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Power Rangers In Retrograde - Mystic Force – Trick 32 If I Were Mother

"Defenders of Yggdrasil! Ready to fight!"
“Power Rangers, Mystic Force!”

“Nya! Leave this one to me, I've got a score to settle!” Aqua Hissed as the explosions and smoke dissipated dropping to all fours as she bounded toward the catsuit.

“Relative of yours?” Rose/Vida looked to Verdant/Kat.

“None that I'm aware off,” the male Green Ranger shrugged.

“TURN!” Caren and Loraella said together as several Styxoids and Hidiacs exploded.

“I love working with you two,” Yellow laughed running up beside the girls as he fire off bolts from his cross bow, “You have got to teach me that spell.”

Caren and Loraella share a look and nods as the rest of the Defenders and Rangers charges past them and into the fray.

“Is there a turn undead spell for Wizards?” Carne asked Loraella?

“Never heard of one back home but the rules for magic here seem different maybe he just needs to know the basics.”

The duo turn a couple more of the undead to dust as they converse, “Doesn’t that seem...wrong to you...our ability to turn evil comes from our divine servitude.”

Loraella rolled her eyes, “I'm pretty sure your god isn't going to turn down her nose at defender of the world and protector of good magic.”

Caren nods slowly, “You have a point.”

Toby/Aqua hissed as she pounced on the catsuit, claws forming on her gloves as she slashed at it, “Your reign of terror is at an end!”

The suit hissed back and kicked Aqua back as they both flipped up into low feral stances, hissing.

“This is my kinda fight,” Jenji jokes as he ops his head out of Solaris' lamp.

Verdant rolls her eyes and shoves him back in, “You're impossible.”

“There's room in my lamp for twoooo,” Jenji sang as Verdant pushed him back down.

“Nrowl?” Both the suit and Aqua said together turning curiously to Jenji.

“Let's end this once and for all!” Red calls out, “Together!”

Verdant makes his way over to the rest of the rangers as they gathered up, Aqua breaking off to join them as they rose their Magi Weapons as the catsuit Hissed and got back to her feet.

“Power Rangers!”

And with the combined power of their magic the catsuit dropped to her knees exploding.

“My suit!” Caren laughs as the smokes clears running over to pick up the pieces of the bikini chainmail and catsuit.

“We should get them back to Udonna for cleansing,” Xanril suggests as Caren neatly folds up the clothes.

“Of course, I was just surprised it survived.”

Solaris approaches next as he collects the items and looks around, several civilians were on the ground moaning in pain, “We should tend to the wounded.”

“Leave that to me!” Caren, Loraella, and toby said in unison as the latter powered down to catgirl form and bounded over to one of the hurt people still in just her shorts as Caren and Loraella used their healing arts.

The other Rangers remained morphed and watched curiously at the new girl.

“Shhh, shhh, mama here,” Toby said softly as she lifted a young girl to her chest and pressed her lips to one of her breasts, “drink up dear, mama here.”

“” the girl said confused as Toby held her head to her beast.

“Just drink.”

The girl looked confused but as the warm milk touched her lips a strange drive came over her and she firmed up her grip drinking deeply, her visible cuts closing as her twitching body eased, a soft purr escaping her lips. The Ranger watched on apprehensively.

“That's a good girl,” Toby said softly, purring “mama's very proud.”

As the girl stopped shaking Toby pulled her free and set her down before bounding off to the next one, the rangers sunning over to the girl who was in a slight daze.

“How do you feel?

The girl looked down at her hand and flexed her fingers, “A-all better...the pain is gone.”

“Any strange urges, like chasing mice or fish?”

The girl just looked confused as her daze faded and let out a squeal of delight, “Y-Your the Power Rangers! Can I have your autograph!”

The Rangers gave a relived sigh as another healed person ran over, and then another, “We should get out of here.”

Snow began to fall as a tornado of white wind announced the arrival of the White Ranger who waved her Magi Staff overhead and all the civilians, even the ones still being treated drifted off to sleep.

“I came as soon as I saw the new girl heal this girl,” she said softly as she waved her Magi Staff over the girl.

“You think there's something going on?”

“I don't know, that's why I'm here.”

“Nrowl?” Toby said confused as the young man in her arms nodded off to sleep but primal instincts kept him suckling and her eyes turned to the White Ranger, “what's going on...who -nrowl- you?”

“A friend,” The White Ranger said softly as she pulled the man from Toby's breast as waved her wand over his head before demorphing and offering her hand, “I'm Udonna, the Power Rangers teacher and confidant, and who are you?”

Before Toby should respond she looked back at the others, “i detect no trances of dark magic or transformations, everyone will be fine, no worse for wear.”

The Rangers and Defenders gave a collective gasp of relif.

“Teacher?” Toby said confused as she clutched her mystic morpher close then with trembling hands turned it over to Udonna, leaving the rest of the healing to Caren and Loraella, “Then you can show me how to use this better?”

Udonna tilted her head curiously as she turned the morpher over in her hand, “W-Where did you get this?”

“Nrowl?” Toby said curiously, “I was just tending to my babies in my apartment when it appeared and some of the buttons shined, the next thing I knew I was a Power Ranger.”

“T-Toby?” Blue said curiously as she demorph, “I-Is that you?”

“Toby?” Udonna says confused as the rest of the Rangers start to demorph.

“Back in the Dark World the Tribunal activated the back up, Toby was the Blue Ranger.”

Udonna processed this as she waved her wand over head, “Best finish this conversation back at Rootcore,” then looked to Caren and Loraella “I'm leaving the care of the civilians to you two.”

“You can count on us!” they waved as the rangers vanished in a shower of white dust.


“Nrowl!” Toby leaps to the main table as they appear, her heart racing and giving Clare, LeeLee and Nikki a start, “W-what just happened?!”

“Nicole?” LeeLee says confused.

“Nicole?” Toby parrots back.

“Is this a bad time?”

All eyes turn to the entrance as Xander's shadow enters with a smile, “Who's the cute new girl?”

Toby flusters, and purrs and the others all jump in surprise and rush the shadow.

“We thought you...”
“Where were you?”

“Nrowl?” Toby tilts her head confused, “Xander's a Power Ranger too?”

“Everyone settle down,” Daggeron announces, “one thing at a time, we have a new Ranger and the return of a friend and hopefully enough time before the Master sends another agent to to get to know both.”

The Rangers nod and power down one by one, Toby gasping, “'re the Power Rangers?”

“You know us?” Nick R. says confused, “Have we met?”

Toby tilts her head confused as she looks over the ranger,s her eyes lingering on Kat who was in a male form after her transformaion, her heart racing as her cheeks flushed as she leap down from the table and began to pace around him purring, “Mrowl...who's the hottie?”

“Me? Dr. Manx.”

“This must be a dream,” Toby purrs, “I was just asking for a cute cat boi to spend my nights with.”

Kat rolled his eyes and pushed Toby away with a free hand, “I'm already spoken for.”

“Mrowl,” Toby sunk low as her tail and ears flattened, “What's a girl gotta do to find a good mate around her.”

All eyes were on Xander in a second, accusingly.

Xander's shadow laughed, “Don't look at me, I'm just a shadow, besides I'm already on a date...with Nicole!”

“Nicole's back?” Vida begins crying tears of joy, “W-Where?”

“I'll explain everything, don't worry,” Xander laughs, “But our new friend still has yet to introduce herself.”

“Me-rowl?” Toby said confused, “You don't recognize me?”

“Should we?”
“It's Toby,” Madison laughs, “I knew it!”

'Why don't they recognize me?' Toby looked curiously at them as she looked at her hands, 'Maybe who ever gave me my magic wants me to keep it a secret? But why?'

“Toby?' walks around her curiously, “Is that really you?”

Toby flusters, “T-Toby? Nyon! My name isn't Toby! It''s...T-nyan-ny.”


Toby nodded vigorously, purring, “T-That's right.”

Chip looked to the others curiously, “Any of you know a Tawny?”

Everyone shook their heads.

Toby flusters, “Y-You saved me from that cat monster when it attacked last time.”

“At the Rock Porium?”

'The Rock Porium was attacked?' Toby kept her mouth shut as she just nodded along, “Nya was looking for a Jake Bonebreaker CD.”

“That was you?” Xander smiles, “I remember you, cute little thing...but you weren't a cat.”

“Nrowl?” Toby said confused.

“It could be similar to how Koragg came to join us, the combination of some virus passed by the Catsuits claws intended to make the victim sick combined with her body's own magic trying to fight it awoke her powers and turned her into this.”

Everyone slowly nodded, Toby looking to Udonna curiously as she explained things, “Am I going to be all-rowl-t?”

“I'll run some tests, give you a through examination and let you know.”

Toby nods, hissing, “Thanks, the doctor I saw after was no help!”

Udonna laughs, “Human medicine often has no idea how to deal with matters of magic.”

Toby purrs as she looks back to Xander, “So why is everyone so surprise Xander is back.”

Xander flusters, “Well you see that's because the Xander you knew was just a shadow, a construct. Like I am. The Real me is back in San Angeles with Nicole waiting for Chris to return after we met his Shadow and he dispersed so that the real Chis would know his sister was back home.”

“Nrowl?” Toby tilts her head confused.

Xander laughs.

“But we lost the real you,” LeeLee cuts in, her voice dropping low...”I-I lost the real you.”

Xander hugs her, “That wasn't your fault...It was mine...i let the magic consume me...I forgot who I was.”

“The Green Faerie! I knew it!” Nick R. laughs.

“That's impossible,” Daggeron protests, “I sensed none of your magic in the Green Faerie!”

Xander nods, “Don't blame yourself Daggeron I didn't know who I was. Everything I said I believed, I believed I was slumbering while my sister faeries died, I believed that realm was my home. I had no idea who Xander was and honestly though you would find him across the ocean. I… friends to listen to the trees.”

Tears began to run as the Rangers gathered around Xander in a group hug.

“How did you come to your senses?” Nikki asks softly.

“It was...” Xander composed himself, “It was the shock of my shadow's death in the underworld...all those memories...”

“Like Lienbow,” Kat laughs in triumph, “The sudden surge of memories shook free the fog of your consciousness!”

Xander nods slowly, “Even so the voice of the forest tempted me, and I struggled to find myself amidst all the powers of nature calling for my help...if not for Nicole's timely arrival I might have lost that battle again.”

“Where was Nicole?”

Xander takes a seat as he takes a deep breath, “Seems she spent a few months jumping through worlds, trying to find her way back. Said something about time moving differently in different worlds. Probably best for her to tell you the full story...”

A collective sigh of relief filled the room.

“Oh there was one other thing,” Xander cut back in, “Any of you have any memories, dreams, about Nick saving you from a void? Nicole said she did and suddenly all her Dark Magic was gone, same level of power but all Good magic and she was back to her senses.”

Daggeron and Udonna shared a look and the same thought, 'It can't be? Only the Light could turn dark magic to good magic.'

Vida flustered, “W-When I was still a vampire something like that happened when his shadow exploded...”

“B-Bowen?” Udonna could not help herself as her heart trembled ans she pulled Nick R. close, tears in her eyes, “Y-You're really son.”

“Udonna?” Nick says confused, “What are you talking about?”

Daggeron pulls them apart as he turns to Nick R, “The Light is a source of good magic, unlimited good magic. And is the son of Liebow and Udonna.”

“We already know this,” Nick R. sighs, “just because I'm adopted doesn't mean I'm The Light.”

“But don't you see, it makes total sense,” Udonna explains pulling Nick close again, “all those times when the others were down and you could get back up, if even for a moment. You could do that because as the Light your magic can never truly be snuffed. Or why your first Shadow was so powerful it could still morph and you were not destroyed by the process...”

“Or why when we were training your new shadow still had enough magic to unlock Toby's door.”

“Converting Dark Magic to good, morphing when others could not, super powerful constructs, reaching into the souls of your friends, unlocking Legend mod without the need for deep fusion. All these point to a source of great magic within you.”

Nick R. paused, looking to Udonna tears in his eyes, “M-Mom?”


The two embraced as Nick's mind raced, 'But if I'm the light that means my father is…'

Quickly he pulled away and shut away his tears, “It's a coincidence, I just have a lot of magic potential.'

“B-Bowen?” Udonna's hear was breaking.

“L-Listen,” Nick tried to keep his cool, and was failing, “The Master absorbed our shadows, which means if I am the Light he has that power now. And we just let Lienbow dive into the darkness to fight that. Even with a boost from Vida and Myself if I really am the Light then Lienbow has no chance to return to us. But I refuse to accept that. Udonna's husband is back from the void, I refuse to believe the universe is so cruel as to return her husband just to destroy him again before they even have a chance to embrace. I refuse to believe the Light would rob Nicole of her masculinity, I refuse to believe that if I am the light half the things that have happened would have happened.”

“Bowen it's not you're...”

“I'm not Bowen,” Nick put his foot down, “And Lienbow is coming back, and the Master is going down! And Nicole will be a man again! Even if it's takes everything I have in me. And when this is all over we will scour the earth and find the real Bowen!”

“Sounds like a plan N-Nick,” Udonna nodded slowly, drying her tears, 'You make me so proud my little Bowen.'

“Good,” He forces a smile as he turns to Toby, “Now I believe Tawney here could use some help understanding her new powers.”

From the back of the Room Nikki listens and watched, 'The Light here, all along. It explains so much...I need to tell the Mas...”

Reflex and instinct began to see her slip away but as he gaze fell on LeeLee her feet rooted to the floor, “The Light saved my daughter on more then on occasion, gave her friends, happiness, acceptance. The Master will not lay his claws on either of them.”


“I've finally found you!” Calindor stood before the black ocean with tears in his eyes, “Come out my love!”

A ghostly figure appeared, floating above the water, “M-My love? What are you doing here.”

“I couldn't get you out of my mind,” Calindor offered his hand, “We can be together Lieonna, just take my hand.”

Tears stained the ghosts eyes as she held her heart, her head swimming with confusing images, “Lie-onna?”

Suddenly tendrils shot from the water, ensnaring Liebow's legs, her form flickering to corporeality.

“Keep your claws off my fiance!” Calidor howled as chains of light and white lighting crashed into the lake forcing the Master to release his grip as Calidor leaps toward Lienbow and carries her to the other side of the lake.

“I was a fool for ignoring you,” he cries as he presses his lips to hers, her mind racing, her body on fire as she melts into his arms as the master Tendrils snake toward them.

Duty rushed to the for front of Lienbow's mind and she threw Calindor aside, bringing down a rain of fire and wind to drive the Master back under the waters as she once more became a ghost, hovering over his prison.

“Lieonna!” Calindor pleaded, “Come back.”

Lienbow touched her lips, a resigned sigh escaping them as she wiped away her tears, “I can not let down my guard, the Master must been held in check. Surly my love you can understand this.”

Calindor sighs as his takes a seat on the sands, “Why must it always be this way, why must the fight against evil always steam from me my loved ones. We can escape together, let this world burn, we'll spend our days on another!”

“I can not do that...”


“Besides do you believe the Master would be happy with total dominion over one world?”

Calindor hung his head, his voice low, “N-no.”

“Unless he is destroyed we can never be together,” Lienbow's voice cracked, tears dripping into the water.

“Then how can we destroy him?”

“I-I don't know that we can my love.”

Calindor sighed heart broken, “We can not even have a moment to each other.”

Lienbow was silent.

Calidor's tears tried, hope in his eyes ans he looked up, “The Rangers!”

“T-The Mystic Force?”

Calindor nods vigorously, “How many times have they foiled my plans, or Morticon's, I'm sure they can destroy the Master once and for all.”

“I know the Mystic Force, they are powerful but not that powerful.”

“W-What if I were to join them? Train them? I know it wont be easy, I know I've done terrible things but now I see the light again. Surly together.”

“Maybe...” Lienbow considers, “If they had a few more allies and the benefit of the combined wisdom of Daggeron and yourself...and...” Lienbow held her head, beginning to solidify as the Master's tendrils snaked up her legs, “...Udonna.”

Calindor countered with some lighting forcing the master to release his grasp with a howl of rage, “Stay strong my love, I will do anything to earn the Rangers forgiveness and then with our powers combined we will save you from this eternal vigil.”

Lienbow nods as Calindor summons another portal, “G-Good luck.”

“I'll be back for you, I promise!”

And Lienbow was alone, again.

'He will never return.'

Lienbow growls, 'Don't try and confuse me monster.'

'Only I love you,' the Master whispered as a slender tendril tickled her toes, snaking up her leg like the fingers of a lover.

“You can't fool me,” Lienbow shakes the tendril free.

'I could bring you such joy,' a second tendril snaked up her other leg, reaching for the clasp of her belt.

Lienbow growled slapping the tendril away, only to feel a sharp jerk as the Tendril hand a firm grip on her belt and she was pulled under the surface. The water rolled from their conflict until a breathless Lienbow pull herself to the shores, her belt gone, the button of her pants undone.

“I will not be so easily bested,” She glowered at the waters as she re fastened the button and straighten her clothes before returning to her vigil as a battered tentacles tossed her belt to the shoreline.

'Bit by bit you will open yourself to me Lienbow, bit by bit you will call me Master, with your new body you will call me lover, bit by bit you will be mine again.'

“Play your games monster they will not work on me, my true loves survives.”

The Master laughed, shaking the entire landscape, 'Your true love? Who Udonna...or Calindor? You don't even know who you are. Lienbow the knight? Vida the pink witch? Lieonna the sorceress? Or Koragg, my loyal servant?'

“I-I...” Lienbow's voice trembled as a tendril tugged on the cuff of her pants.

'Let me show you true passion, true desire.'

Lienbow kicked away the tendril and straightened her pants again, “I am not as weak as you believe me to be. I am no slave to my passions!”

the Master chuckled to himself as he sneaks a tendril up behind her and then slipped it down the top of her blouse and under the material of her bra to caress one of her breasts, 'We'll just have to work on that, won't we.'

Lienbow lets out a soft moan of pleasure before tearing the tendril away, her body trembling, “Do you know no boundaries monster?”

The Master laughed, shaking the landscape.


Toby blinks, confused at how she got from the battlefield to this mall, starting at a blue dress, her head still fuzzy, as an attendant touched her shoulder, startling her.

“Would you like me to get you one in your size miss?”

“My s-size?” Toby says confused, eyes turning back to the dress as she looked at the price tag, her eyes going wide, “N-No thank you...I think I should be going anyways.”

“Well if your sure,” the young girl said with a smile, “Come back any time.”

“T-Thanks!” Toby hurries off, 'W-why did I want that dress?'

As she exited the mall she ducked into the men's room, passing a couple shocked patrons as she vanished into a stall and sat town on the seat, trying to sort out her thoughts. As she looked down at her hand they seemed normal, even as they change from slender feminine hands back to his normal masculine ones. He gave himself a quick once over to see he was fully dressed in his normal clothes. 'Wasn't I a woman? And top less fighting a cat monster as a Power Ranger a minute ago? Now I'm at the mall looking at expensive dresses?'

He shot his head, fragments of memories from Rootcore flashed into his mind, 'The Power Rangers!' and he gasped as he rummaged around in his pocket for his Mystic Morpher flipping it open and then starting down at it, a familiar trio of buttons shining, 'Vida, Xander, Nick….my employes are Power Rangers and am I...but…'

He shook his head trying to piece together the memories, 'They didn't recognize me...and...what was her name...U-Udonna said she would help train me. Said she would help figure out what that cat did to me.'

Toby gasped, and patted down his chest, relived to see no breasts, and a quick glace downward saw normal male hips and feet inside his saddles.

'Is that why I was looking at the dress? A thank you gift? Or was it for me?'

His chest exploded for a moment as his mind wandered, hips flaring out as Kat's male form flitted into her mind, 'Mrowl she was a fine tom!'

She shook her head and was back to normal but short of breath.

“Miss I think you have the wrong restroom,” a male voice spoke from the other side of the door with a soft knock.

“Huh?” Toby unlatched the door and poked his head out, “Miss?”

The man flustered, “S-sorry the guys who just left said a girl ran into this stall. She must have slipped out before you.”

Toby stood up and slipped out, “Sorry did you need this one? I was just trying to sort out some things in my head.”

The man shook his head as she slip into the next stall, “Na I can use this one.”

'Mrowl! Nice ass.'

Toby nodded as he shook his head, moving to the mirror and splashing some water in his face.

“S-So a girl sneaks into the men's room?” Toby forced a laugh, “S-she any cute?”

“By the why the other guys were going on, a real tiger.”


The man laughed as Toby covers his mouth, “Exactly. Sorry for confusing you with her though.”

“Oh forget about it,” Toby laughs, it was a real genuine laugh, “It's been one of those kinda days. I mean I nodded off in my office only for it to flood, and then when I head out to see a doctor because I’m feeling our of sorts a monster trashes the place!”

The other man laughs, “Yeah I've had one of those days, the Ranger Megazord knocked a hole in the side of my place. Boss was furious but insurance is covering everything and since it was a natural disaster I’m getting paid leave while they fix it.”

The man exited with a flush and moved to the adjacent basin to wash up, “I work at the Burger Shack, Matty, by the way.”

Toby smiled as he took the hand, “Toby, owner and proprietor of the RockPorium, the best place in town for live music and classical rock!”

Toby ended his self promotion with some air guitar that both men laughed at.

“The RockPorium? Really! I always get a kick out of the DJ there...Vida was it?”

Toby nodded.

“Man and you had a flood and a monster attack. That's a real bummer.”

Toby nodded, “It's like you said, natural disaster any everything, Can't really blame the Power Rangers.”

Matty nods, “I know some people might but honestly I'd rather be caught in the cross fire of a Power Ranger fighting a monster then to just let the monster roll all over us.”

Toby tilted his head, “Well it's not like you can't stand up to the monsters.”

Matty laughs nervously, “Y-Yeah I know, I'm just glad I don't have to, Vampires, mummies, demons, I mean sure if the Power Rangers weren’t around I’d probably try standing up it's just well...those things scare me shit less.”

Toby nods, “Guess we're luck to have the Power Rangers then.”

“No argument here,” Matty laughs, “And hey I'll swing by the RockPorium later, help with the cleanup.”

“Appreciate the offer.”


“Man Toby's gonna kill us when he gets back.” Xander's shadow sighs as he turns a broken record over in his hands, “These things arent easy to replace.”

A sharp gasp caught the Rangers off guard, “Looks like a tornado blue through here.”

“We can explain!”

Toby smiles, shaking his head, “I had heard we were attacked by monsters, just never expected it to be this bad.”


Toby shrugs, “Did you guys really think monsters attacking my employees would go on reported?”

“Come on,” He throws open his arms wide, “I'm just glade to see you guys all survived!”

Xander nods, first to take the hug, “Thanks Toby. I been telling the guys not to worry and to just focus on cleaning up best we could.”

The others all glaring at Xander before joining the hug.

“Feeling any better Toby?”

Slowly they separated as he shook his head, Looks like you guys are going to be in charge for a few days, Docs recommended a lot of rest and honestly my head's swimming.”

Righting a toppled Cd carousel Toby whispers, “But this is gonna be expensive, we're gonna need to tighten our belts, no unnecessary spending until the insurances comes in. Vida your gonna have to give up DJing as well, do more customer help.”

Vida looks crest fallen as she glaces back to her booth, “But the booth is fine.”

Toby moved to the main light switch and flipped it off, “Gonna have to hang lanterns as well. We cant afford to close down but the hefty inspectors going to throw a fit if there's a loose wire and a broken water main.”

The Rangers all sigh, save Madison who laughs, “You sound like our mother when Vida blue out the fuse box when we were kids.”

“That was my fault! I told chip not to play around the damn think with his toy sword and cape!”

“Hey that was an accident!”

Toby laughs, joined soon by Nick and Xander.

“We were without power for a month!”

“Where's LeeLee?” Toby asks looking around.

The Rangers fell quiet, save Xander who always had a plan, “Her mom…”
“...was just laid off...”
“...from work.”

“Well that's obvious Chip,” Vida scowls, “What else do you get laid off from.”

Chip laughs, flustering, Xander chuckles, “Anyway she's staying by her mom, helping her through the emotional roller coaster.”

Toby nods, “Of course. Are they staying at her home address? I'll swing by later and wish them my regards.”


The Rangers said unsure.

Toby nodded and smiled, “Right, right LeeLee's probably going to take her out and about to raise her spirits.”


“Well in that case I should probably get them something nice,” Toby muses aloud as he turns to leave, 'Like that dress?'

“Rangers,” but as Toby turns to leave a figure wanders through the broken entry way. “I beg your forgiveness.”

'Imperious!' the Rangers all jump but keep their mouths shut as Toby stares to the man.

“Rangers? As in Power Rangers?” He says nervously.

“Excuse me sir,” Calindor nods as he pushes past Toby and drops to his knees, head bowed, “Please Rangers I beg your time. The fate of my true love depends on it.”

Toby turns back and smiles, “Well what are you waiting for?”


He sighs and shrugs, “I know your the Power Rangers.”

“ have...”

Toby shakes his head, “He needs your help, one of your forest friends? Look You guys didn't want to admit it so I didn't press the issue but clearly this man needs your help.”

“This is no man,” Nick R. growls, “This is Imperious, up to some other trick.”

“N-No please listen to me,” Calindor pleads, “I was in darkness, but I've seen the light.”

“The Light?”

Nick glares lifting Calindor up by his coat lapels, “What do you know of The Light!”

“Not The Light, not Bowen, I was lead from the darkness of my soul by an angel named Lieonna.”

Nick let him go, looking confused, “Lie...onna?”

Calindor nods, “another of the old guard, one I ignored to chase after Udonna, which lead me down the path of darkness. But while the Master and I were fighting to be king of the Darkness she appeared and drove him back. Now she is trapped in the Dark World, keeping the master at bay and the only way to set her free is to destroy the Master once and for all.”

“She did...what?”
“Was Lienbow with her?”

“Lienbow?” Calindor says confused, “I-I cant rightly say, I passed out due to my injuries while she was driving the Master away, If any help arrived to aid her I did not see it. And when I went to the dark ocean where the master was sealed I only called out for her. There could be others helping her. It would explain how the Master was held in check if there was more then one Wizard at work.”

“Why should we believe any of this?”

“That is a fair request,” Calindor answers, “I have done many terrible things to not just you but to Lienbow and your predecessors. I am not asking you to be my friends, or to even tell me your secrets but please let me share my knowledge with you, train with you. It's the only hope Lieonna and I have of being together.”

Nick sighed as he rubbed the bridge of his nose, “We should probably talk with Udonna and Daggeron, they can confirm if your free of Dark Magic at least.”

Calindor nods, “I'll wait in the Opaque dimension then, Daggeron knows the way.”

The Rangers nod slowly as Calindor summons a magic circle, a good magic circle and vanishes.

“Toby?” Xander looks cautiously to him.

He smiles, “Sounds like you have some work to do, go Rangers, Go!”

“Right!” Nick nods as he charges out of the ruins of the Rock Porium, the rest following suite.

Toby sighs as he picks up a CD and pulls out his mystic morpher, floating it over to the DJ station as music begins to play powered by his own magic as he grabs a broom and looks around, “What a mess.”
Mido (Green) Ninninjer by NekoLLX
Mido (Green) Ninninjer
so over at Ranger board there has been talk about the use of Mido Ninjer in the US Adaption and just giving her a new helmet, so i decided to photo chop several previous helmets onto Shiro Ninjer's body and color them green,  because WHY TH HELL NOT.

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Power Rangers In Retrograde - Mystic Force – Trick 31 Darkness Returns

“Udonna! Udonna!” Maddie called leading the other Rangers into Rootcore (sans Chris and LeeLee), “We're back!”

Udonna smiles as the rangers arrive, “Welcome Back Rangers, I take it Daggeron's training is complete.”

The Rangers pause and look back to Daggeron, “In all honesty they could have used more time.”

“But after our shadows were destroyed and Lienbow,” Chip begins.

“L-Lienbow? You found Lienbow?” Udonna's voice cracked, tears in her eyes.

Daggeron held her hands, “He has been with us all this time...Udonna...Lienbow was Koragg.”

“K-Koragg?” Clare gasps, “Koragg was Lienbow?”

“W-Where is he now?” Udonna looks over the rangers hopefully.

Nick bowed his head, “She...he...had to go...”
“...The Master...”

Udonna dried her tears with a smile, “Tell me everything.”

“You're taking this awfully well,” Vida comments.

Udonna smiles warmly, “For the last 20 years I have fear I had lost my husband and son, in the last few months I have learned my son is alive, safe in the human world, and now my husband is alive, why shouldn’t I be happy? Whatever happens I just can't be sad because everything I have fear and worried about has turned out to be lies. And the Mystic Force is alive and well, how could I be sad?”

“Speaking of the Mystic Force,” Clare adds looking around, “Where is Xander.”

Vida coughs, “Y-Yeah about that...”


Xander dropped back to the ground as she reverted to her male form, “I need to go back.”

His voice cracked back to the sprites but he remained Male, “But how?”

He looked down at his hands as the became slender, his form shifted back to the winged girl, “All this power and no one to use it to join our friends.”

“Maybe I can help with that,” a new voice said softly as a figure in black approached from the shadows.


The Figure stepped into the light with a smile, “I'm back.”

“N-Nicole?” Xander laughed as she ran to her wrapping her arms around the Lost Ranger, “Where have you been?!”

Nicole laughed as she found a seat, “Now that's a story in itself! It's crazy, look at this!”

Flipping open the Black Morpher Xander stepped back confused as he reverted to male form, “Is that?”

Nicole looked away as she waved it as black magic shot from it, “Seriously dude I know I'm cute and everything but can you put on some pants?!”

Xander flusters as black leather pants appear on him, “S-Sorry, I lost all my clothes when I well...lost myself. But man am I glade to see you mate, having a familiar face is just the thing I needed to reassert myself.”

Nicole laughs nervously, “Just don't 'reassert yourself' on me.”
before adding with a soft laugh, “though you are cute.”

Xander laughs nervously with her as he takes a seat next to her, “Still fighting the girl inside?”

She laughs nervously, “Y-Yeah...don't suppose you could do a girlfriend a solid and turn into your fairer half.”

Xander shivers as he blurts out, “NO!”

“Alright geeze,” Nicole flinches, “Don't need to bite mys head off!”

“S-sorry,” Xander's voice cracks to the other one, “It's just...while you were gone I...the magic...”

Nicole smiles waving her hand dismissively, “Say no more, if anyone get what you mean it's me.”

Xander laughs nervously, “I-I guess you do…so where did you get a new Morpher?”

Nicole tilts her head confused a moment, “What?”

“The black morpher?” Xander points to the Morticon Morpher in her hand.”

“O...Oh right...sorry still a little scatter brained. Jumping through dimensions will do that to you.”

Xander smiles, “I'm just glade you're alive, we were afraid you died!”

“Died? Oh right, when Nick exploded...god that sounds so weird when I say it out loud.”

“So what happened?”

Nick whistles, “Well cliff notes version after I gave Vida my pink magic things went fuzzy, I was still in control despite all the dark magic that The Master was pumping into me.”

“Yeah we had Daggeron use a wish to keep you safe!”

Nicole growls and rolls her eyes, “Right more wishes.”

“Are you angry?”

Nicole stood up and motioned the curves of her body, “Xander look at me! I'm stronger, faster, have better magic control, and can't remember the last time I was a boy. When I was a little girl I remember dreaming of being a princess and being saved by my knight in shining armor. I've stopped being Nikolai Blecker and BECOME Nicole. Wishes have completely changed who I am.”

“Not completely,” Xander says softly, “You still remember your friends.”


Xander sighs, “While you were gone I completely lost myself to the Magic, I didn't just become Xandra or started to date boys but at my core was still the same person I completely forgot who Xander was. I became a Nature Spirit, concerned only with growling and cultivating the land. Who's only friends were the trees and the sun. Xander no longer existed...if my Shadow hadn’t been destroyed I might never...”

Nicole pulled Xander close, “Oh! I'm so sorry, here I am harping on such cosmetic changes and you've had it much worse, I'm so sorry!”

Xander pulled away as he shook his head, “Forget about it.”

“Forget about it? How can I forget about it, I’ve been such a selfish girl! If anything I should be asking you for forgiveness.” Then she brightened up, “Tell you what, when we get back how bought I do your laundry for a week? Or make you dinner.”

Xander couldn’t help himself, even though part of him knew it was wrong it felt good, it felt like himself to be in a conversation like this with a cute girl, “How about a date?”

Nicole paused, her mind doing cartwheels, “A d-date? With you? Well I suppose it's only fair, it's not like I haven’t dated other boys...and I do kind of owe you.”

Xander smiled as he kissed her cheek, he was feeling more and more in control of himself though deep down he knew it was only because Nicole was slipping further and further away from her true self.

“Oh and there's this cute dress I've been dying to show off with someone,” Nicole squealed in delight, “You're going to love it!”

Xander felt both better and worse, so he tried to change the subject, “I still want to hear the rest of your story.”

“My story?” she started confused, “Oh right! My story!”

“Go on.”

“So I gave Vida my magic, and you'll get a laugh out of this, but after I did I turned into a guy! Can you imagine me as a guy?” Nicole laughed sincerely, “I mean seriously how could I ever pass as a guy?”

Xander remained quiet.

“Anyway after that things go fuzzy,” she rubs her neck, “I-I think either Vida or Necrolai bit me, turned me into a vampire, I remember a hunger, and a desire to please Necrolai, as well as a desire to plunge the world into darkness.”

Nicole pauses turning the Morpher over in her hands, “Remember Morticon? Well it seems like this was his Morpher from that Dark Universe Jenji made that none of us really remember clearly. But when Nick exploded and I tried to escape, wounded as I was, I wound up somewhere else, another realm, and for several days I count not move, this…burning sensation...slowly numbing every bone in my body. I even dreamed about Nick, and Morticon, and this other me, a boy.”

She laughs again at the last part, “what is it with me and turning into a boy? Right?”

Xander forced a laugh, “Y-Yeah, you as a boy, hilarious...”

“I know right,” she laughed heartily, “I mean I know I was one...once...but that was like...forever a go...”

Nicole voice grew softer and softer as she wavered a bit, “I m-mean I've been a g-girl all my l-life right...”

Xander couldn't help himself as he spoke softly, “No, just since you became a Power Ranger.”

“T-that can't be right...I remember being a little girl...i dream of being a w-wife and mother...”

Xander held her, letting Nicole cry her confusion dry, he didn’t not say a word until she pulled herself away, “Everything is so confusing.”

Xander smiled as he took a deep breath and took female form, fighting the voice of the forest, “Does it really matter? We're w-wizards changing gender is irrelevant.”

Nicole smiles as she laughs pointing the wand at Xander to give he a bra and green black cotton blouse,  “I suppose not. But a civil girl shouldn’t be waving those things about, could put an eye out.”

Xander laughs, “At least your smiling again.”

Nicole laughs, drying her tears, “Thanks Xander.”

“What are friends you were saying Nick pulled you out of the Darkness? Wonder if anyone else had similar experiences.”

Nicole smiles, “Guess we'll have to ask them when we get back home.”

Xander nods, “So you were lost in another realm? How did you get back?”

“Oh now that's where thing get really weird, so after Nick saves me from the darkness I wake up to see this Gold and Silver Ranger bombing some prison camp/workhouse thing and I hear someone call or help, so I morph...and find this girls who looks a lot like me, another Nicole!”


“I know right? Seems like I was in some weird parallel dimension where something call the Venjix Virus destroyed the world and I'm not totally sure how it happened but I had a new titan mode, a transforming, bio-machine half Unicorn-tank and half Pegasus-Jet and this other Nicole was my pilot, the Pink 'RPM' Ranger.”


“Yeah never heard of them either. Apparently Gold and Silver were the only members, and now well...i guess us...the Nicoles. We spent the next couple months on the run, doing rescue ops and hit and runs on Venjix operations. I stayed in Titan form for most of it since Nicole had no Zord or transport otherwise and Gem and Gemma, that is to say Gold And Silver performed regular maintenance and upgrades on me. Got kinda worried that if I ever changed back I'd have a bunch of machine parts where organs should be so I conserved my magic so I could make sure if anything did go wrong I could use magic to smooth the process. But that's not the weird part.”

“What could possibly be weirder then that?”

“Turns out the transformation want just skin deep, I mean I had an operable cockpit that Nicole could board and a fuel tank, sure I can get that but then one day Gemma says that I have some kind of micro assembly plant in my aft section and shed like to expand my systems and turn me into the carrier for their zords and expand the assembly system into a larger scale. As it was my existing plant once activated could produce smaller drone ships of myself.”

Xander gasps, “Are you implying...”

Nicole trembles slightly, “I-I think so.”

“You didn't let them...did you?”

Nicole hold her stomach, “Part of me always wanted to be a mother. I suppose it's a natural feeling for all women. But still the idea of repossessing my womb into a some kind of machine shop was terrifying. But by the same token you have no idea how bad this world was, killer robots kidnapping people, a desolate wasteland, and 3 Power Rangers trying to take back a world that had already fallen? How could I refuse?”

Xander couldn't say anything.

Nicole nods, “Besides it looked like I was going to be there forever.”

“H-How did you get back?”

Nicole is silent a moment before speaking, “Venjix is always planing, researching new ways to crush the resistance. And we are always raiding his bases for survivors, parts, etc. In one such raid we found plans for a interdimensional pipeline. A sort of subway between worlds. It was years from completion and they would need a specialized ship to breach the barrier but if the barrier between words was weak at this junction…”

“You used your magic to punch through?”

She nods, “I made sure that we could have a replacement for me, a second carrier, I guess in a sense you can say I gave birth to myself and left my daughter with them but nothing is really that cut and dry when your consciousness is inside a ship. I didn't really feel pain or hunger, except when damage exposed my inner workings, or when my fuel tank was low, and I didn't really sleep so much as shut down and then wake up several hours later with only the odd dream here or was quite surreal...but they needed my power so I...”

Xander hold Nicole as she begins to cry again.

“I'm just so happy to be back with my friends again! You have no idea how many realms I had to stumble though, how many months I’ve been wandering trying to find my way home.”

“Months? But it's only been a couple weeks,” Xander says confused.

Nicole dries her tears, “Time across dimensions doesn't functions the same everywhere….It's been three years since I’ve seen any of you.”

Xander holds Nicole close as she begins to sob again, “You're here now, so stop crying and let's rejoin the others.”

Nicole smiles as he hugs Xander close, “It's a deal.”


The catsuit growled as she tugged on Necrolai but she refused t move, having dropped to the ground, a number of Hidiacs and Styxoids sounding them, Necrolai was back in her normal form, out of her armor but not human.

“I said leave me alone, I...I just don't care any more, Rangers, The Master...m-my LeeLee is gone,” Tear streaming from Necrolai's face.

The catsuit growled.

“I said go,” Necrolai hissed, eyes flashing red, “GO!”

“MROWL!” the catsuit hissed leaping back her heart racing.

“Nrow?” she mewled softly as she got her bearings and tilted her head curiously to Necrolai. “Mer...rowl?”

“Just leave me alone.”

Slowly the catsuit turned around, pausing to look back, “Nrowl?”

Then her eyes went wide, 'The Master could be hurt!' and without another thought she bounded off, Styxoids and Hidiacs following after granting Necrolai her wish to be alone.

Necrolai took a long breath as she looked around, “Alone, again.”


A voice cut through the darkness, as for a moment Necrolai's eyes filled with hope, “L-LeeLee?”

But then crashed into nothing as she slumped down and her voice grew soft, “Imagining things...LeeLee is dead...the Master...”

“Mom I'm here.”

There was that voice again, accompanying a warm hand on her shoulder.

Necrolai hissed brushing the hand aside, “I said leave me alone your mangy midriff.”

“Mom, look at me.”

Necrolai hissed, eyes red, fang flashing, as she spun around and to her feet, “I said leave me alone!”

LeeLee was standing in the shadows, arms out. All of Necrolai's rage leaving her as she collapsed into her arms reverting to human as she sobbed, “L-LeeLee? B-But I saw you die!”

“That was my shadow, you remember I told you about it, while I was training to control these new powers all us Rangers had unlocked I sent a shadow in my place to keep up appearances.”

Necrolai pulled away returning to her monster form, “So this is another fake, have I fallen so far my own daughter cant bear to comfort me?”

LeeLee slapped her mother, “Snap out of it mom, this is me, the real me. When my shadow died all of her thoughts and experiences snapped back to me. To all of us, that's why Koragg went to seal the Master, he learned he was Lienbow. That why the Rangers are back at Rootcore to prepare for what comes next, and that's why I'm here. Because I saw my mother watch me die and knew she would be hurting so I came to bring her back into the Light.”

“I'm a vampire, we abhor the light,” Necrolai slumped back to the floor.

LeeLee pulled her to her feet and began to drag her off, “Stop making excuses mom.”

She put up a token effort to resist, if she was serious she could have easily broken her daughters pull but Necrolai was just so happy to learn LeeLee was alive, even if she couldn’t admit it to herself, “Where are you taking me.”

“I don't know,” LeeLee stopped and sighed looking back into her mothers eyes as she reverted to human form, seeming to get younger and younger, “Just...out of here. Something with sun, warmth, friends. It's time you stopped hiding from the light.”

Necrolai had changed into a little girl in a black frilly dress and bow, her eyes red with tears. LeeLee smiled as she hefted her mother up onto her shoulders.

“You can't ever been serious, show the world the real you, can you? You feel lost, weak so you take the form of a little girl.”

“The Master will be furious if I leave his side,” Necrolai protested like a timid child talking about an abusive parent.

“Fuck the Master,” LeeLee hissed, “he only uses his followers to advance his own ambitions. Remember when he tore me apart? Or let imperious turn me into a roach? Or all the pain I had to endure to become the Orange Ranger. The Master never cared for any of us unless we could help free him.”

“But we're monsters, evil, we thrive in the darkness,” Necrolai shielded her eyes as they emerged into the forest, rays of light streamed through the trees to batch them.

LeeLee transforme,d with her mother still on her shoulders, taking the form similar to the Queen of the Vampires as she flew up and broke the skyline, taking a long breath ans she hovered there in the sun as Necrolai tried to shield herself with her arms, hissing, eyes red as her fangs flashed.

“Stop making excuses,” LeeLee said firmly as she pulled her mother off her shoulders and held her close in a hung with her arms pinned down, the sun streaming unabated into Necrolai's face as she continued to struggle and hiss.

LeeLee hovered there for several minutes until Necrolai slowly opened her eyes and saw the sun and the beauty of the forest under them, a soft giggle tickling her throat.

“Isn't all this worth protecting instead of destroying?”

Slowly Necrolai reverted to her familiar monster form and floated there beside her daughter, tears in her eyes as she took in LeeLee's own Vampire Princess form. “You always hated to show your true colors.”

“The Rangers accepted me for who I am, all that I am. I don't need to hind around them...neither should you.”

Necrolai looked curiously to her daughter, “What are you saying?”

“I'm saying we could use your help, you said it yourself, the master would be furious. And how amazing would it be for us to fight side by side with Udonna show her what she is missing with her son.”

“Udonna's son?” Necrolai said confused, “you mean t-the Light? He lives.”

LeeLee growls annoyed, “Yes the Light lives, we don’t know where but we know Phineas saved him, spirited him away to the human world.”

Necrolai mind raced, if she found the Light, turned him then the Master would have to take her back. But then she would be back where this started with her and LeeLee on opposing sides, the gods have for some reason blessed her, sacrificing a shadow in her daughters place but if she continued to serve the Master there was only two possible outcomes. They would destroy the Master, and her. Which was highly unlikely. Or they would die fighting the Master.

“What do you say mom?” LeeLee smiled, offering her hand, “join us?”

“Join you?” she asked confused as she looked at the hand like a venomous serpent. “Become a Power Ranger?”

LeeLee laughed, “Yup.”

'It's madness, lunacy, even the Great Lienbow and the Mystic Warriors count defeat the Master. Maybe if the Rangers had The Light on their side but he was some unknowing civilian living out his life blissfully unaware. To oppose the master means certain death.'


Necrolai looked to the hand again, black and leathery like her own, and LeeLee's face was a younger reflection of hers. In all her years she had never seen LeeLee embrace this side of her. But her time with the Rangers had changed her, LeeLee was no longer ashamed of her true nature, and if the Rangers could do that to LeeLee maybe, just maybe, they had a chance of destroying the Master.

Necrolai smiled as she took the hand and pulled her daughter close as she floated back to the forest, tears of joy in her eyes, “I'll go anywhere you want.”

LeeLee smiled as they landed both of them reverting to human form, “Right! Then let's meet the other Rangers!”

Necrolai smiled, and for the first time in a long time her ice cold veins felt warm and alive, and her voice full of joy, “I would love to meet your friends!”


“Brother! Hey Chris! I'm hoooome!”

The door swung open as Nicole and Xander, both in female form, sauntered in to an empty apartment.

Xander looked around confused, her eyes landing on the TV and game console, “Is that the Playsystem?”

Nicole turned to the TV and smiled as Xander sat down on the couch and unwrapped one of the still wrapped games, “Didn't know my bro was into games, wow things sure have changed.”

Nicole moved to her room, collapsing onto her bed with a relived breath, “It feels great to be home.”

She purred softly a moment before something under her pillow distracted her, sitting up she pulled out a sealed action figure, of her! Or rather the Rose Ranger. Her eyes lit up as she tore it open, “Oh this takes me back! Wow I really pulled off the spandex well.”

Xander smiled from the door, a Green and Red ranger in her hands, “Looks like he's been saving up presents.”

“These are soooooo cute,” she squealed as she tried to pose her figure like she would only to find the hard plastic skirt restricted all mobility of the legs and her good feelings crashed as she tried to peel the plastic off, “What gives, why can't I change her outfit.”

Xander chuckled as she moved over, taking the figure in hand, “You don't really change the outfits on action figures.”

Nicole huffs “Not much of an action figure if the legs don't move.”

Xander laughed as she waved her mystic morpher over the figure softening the plastic of the skirt and cutting seams along the side before handing it back. Nicole giggled as she started posing her figure. “Rock you like a Hurricane! Rose Ranger!”

Xander laughed, “You sound like a little girl playing with her dollies.”

Nicole glared back at him ans set the figure down, “So what! What's wrong with a girl playing with action figures...I mean dollies!”

“Nothing,” Xander chuckled, “It was just cute.”

She huffed, “Our parents never got us, always buying me video games and toy cars, what kind of toys are that for a girl?”

Xander remained quiet.

Nicole soon followed, voice distant, “But I really loved them...used to build this epic adventures out of building blocks and dress up as a Power Ranger. Loved Bandai's toys of the different teams, really cemented my dream to marry one, have his kids. Man you ever see picks of Carter from Lightspeed I has such a crush on him as a little girl. Not many Power Ranger teams give you a real face to connect too.”

“You has a crush on the Red Lightspeed Ranger?”

Nicole shook her head, “What? No! I said Donna, the Pink Ranger, I wanted to marry her, Donna would be an amazing wife!”

Nicole held her head confused, “Wait? Since when was I into girls?”

Xander hugged Nicole, “Don't worry about it. Just go with your feelings.”

“I need to lay down,” Nicole said softly.

“Go ahead, I'll crash on the couch till your brother gets home.”



Calindor wandered, Lieoonna's words echoing in his head as he reached out, summoning a portal, but the spell seal was different, white not violet, and the symbols were different.

'It's me your fiance…'

Her final words before she vanished into the portal with The Master still resonated in his heart, 'My fiance? I have a fiance?'

Calindor stared at the portal confused, “What happened to my Dark Magic, why does it feel like I’ve emerged from a twenty year fog? Everything feels…different.”

Lieonna laughed it was soft and warm as she kissed him on the cheek, A phantom of the girl walked beside him smiling, her clothes transforming to a wedding dress, “My fiance...”

Calindor smiles, “she's beautiful.”

He shook his head, dismissing the phantom as he thought back to before, “I served the Master, I'm pure evil.”

Daggeron appeared next to him as he offered his arm, “Together brother?”

“Together,” Calindor whispers as the memory of them changed together into a horse of Hidiacs and Styxoids.

'We fought side by side against the darkness.'

Lieonna appears again, looking fierce, charging in behind them, 'Was she there too? Silently watching?  Trying to tell me her true feelings and I just ignored her?'

Udonna charged in next, along with the rest of the Mystic Warriors, including Lienbow and Niella.

'Ignored her to chase after a woman already in love with another man? I've been such a fool.'

Calidoor looked at the portal as he stepped into it, “I've been given a second chance to make right all I've wronged, maybe then I'll be worthy of Lieonna's feelings.”

And he was gone.


“Hello?” LeeLee poked her head into the main room of Rootcore where the Rangers (sans Xander, Nicole, and Chris) we continuing to get Udonna up to date.

“LeeLee! Welcome back!”

“I us...brought that okay?”

“A friend? Here?” Udonna looked disappointed, “You are supposed to keep your life as Ranger secret.”

LeeLee flustered, “she kind of already knows.”

Necrolai in her human form and back to her normal age, peeked in, bowing her head, “I'm her mother...Necrolai.”

“Necrolai!” The Ranger leaps to their feet, ready to fight.

“I knew we shouldn’t have let her go alone!”
“She's under a spell!”

“Everyone please!” LeeLee put her foot down, “Stand down, she's changed!”
“I've changed.”

“Fat chance,” Vida hisses. “You conniving bitch, what scheme are you up to?”

Necrolai steps into full view, her head low, “I deserve that.”

“Vida calm down,” LeeLee protests.

“Calm down? She turned me into a monster, stole my free will made me do...” her voice trained off, “terrible things.”

“All true, you have no reason to trust me, I've betrayed all of you...” Necrolai turns to leave, “I-I should go.”

“Mom wait!” LeeLee held her hand as she glared back to Vida and the others, “You guys remember, how shattered she was when my shadow died? She doesn’t want to loose me for real so I convinced her to join us.”

All but Vida nodded, as Vida's shadow was Koragg/Lienbow so she did not get the same memories the others did when the shadows died.

Udonna smiled, moving forward to pull Necrolai into the main chamber, “I can understand the fear of loosing your child. Clare be a dear an brew our new guest some tea.”

“On it Udonna!”

“Udonna you can't be serious!”

Udonna smiles holding Necrolai's hand over her heart, “Love will make you do crazy things.”

“T-thank you,” Necrolai smiles, “Call me Nikki.”

“That was a grrrreat cat nap I feel like a new woman,” Toby purred as she stretched, arching her back as a trio of felines licked her face and her emerald daggers fluttered open with a lazy yawn.

Rolling out of bed and onto her paws she purred as she flexed her claws, swished her tail and licks the felines noses as they mewled hungrily, “Awe are my babies hungry?”

Standing up she stretched again as her pants slid down her slender legs and she sashayed into her bathroom starting at her reflection as she brushed her teeth and reached for her comb, which magically transformed to a brush at her touch. Jumping back a moment she tilted her head then shrugged as she brushed the tangles out of her hair and she stared at her reflection quizzically, “nrowl, something different, but what?”

As she brushed the tangles out of her hair she got undressed curious to note she was in men's boxers and topless as she sauntered into the kitchen and opened the fridge, chugging rather unlady like from a carton of milk as the cats around her mewled as she absently turned hr gaze to her hand flexing her claws in and out, “something is defin-nyan-tly differrrrent but what?”

setting the carton down with a purr she weight her breasts in her hands giving them a gentle squeeze, giving a surprised yelp as a white liquid began to dribble out, “Mrowl?”

Then just as suddenly she dropped to all fours and rolled onto her back purring as several other felines began o gather around her and began to lick at her nipples as she purred, milk dribbling out, “Nrowl! Careful with those fangs kittens, Mama's kinda tender there.”

Closing her eyes she began to pur as the strays had their fill and began to rub against her, which in turn rose a fire between her legs as she purred softly rubbing them anxiously, “Nrowl, where's a good cat boi when you need them?”

Toby's ears flicked this way and that listing to the city outside her window as she reached for her phone which transformed to a mystic morpher at her touch, “Nya? What's this?”

A series of tones and glowing buttons answered her and curiously she taps the keys in sequence.

“Gulwit Mysto Ranger!”

A voice out of nowhere commanded as a spell Seal enveloped her transforming her into the Blue Ranger though instead of a mermaid's tail her visor was in the shape of a cat's paw. Shocked she leapt to her feet as she turned to inspect her body as the felines around her began to disperse, leaping out her open window.

“Nrowl? I'm a Power Ranger?,” she laughed as she joined her kitten and leapt through the open window.


“Hows your streak?” Nicole broke the silence as she paused from her own, pawing at hers absently.

Nicole had done her hair and makeup and wore a slick black dress that shimmered in the lights of the restaurant, opposite her was another gorgeous beauty with a sexy accent in a green blouse and skirt, Xander.

“It's quite good? What about yours? Too spicy or something?”

Nicole sigh, “I dunno, it's just not as appealing as I thought it would be.”

Xander blushes, “S-sorry, I just can't seem to bring myself to eat a salad or any plants really.”

“Green fairy?”

Xander nods, “I think so...Even here I can still hear the whispers of the plants and I just can't bring myself to kill them.”

Nicole nods, “I get you it just have this nagging hankering for like wheat and barley, I think I spent to much tome as a pony.”

Xander laughs, “I cant eats fruits and vegetables and you can't meat. What a messed up couple of girls we are.”

Nicole laughs as she waves her hand dismissively and switches to her best valley girl accent, “And all that beef is gonna go right to your hips girlfriend!”

Xander laughs, “Thanks.”

“It's nice to feel normal again.”

They say in unison before each tilting their head curiously and then breaking out into laughter, a crown of roses sprouting around Xander's head.

Nicole dried her tears of joy and smiled, “You have no idea how good this feel, despite my confusion over my gender identity, who, or what, I find attractive, after all those months passing through dimensions, after all the pieces of me I’ve left behind it just feels good to be doming something normal. I don't even care if its normal for a girl or a boy, it's normal.”


Nicole closes her eyes and leans back, taking a long breath, “I didn't just go from the RPM world to the forest there were a few stops along the way in each one I find someone who needed help, someone who needed a piece of me. I was beginning to think by the time I got back would there be anything left of the real me.”

“What do you mean 'pieces'?”

Nicole sighs, “I might be a bit facetious, its not like I left an arm in one world and an eye in another. But like take the RPM world, I told you about the assembly and drones, but as a machine its not like I was pregnant or anything. When it was just drones its not like they were babies I was sending out to die for the cause, my sensors were linked to them, they had basic AI to maneuver but for the most part they were and extension of me.” she takes a deep breath, “and when they assembled the spare in my plant it wasn’t like I left a fully functional clone. Anything I produce was a mindless machine, only I had my consciousness. My body may have been converted but whatever is the spark that gives life did not come with that, still it's a strange notion, the concept of spreading your legs and having plan fly out of you. It feel like you should call them your babies but you don't really have legs, or...well you know...”

“I can relate,” Xander smiles as Nicole finally takes a bite of her steak as she pluck a rose from her crown, its splits and grows into a full bouquet as she turns it around in her hands, “when I hold a plant I can fell it's life force, hear its whispers, feel connected to it, feel a responsibility but it's not like their my children.”

Xander glanced around their corner of the restaurant to make sure they were out of view as she created a vase in the center of the table and set the roses into it as she created soil and water as roots grew from the bouquet as she planted it into the vase.

Nicole giggles as she leans over kissing Xander on the lips, “Thanks for understanding.”

Xander closed her eyes purring as blooming roses started to grow around the edges of their booth as she held Nicole hand a twist of vines snaking down from her crown blooming as it spiral up Nicole arm to create a second wrath in her hair.

As they broke contact Nicole tries to lean back only to feel the sting of the roses barbs in her arm and looked over with Xander to see her their hands wrapped in roses. The two shared a laugh as Xander loosen the vines and dulled the thorns as the vines broke  and they leaned back laughing.

Nicole purrs as she touches her wreath, changing the color of the roes to a soft pink, letting the color wash down the sheath of roses down her arm, “Guess I still have some some of your magic from that time.”

Xander looks away, “That's when everything changed for me, when I started to hear the voice of the forest...what about you?”

Nicole looks curiously to her, “Me? No, maybe it's because of all the other chaos or simply because the   nature magic is different then wind magic, their complements but its more out of my field to manipulate nature then it is for you to enhance nature with wind.”

Xander nods, “Would you like me to teach you more about nature magic?”

Nicole shrugs, “I dunno, I just want to get this all over with, no offense but I think once everyone is safe and the Master is gone for good I'm just gonna hang up my wand for good. If I'm lucky I can reclaim my masculinity,” she laughs, “Still seems funny to think of myself as a boy but I need something to hang onto, what about you.”

Xander nods, “I dunno, I think when this is all over I'm going to explore the world, try and distance myself from the forest, ignore the voices, reconnect with my humanity.”

Nicole nods.

“So once were finished want to swing back by your place, see if your brother is home yet?”

Nicole smiles, “I'd love that.”


Toby blinked as he, no she, found herself atop a building, a few pats her and twists there confirmed the obviously, he was a woman, or at least bore the shape of one under the blue and white spandex of a Power Ranger.

'Am I…' he mused in her normal voice, 'A Power Ranger?'

Flipping open her Mystic Morpher on reflex she created a floating mirror of water and felt her helmet curiously, “That not the regular Blue Ranger, but I'm definitely the Blue Ranger, and a girl to boot...what is going on?”

An explosion in the distance drew her attention before she could really process her change in voice or the more subtle changes in her posture and stance. If someone didn't know better they would have no idea she was ever a man. But with the explosion all that dropped away as she raced across the roof tops running on pure instinct, 'Trouble.'

Her mind was clear, focused, all other concerns were irrelevant, where theirs an explosion there is usually a monster, and where there is a monster the Power Rangers are needed, and she was a Power Ranger now, the who's and whys didn’t matter.”


Chris' shadow enter his apartment to quite the surprise, there asleep on his couch was an attractive young woman who he vaguely recognized. As he moved over to her and gently shook her awake he tried to place the face to a name. “Miss?”

Xander yawned as she awoke and smiled, “Oh hey Chris, we've been waiting for you.”

“Waiting? We? Who are you, how did you get into my apartment.”

“Magic of course,” Xander waved her Morpher about casually, before giving a sheepish grin, “after everything that's happened Nicole kinda lost her keys.”

“N-Nicole? You mean,” chris eyes went wide with joy, “He's back?!”

“Yeah,” Xander stretches, “She's crashed in her room.”

Chris was already on the move as as he saw his younger sister fast asleep atop the sheets tear began to flow, he didn't care if she was a girl she was back and he leapt into her arms laughing, “Nikki! Nikki! Nikki! Welcome back!”

Nicole gave a surprised gasp as she was jolted awake from her slumber to see her older brother crying tears of joy and crushing her in his arms, despite the rude awakening she smiled and hugged him back, tears in her eyes, “I'm Back!”
“You're Back!”

“I'm back!”

Xander stood in the frame smiling as the siblings embraced, waiting for them to get through their reunion.

“I have so much to tell you!”
“Me too!”

Breaking the hug Chris smiled, “But tell it to the real me!”

“Real you?”

Chris nodded and then exploded into a shower of light and warmth.

“A shadow?”

Xander shrugged, “Seems so.”

“But if he was a shadow where's my real brother?”

Xander shrugged, “Beats me.”

Worlds away Chris lurched forward, tumbling over the side of a mountain as the memories of his shadow returned to him, Reflex let him Morph before he hit the ground but the impact still broken his morph and left him winded as he rolled onto his back eyes tearing and his face a wide smile, “He's back!”

Nicole dried her tears as she began to absently play with a Pink Ranger figure (the original pink not her Rose Ranger, “So how long do we wait?”

Xander shrugs, “Just hope it isn't long, pretty sure his Shadow didn't take time off work and I'd hate for him to get in trouble.”

Nicole shrugs, “I'm sure the number is around her somewhere, if he isn’t back by like morning we'll just call in sick for him.”

Xander nods as she creates a shadow of her own, but of her male half, “I suppose.”

“Speaking of I should really head back to Briarwood, cover for my fairer half and catch the others up before they make assumptions.”

Nicole and the Real Xander nod as the Male heads for the door, “I'll call once Everything is ironed out, no need to disperse myself just to pass along news and have to send another to replace me.”

“Good luck.”
“Stay safe.”

Xander's shadow smiles, “You know me!”

Nicole laughs, “That why I said it.”

Both Xanders laughed as the shadow slipped outside.


“Nutritious as a mother's milk,” Toby landed in ranger form with a playful mew, “Aqua Mystic Ranger!”

"Fluid as the sea, Blue Mystic Ranger!"

“Nya?” Aqua said confused as the Blue Ranger landed.
“Who?” She responded just as confused.

But the confusion would have to wait as the Catsuit hissed at them while an army of Styxoids and Hidiacs paused in the middle of grabbing civilians as a number of other figures landed and announced themselves.

"Crunan the knight!"
"Vicamros the bard!"
"Caren the paladin!"
"Norian the dragon knight!"
"Xanril the ranger!"
"Loraella the cleric!"

"Dependable and strong as the root, Verdant Mystic Ranger!"
"Rock you like a hurricane, Rose Mystic Ranger!"
"Fast as lightning, Yellow Mystic Ranger!"
"Forceful as fire, Red Mystic Ranger!"
"Power of the Sun! Solaris Knight!”

"Defenders of Yggdrasil! Ready to fight!"
“Power Rangers, Mystic Force!”


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