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Rule 63 Black Ranger by NekoLLX
Rule 63 Black Ranger
so this is something ive been working on a set of custom rule 63 figuarts, i recently completed Black and even did a video turn around of it enjoy
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Phase 4: I am woman, hear me roar!

Ryan's ears began to twitch rousing her from her slumber among the tree tops, drawing to a crouch her pink eyes drew into daggers before leaping down and winding around to the back entrance where the smell of cooking food started to fill her nose and make her purr. It was still dark out but Sarah was already awake and busy at work preparing a lavish breakfast and at the sight of Ryan's shimmering eyes she smiled and opened the door.

“Have a good prowl,” she teased, “Nikki should be awake soon to head off to her place and off to work, I'm sure she can make some time to change you back.”

Ryan crossed her arms over her chest and huffed, “Yeah well I'm only here to grab my key and my laptop. Found some freelance stuff but their expecting a girl thank to HER so I have to keep up appearances.”

“Methinks the kitty doth protests too much,” Nick chucked as she entered from the main room, startling Ryan who gave out a hiss of shock and leaps back.

“How did you hide from my sense of smell!”

“With my powers how else,” Nick chuckles as he ruffles Ryan's pink hair causing her to go limp and purr in delight, “Why don't I just change you back right now.”

Ryan hisses, “I told you I have a gig!”

Nick chuckles as tosses her hair, “Fine but until your ready to admit you like being a girl I think a little punishment is in order!”

“Nyow?” Ryan tilts her head curious as he chest swells a cup size.

“From now on your breasts will subtly change in size in response to your mood,” Nick chuckles as she playfully slaps Ryan's behind, “Now hurry upstairs and get washed up and changed. You smell quite ripe!”

Ryan hisses as she scampers off, “That's just my animal magnetism, the ladies just can't resist it even inthis blasted form.”

Nick chuckles as she takes a seat, “Ryan's one of a kind. I'm not sure what you see in him, he just can't admit his true feelings.”

Sarah smiles as she returns to her cooking, “Oh Ryan isn't that bad, under all the bluster is a real heart of gold.”

Nick shrugs, “Hey he puts up with me and goes along with my crazy shape shifting plans I really don't have any room to complain.”

“No you don't” Sarah smiles, “But you should have hit the shower instead, you have have to bee off to your house and work in an hour right?”

Nick shrugs as a tail and ears take shape on her own body, “I'll turn into a catgirl myself and take a quick jaunt across the roofs and back alleys, I'm going to need to wash up anyway when I get home and get changed.”

Sarah smiles, “I guess. Well just hang onto your paws breakfast should be ready in a jiffy.”

Nick purrs as she absently begins to lick the back of her hand and use it to wet down her hair, “You two are just too good for me.”

Sarah smiles as she ruffles Nick's own hair, “Well you trusted us with your big secret, and we've benefited more from it then you have. Since you came into our lives our sex life hasn’t been better and Ryan and I have more energy then we know what to do with.”

Nick purrs as fur begins to spread as her bust begins to shrink, Noting this Sarah makes her way over and helps Nick slip out of her clothes as the large feline continues to groom herself and her size continues to shrink.

“What can I say,” Nick growls roughly in a very inhuman voice, “I like to trrreat my frrriends rrright.”

Nick continues to purr as Sarah lifts her into her arms and carries her over to the cupboard and setting her down on the floor as Nick begins to move between Sarah's legs purring and rubbing against her legs.

“Well aren't we friendly today,” She chuckles as she moves over to the fridge and fills a small brown with milk and another with tuna setting them on the ground, “Guess you want to get going pretty soon if your going full cat. I'll swing by your office later with a homemade lunch later.”

“Nyu dyon't nya toooo dyu nyat,” Nick purrs as she begins to lap at the milk and tuna as Sarah kicks off one of her shoes and socks and continues to pet the feline with a bare foot as she continues her preparations.

“Ah but I want to,” Sarah giggles as Nick continues her meal. “You just be a good girl and keep away from those frisky tom cats. If you get pregnant I'm not looking after your litter!”

Nick purrs nodding her head as if in a trance, “Yes masssterrrr.”

Sarah giggles as she picks up the empty bowls as picks up Nick into her arms again to pet her as she takes a seat, “Good girl. And you would do well to get home with enough time to make sure there is no residual catness in you. Can't have you sprouting fur and a tail in front of the boss now can we?”

Nick continued to purr rolling her head under Sarah's gentle touch, “Yesss masterrrr.”

Sarah smiles as she moved to the door and sets Nick down giving her rear a gentle push, “Good girl! Now get going! Scat!”

“Rowl!” Nick yelps as she is swatted and looks back surprised before bounding off to Sarah's giggling.

“What about if I bring home a litter,” Ryan purrs as she come up behind Sarah and plants a soft kiss on the back on her neck, “Are you going to punish me?”

Sarah chuckles as she turns around to see Ryan still a little damp and dressed in just a towel, “Ryan dress yourself we still have a guest upstairs!”

“Ah she's fast asleep and I'll be gone before the sleeping cat awakens.”

Sarah shakes her head as she starts to set out plates for the two of them, playfully patting the area of th towel over Ryan's smooth pelvis and then squeezing her breasts, “I'd be quite surprised if you could pull that off with your current equipment.”

Ryan blushed furiously as she sat across from her fiance at the table as she set out the omelets and pasta side dish along with a tall glass of milk for them both, “Oh I didn't tell you? I met this cute boy while I was out last night, invited him to a three way. It's all Nick fault you know. I mean it's not my fault I'm a horny catgirl. I'm just in heat.”

Sarah's mood immediately soured as she glared at Ryan, “Don't talk like that, you sound like my father. He was always talking about marrying me off while I was just a little girl to bring a real man into the household. I don't like you talking about children so cavalierly.”

Ryan stops mid bit as she took Sarah's trembling hands and held her close, “I'm sorry, didn't mean to bring up bad memories. Hey look if we ever do decide to have kids to just leave it to me. I'll be the momma okay? You don't ever have to worry about having kids for my benefit. If I really want them I'll do the hard work as well.”

Sarah tries her tears as she looks up with surprise into Ryan's eyes, “S-Seriously? But you could die in childbirth...a-and...”

“Hey I already told you things aren't as bad as your parent's taught you. Modern medicine has come a long way. And beside we have Nick to make things even easier. Like I said if I ever get the idea I want kids for real I'll handle the hard stuff, you can get the easy job as the father. Hell if you ever want kids I'll bear that burden for you. I told you I would always be here for you, thick or thin.”

Sarah's tears finally stop as she steps around the table and leans into Ryan pressing their lips together as their chair tips back as she climbs into her lap, “Ryan you are the best boyfriend a girl could hope for!”

Ryan purrs as the two lovers fall out of the chair, but in their passion this doesn't stop them as they begin discarding their clothing and making love in ways only two women can.

A soft moan and the feel of smooth legs and soft mounds on her chest rouses Francine from her slumber some time in the morning as the chirp of birds and the rays of the run strike her face from the window. Moaning softly, legs rubbing against each other her hands move to her new breasts, “Oh Nicole you animal,” she mumbles to herself, “I knew you couldn't keep your hands off of me.”

Slowly her hands move down her body, down along her legs and plunge into places no many has gone before as she lets out a moan of pleasure and with a suddenly jolt of pleasure her eyes shoot wide open, still in the hase of the morning her hands continue to cares the insides of her new body and her supple breasts for a few moments before she goes rigid as a board, and her breathing comes short.

“What happened? I-I'm a woman...this is...”

Slowly her minds begins to piece yesterday together and slowly she begins to grin sheepishly as she notes the soiled wetness of her nightgown, panties, and sleeping bag and quickly scrambles off to the bathroom quickly doing her best to clean them as she cheeks flush even redder as she quickly turned on the shower to quickly wash herself off, 'Way to go there Frank! Yeah masturbating into your hosts belongings is sure to make you all the friends! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!'

“Is there a problem?”

Sarah stood in the bathroom doorway with a wide grin on her face which made Frank stumble even more, fall backward and plop right into the tub, her legs flying upward as the sleeping blanket and clothes spiraled around her as the water of the shower head soaked her thoroughly.

'That first morning is always a shocker,' Sarah chuckled as she pulled the mostly clean belongings from the flustered girl and gave them an innocent head tilt and chuckle, 'You walked into the show fully dressed and with the sleeping bag wrapped around you like a cloak didn't you? Don't worry we've all done it at least once. Sometimes our brains take a extra jolt to fully start.'

'Phew!' Frank mental sighed as she gave a sheepish grin, her voice cracking as she lowered her head, “Y-Yeah...s-sorry.”

Sarah gave a dismissive wave as she shut off the shower head, “Just wanted to let you know breakfast is ready. Just finish washing off and get changed. You have free reign of the closet for today but we are so going shopping for outfits for the rest of the week after we eat and you get a crash course in makeup then we'll go and find you that job.”

“I don't suppose we could just skip all that,” Frank smiled sheepishly, “Just between us girls? I-I know I Look th part but I'm still a guy on the inside and...”

“No excuses!” Sarah says firmly, “And I'd advise you to stop trying to go behind Nikki's back unless you want to get on her bad side. After all those breasts and what not wont just wash off with her special balm and do you really want her to extend your punishment another week?”

Frank swallowed hard as she scrambled to her feet and tossed off her bra as she started up the shower, “No ma'am! I'll behave!”

Sarah chuckled as she closed the door, “That's a good girl. Besides I think your find that the fairer sex isn't half bad, you might even grow to like it.”

Frank closed her eyes as she let the water run down her hair and back, 'I highly doubt that. After this fiasco no matter what Nicole promises I'm not pretending to be a girl again!'

Sarah was getting some basic work on the dishes when a nervous cough caught her attention.

“H-How do I look?”

As she turned to the door Francine stood in the frame, legs cross her fingers tugging at the hemp of her sailor skirt nervously as she gave a weak smile, “I-It was most normal looking costume.”

Sarah laughs as she pulls Francine into a soft hug, “You could have worn something from my closet if you were that uncomfortable deer.”

Francine smiles nervously and chuckles as Sarah sits her in a open chair, “R-Right...uh...thanks...” wanting to change the subject she quickly looks around, “so...uh...where's your boyfriend Ryan?”

Sarah smiled as she filled Francine's plate, “Oh he swung buy much earlier to get his laptop. Got a gig and headed right back out.”

Francine laughed nervously as she took a bite of her omelet, “I-If I didn't know better I'd swear he was an illusion or she's as much a girl as Nicole and you're just leading me on.”

Sarah laughs, “You'd like that wouldn't you? A houseful of sexy ladies to get your way with eh?”

“N-No,” Francine blushes furiously and quickly starts to scarf down her food, 'Though that would be kinda hot.'

Sarah chuckles, “Well when you done just head back to the bathroom and I'll be right there to teach you the basics of make up after I finish cleaning up here.”

“Y-Yeah about that,” Francine says softly, “I-I was thinking...since you know...I'm not trying to pick up boys or something that we could just skip the makeup lessons.”

Sarah narrows her gaze at Francine as she speaks evenly, “Women don't just wear makeup and the like to impress boys you know.”

“Y-Yeah I know, some girls are into other girls...but I'm not really looking to make a hook up.”

Sarah shakes her head as she pulls Francine to her feet and gently pats her behind, “Get going I'll be right up.”

Francine laughs nervously and quickly shuffles off, 'Nice going Frank you just can't keep making a ass of yourself today can you?'

Thought she stops short in the main room as she lasses a full length mirror and gets a good look at her back side, 'Though that's some ass! Girl looks hot in that mini skirt and confused little look!'

Quickly she shakes her head, 'Get it together FRANCINE that girl is you. Stop drooling over her and get your head on straight or everyone's going to see though Nicole's hard work to the weird guy in drag!'

Francine takes a deep breath as she watches her reflection, eyes transfixed on the rose and fall of her breasts with every breath. Their bounce with her steps as she shifts her weight from hip to hip. 'You are a beautiful, young, woman! Believe it and others will believe in you! You are a beautiful, young, woman! Believe it! I am a beautiful, young, woman! Shout it!'

And then with deep breath Francine closes her eyes and she reaches deep into her core and exclaims at the top of her lungs, “I am a beautiful, young, woman! Hear me roar!”

The slow clap of Sarah behind her immediately breaks her momentum and she shrieks and jumps even before turning around to see Sarah with her a pink tackle box and covered in hair like she was some man in a girdle and false breasts and then jumps back even further, “Sarah?! What happened?”

With a smile she brushes the hair off her arms to show their normal slender, hairless form as she guides the trembling girl to a recliner, “A little lesson young lady. Be honest what was your first thought when you saw me covered in hair?”

'I thought you were a man in drag for a second,' Francine hold her tongue as she blushes sheepishly.

Sarah smiles and nods as she continues to wipe off the layer of hair, “Thought so.”

As she opened her tackle box Francine could see there was a number of beauty supplies, one in particular looked like an electric razor and was the first thing that Sarah pulled out, “Like it or not if a woman were to neglect her appearance like most men do, or even let her body hair grow out she would be seen as a freak, and no man, and most women, wouldn't give her the time of day. Think about it, even at their worse, even homeless and smelling of piss how many women do you see that look as bad as their male counterpart in the same downed straights?”

“Not many,” Francine squeaked out.

“And be honest even if she is just a little overweight even if she is clean shaven and smells good you think less of her then her male counterpart in the same situation.”

Francine said nothing as Sarah slipped the razor into her hand.

“Women are held to a much higher standard even by other women. Every little pound, every imperfection works against her. Picture the average woman in your mind. Now the average man. Are they in any way similar?”

Francine looked down sheepishly and whispered, “N-No.”

“And for every man trapped in the body of a woman, and vice versa, even when they throw the idea out the window that is what they have to strive toward just so they aren't considered freaks and ridiculed. And really that's what this is all about, Nikki wants you to understand what's it like to not just live life as a woman but to walk around in skin that is not your own.”

Francine nods, “I-I guess I never really thought about it...”

Sarah smiles, “That little speech was great, empowering even. It really showed you were trying to get to the heart of this experiment and really step into Francine's shoes but it wasn't easy and I'm going to bet you've felt all kinds of awkward looking at your self in the mirror, naked and trying to rationalize this beautiful, young, confident, woman on the outside with the nervous, uneasy, self deprecating boy on the inside.”

Francine nods slowly, “A-A little.”

“Well transgender people have to struggle with that every day. And they don't have the luxury of just being able to say 'in a week I can go back to being normal.' they either have to learn to love who they are on the outside...”

“O-Or find a way to make it match who they are on the inside!”

Sarah smiles, “Good girl!”

She smiles warmly, feeling genuinely happy for the first time all morning as she set the razor down and pushes up to her feet and strides back to the mirror with confidence, “I am a beautiful, young, WOMAN! And this is the first day of the rest of my life! Look out world Francine Munroe is going to take the world by storm!”

Sarah smiles as she comes up behind her smiling, “Munroe?”

Francine smiles impishly, “Well I'm a big fan of Marilyn.”

Sarah smiles as Francine turns around her face her and take the razor confidently and turns it on, a soft blue light at the tip the only sound as she begins to run it down her arm as she looks curiously at Sarah, “I was kinda expecting it to hurt a little.”

Sarah laughs, “It's a laser, marvel of modern medicine.”

Francine laughs as she makes her way back to the recliner, “Tell me about it, I'm going to have to get me one of these for my face when this is all over, this is so cool!”

Sarah chuckles as she follows her back.

As she moves onto her legs she smiles sheepishly, “So uh...what kind of nail polish goes with this outfit?”

Sarah laughs heartily again, “We're going wit ha clear coat. Truth be told your not going to need much makeup. Your going for a job after all, we want you to look professional so subtle is better. Mainly just to accentuate your natural beauty. This is the kind of makeup most women wear day to day. The Elaborate layers are usually for clubbing and special events but most women never leave the house without some touch ups.”

“Well I'm ready for anything! Teach me your wisdom oh great sage of the compact! This girl is ready to strut her stuff, stop hiding in her own skin and show the world just who she is!”

Sarah smiles and laughs, “Alright Ms. Munroe then your lessons begins now!”
Phase 4: I am woman, hear me roar!
Francine embraces her femininity while Ryan continues to deny his, at least vocally.

This week (11/22/14)
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