Yeah well you can find some other werewolf to do that. This one is mine!” Sarah glares daggers at Cole.

“You think I want to fuck him...okay I mean I want to but do you think I really want to want to. It's his pheromones!”

Alex chuckled again.

“Not to mention if we let him fuck either of Sarah we're going to wind up going all furry as well.”

Sarah wasn't listening as she was working off her skirt and panties.

“And while I admit, right now, that's really, really, really tempting.”

Sarah ignored Cole as she tossed her panties to the wind and laid out on her back waiting for Alex to finish a pace around her and mount her panting body.

Cole wasn't faring much better.

“And pregnant with a whole litter of the monsters!” She finally shouted as she shook her head clear just  as Alex was getting in position.

“P-Pregnant?” This broke Sarah out of her spell as well “Ick! I am way to young to be a mother!” before kicking Alex away.

Alex whimpered as he got back to his feet and growled.

Then the wand flashed.

“Bitch! Is that any way to treat your mate?!”

“Alex?!” Sarah said confused, then immediately became angry, “Who are you calling a bitch!”

Alex growled back at her as he pointed a finger at her, and then Cole, “You female, you bitch. Female wolf.”

“We are not wolves!”

“Not yet, but you want to be. Be part of the pack!”

“We do not!” The girls protested but their was no fire in their voices, they both knew that was exactly what they wanted.

Then wand flashed again and all three of them began to shake their heads clear. Cheeks flushed Cole began to pull up her pants while Sarah looked around for her discarded panties which were long gone now. Sitting up on her skirt she quickly closed her legs.

“Cole?” Alex looked curiously over to her.

“I wished that you had full control over your hormones. Once they were no longer in over drive their effects on us passed.”

“So your saying...”

“You are in control of your wolf form, while you can't control the lunar change we still don’t know you can change at will at other times. You can now speak and you won't be obsessed with sex.”

“Well no more then any normal man,” Sarah laughs as she kisses Alex nose.

Cole and Alex laugh, “Fair enough.”

“So what now?”

“We ride out the night. And If the Butcher does return maybe you can re infect her, your a different kind of werewolf now maybe you can override her with your new strain, one who is in control.”

“And the others?”

“What others?”

“There are bound to be others, maybe men who escaped, maybe women I raped. I'm sure I wasn’t Karen's first conquest nor do I think you two were my only mates. There are probably others, if not here then elsewhere across the country, maybe the world.”

“Well you've got that honking nose there,” Sarah smiles, “Can't you smell them out?”

Alex tilts his head curiously as he takes a sniff on the wind, “Y-Yes I can...” Before bounding to the side of the roof, “Stay safe girl I need to fix all the stuff I messed up...i owe you everything Cole! Thank you!”

“My pleasure,” Cole swoons as she hold her chest, her heart racing.

And like that Alex was gone as he leaps to the next roof and vanishes into the night.

Sarah scowls as she pulls Cole to her feet, “Come on you horny teenager,”

“I'm not a teenager!”

“Yeah well you don't look like your 35 either, and you have the libido of a 14 year old so it's back to the bathroom for you and Long John!”

“Long John?” Cole chuckled “You named it?”

Sarah shakes her head, “Just come along before I take the wand away from you and make your body match the libido.”

“Yes smother, I'm coming smother.”

“You better not until we are back in my apartment.”

Cole chuckles.

“Now where did my panties go.”

“Fifth and Chase judging by the wind,” Cole chuckles.

Sarah rolls her eyes. “Just perfect...those were my favorite pair.”

Cole laughs, “Well you can get a new one when you take he shopping for a bra for these watermelons you gifted me.”

“They're not watermelons.”

“They're close enough.”

The End?
The Wand
What happens when a werewolf and a magic wand with unknown powers collide?

Shenanigans, naturally.


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