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Teamwork 63

“Stop the pollution of our neighborhood.”

Gery and Ash stood in the halls of Angel Grove High with a small table and a handful of fliers as they tried to get the less then motivated students to take a moment of their time out their day to hear the duo out

“Sign a petition, shut the dump site down,” Ask added on as he held out a pencil and clipboard to a passing student.

“We can hardly stand the smell.”
“Let them know that you care.”
“Please sign up.”

It was hardly going as the boys would have liked as they gray haired principal made her rounds through the halls.

“Oh, hi, Ms. Kaplan.”

She smiled warmly as she looked over the display and the petition list, “Now, this is wonderful, boys It's dandy that you're trying to clean up the environment. But is the dump site as bad as you say?”

“You should see the place, Ms. Kaplan.”
“It's an industrial waste disaster.”
“Who could stand to pollute like that?”

On the moon Rito laughs, “My factory will ruin the whole planet! Using their own pollution against them is a stroke of genius. Once my monster eliminates the Power Rangers Earth is finished!”

Back at the High School the boys continue their evangelizing, “Sign a petition.”
“Help clean up the dump site.”

“We can live in a cleaner environment.”
“Come on, save our Earth!”

“Hey, guys, what's up?” Altha walked the halls with Velma and Beth beside her, outside of martial arts classes she seemed like almost a different person, soft spoken, and more petite then the girls who flanked with her large glasses it was hard to see her as a white belt let alone a black belt in martial arts.

“Hi, girls.”

“Looks like you're attracting a crowd,” Altha notes as small number of people crowded around the boys finished signing and meandered off giving the quintet some more personal interaction space.

“You conducting a campaign?” Velma wondered curiously.

“We're delivering these petitions, today,” Gery begins.


“Maybe we can convince them to clean up the mess.”

“Yeah, you guys want to sign?”


The girls all nod as they add their names to the growing list.

“Why don't you come with us, girls.”

Altha gave a long breath and looked anxiously at her feet, “I'd love to, but I have a karate class that I have to teach later and, I mean, it's a great cause but I can't bug out on my students.”

Velma's voice crackled next in unease, “I-I'd love to but I'm President of the Science Fair Committee and today's our first meeting.”

Leaving only Beth who also flustered and fumbled for her words, “Uh, I'd love to, ladies, but, Alpha he said she has something to talk to me about, right away and I promised to meet her, sorry!”

“It's okay,” Ash sighs.

“Ash and I will go alone but, it would be a lot more impressive if we acted like a team.”

“Sorry, guys,” Altha flusters again, “if it was any other day you know I'd be there.”

“Well, thanks for signing the petitions, girls.”

“Good luck.”
“See you later.”

And the trio move off Bulk, Skull, and the third member of their gang, a punkish young man, made their presence known.

“I'll help,” Skull pips up first only for Bulk to slap her back and belch.

“We don't do geek, Skull,” before crushing a soda can in hand and dropping it on the floor, “Recycle that.”

“Get a life, Bulk,” Ash laughs.

As their banter continues a student walks past them and picks up the can dropping it in the near by bin.

“Why don't you take this to the dump with you?” Bulk laughs as she dumps the can all over the young girls head.

“That does it! You're out of line!” ash storms over ready to pound some sense into Bulk.

“Bring it, I ain't afraid of some cripple!”

Ash sighed as several students were stopping to watch the events unfold and he became intimately aware of the fact he was about to beat up on an overweight girl and sighs.

“Come on! Let's get them!”

Gery moved to support his friend as Bulk and Skull charged but the boys quickly stepped to the side and grabbed their arms flipping each of the duo into a trash bin.

“Guess you finally flipped over me,” Skull joked as their last gang member tried to help pull Bulk free.

“Well, it looks like it's time to take out the trash,” Gery laughs, inciting the crown to join him.

“And deliver these petitions,” Ash adds as they make their exits. “Bye.”

Back on the moon Rito watches the boys approach the waste site with dark glee, “Oh, this is sweet! Ash and Gery are about to walk into my waste dump.  Oh, it's perfect! Those boys don't stand a chance.”

“If those boys find out it's you plant won't that ruin your plan?” Babboo notes.

“We'll ambush them with Putties, and then finish them with a monster,” Goldar counters.

“Right! We can't lose this one,” Squatt laughs.

“Prepare the Putties,” Rito's grin grows wider, “they've got work to do.”

“This is gross,” Ash holds the petitions closer as they navigate the barrels and sludge of the dump site.

“What do you suppose that stuff is?” Gery wonders as his eyes are drawing to a disgusting pool of brown leaking from a large vat into the earth.

“I don't think I want to know.”

As they continue to navigate the grounds the duo pause at the sound of voices, “You think that's the owners?”

“Let's go find out.”

“This place is poison,” a young black woman notes as she looks around with a quartet of other friends, all sharing the same green globe tee shirt just as ash and Gery come into view.

“Who do you think is beh-” A boy with a Russian accent begins before the appearance of the boys breaks his trains of thought.

Gery forces a laugh as he holds out one of the petition forms, “Don't suppose you're the owners.”

“Na bro,” a girl with a Brooklyn accent cuts in, “We're the Plan--”

“Anyone else feel like we're being watched?” A young tanned girl notes as she hold up a hand with a mood ring on it as it seem to glimmer a moment.

“We've got company!” Gery exclaims as contingent of Putties surrounded the seven teenager.

Gery and Ash take combat stances as the quintet level their rings at the monsters.

“Putty Patrollers!”


“Wind!” the Russian boy announces as a gust of wind knocks a couple of the putties back giving the two Rangers pause.

“Nice work Link, with all the pollution soaking the earth my ring isn't working right.”

“And it probably isn't a good idea to go around shooting fireballs in a place like that.”

“Mine isn't working either,” the other boy notes

Shaking their heads confused Gery and Ash clear their minds as they charge the Putties.

“Good, they're fighting,” Rito gloats, “I don't know who the new kids are but all we have to do is send a monster!”

“That's why you brought me here, Alpha?” Beth says annoyed as she stands before Alpha in the Command Center “Check it out.”

“I'm watching.”

Dance music begins playing and Beth starts into a demonstration of her unique Martial Arts

“Wow! Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi!”

“See? And that's what Hip-hop Kido is all about.”

The blare of sirens cuts the lesson short as Zordonna speaks up as he brings up the fight on the Viewing Globe, “Beth, Alpha the boys are in trouble. The Putties have them outnumbered.”

“Oh, no! Dudes in trouble, dudes in trouble! What are we going to do?” Alpha begins to panic.

“Bring the rest of the team. Altha, Velma, teleport here immediately. It's urgent!”

In a flash of red and blue Altha and Velma arrive.

“What's up?” Altha wonders calmly.

“Ashley and Geryon are in trouble.”

“Hey, gals take a look,” Beth draws their attention to the Viewing Globe.

“We've got to help them.”

On the Globe they watch as Ash struggles to break free of a Putties grip but with the other five teens there they are tone on how to help, “Let me go!”

“Finster, it's time! Is the monster ready?” Rito moves to the lab as Finster finishes the last touches on her latest monster.

“Yes, the Minotaur is nearly complete,” Finster explains as she sets down her tools and moves it to the Monster-Matic and starts it up, “There, done.”

“Get to the dump site immediately and...” Zordonna begins, “Wait, Rito has sent down a monster. You'd better deal with her first.”

“It's a most menacing Minotaur,” Velma notes as the viewing gloves switches to the new monster.

“Here you can share mine,” Altha grabs Velma hand as she fishes her poiwer coin from her pocket, “It's Morphin Time!”

“Triceratops! Mastodon! Tyrannosaurus!”
“Power Rangers!”

Teleporting to where the Minotaur is the blue and black jump kick the monster only to  be deflected by her shield forcing Red to step orward and draw her side arm, “This guy is tough! I'll get him with my Blade Blaster!”

But even that is useless as the blast is deflected back and hits all three girls.

“Are you all right?”

As Gery and Ash meet up after splitting up they count their blessing that they seem to have lost the quintet.

“Yeah, did we got them all?”

“Uh-oh.” Gery notes as he notes a few Putties heading their way and nearly falls backward into an open container behind him and Ash.  “Oh Ash, look.”

Ash sighs dropping to one knee and rubbing his brace, “Of all the times...”

Before the Putties notice them Gery quickly flips Ash backward into the container and leans in, “Just keep quiet, I'll lead then away.”

Ash fumes as Gery shouts and runs off, “Come on, clay brains, come and get me!”

“Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi! More trouble on the way, Zordonna!” Alpha panics as Goldar appears on the Viewing Globe.

“This is a dangerous turn of events, Alpha. Contact the boys. Tell them to morph and hook up with the others. Working together as a team is their only hope.”

Slipping away from the pursuing Putties Gery quickly answers Zordon, “Got it, Zordon but Ash's leg is asking up I don't think he'll be ready to join us.”

“I'll be fine,” Ash growls over the com, “Let's just get this over with!”

“Pterodactyl! Sabre-toothed Tiger!”
“Power Rangers!”

A contingent of Putties appear to assault the boys as they arrive to fight Goldar, “Get them!”

Goldar advances on Yellow who does his best to dodge out of the way as both rangers fend off Putties.

“You're mine!”

“Yeah? You've got to catch us first,” Yellow counters as he and Pink flip away.

Closing in on Pink Goldar delivers a heavy sword slash before being restrained by Yellow, “Ash, call the others, get help!”

“Right!” Pink stumbles to his feel as he staggers off.

“Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi! The Power Rangers have their hands full!”

“Yes, this is the toughest situation they have faced yet,” Zordonna muses, “Perhaps the time has come to reveal the ancient secrets of the Power Weapons.”

As Red, Blue, and Black struggle to get one up on the Minotaur Squatt and Baboo further complicate things by sending boulders from the cliffs above rolling down towards them.
“Look out!”

Rito Gloats from the moon, “You're finished!”

Yellow and Pink weren’t doing much better.

“Alpha return the Power Rangers to the Command Center for new instructions.”

As the Rangers teleported out Rito's grin grew wider, “They're running away! Now, the world will be ours for the taking!”

“Hey, what's going on here?” Red wonders as they are summarily telported to the Command Center.

“I will answer you. Wit the difficulty of the battle you were engaged in I felt now was the time to reveal new powers and weapons.” Zordonna begins, “Behold Velma, this is your Power Lance: a weapon of great power and range.”

And in the Blue Ranger's hands appeared a blue tri-horned lance.

“Ashley, behold your Power Bow: accurate and strong. Altha, this is your Power Sword: key to all the weapons power. Beth, behold the Power Axe: lightning quick and hard as diamond. Geryon, your Power Daggers are feather-light and true. Together you will be unstoppable.”

“That Minotaur is history!” Pink exclaims as he holds up his bow in trumph.

“Alright here's the plan,” Red explains as they are in transit, “We'll give the Minotaur a taste of our weapons. If that doesn't work, we'll bring them together and give him a blast of Mega Power. You with me?”
“All the way!”

“All right, Minotaur, you're going down!” Red announces as they arrive back at the battle.
“You got that right! You're yesterday's news!”
“Face it, Minotaur, you're finished!”
“Why don't you go back where you came from? Before you get hurt!”
“Yeah! And the same goes for Rito!”

“Power Rangers!”

Launching into the fight Pink and Yellow lead which get the Minotaur off her feet, follow by an assault from blue and Black and finally a heavy slash from Reds sword send the Minotaur tumbling before the Power Weapons begins to glow and Zordonna voice emanates from them.

“Rangers, The time is right to bring these weapons together. Act together, as one.”

“Let's do it!”

The Five cross their weapons as the Minotaur gets back to her feet as the five bring their weapons together for the first time.

“Power Ax!”
“Power Bow!”
“Power Daggers!”
“Power Lance!”
“Power Sword!”

“Power Rangers!”

“Uh-oh,” the Minotaur knows trouble when she sees it as Red descends from the sky with the combined blaster in hand as the other four take op support positrons under and around her.


And with one massive Mega Blast The minotaur was defeated.

“I can't believe it! We were this close to beating the Power Geeks! If it wasn't for your monster, we'd have done it!” Rito fumes on the moon.

“Send m back down Master,” Goldar pleads, “they are exulted and will be easy to defeat!”

“Good idea Goldar! Go!”

As the Rangers take a breath Goldar arrives, now giant size.

“You have got to be kidding me!” Pink sighs exhausted.

“Zordonna,” Red doesn’t miss a beat, “We need DinoZoid Power now!”

As they form the Megazord and engage the quintet at the waste dump catch their own breaths as the last Putty falls.

“That was unlike anything we've faced before.”

“No kidding, I was sure we would need to combine our powers,” the Asian boy notes with a pant.

“Yo with all this waste around not sure if it would even work,” The New Yorker girl adds.

Before they could say much else though the five found themselves transported, and landing in the Command Center.

“Whoa!” The tank girl back peddles, bumping into Alpha.

“Welcome to our Command Center, Planeteers!”

“Who are you?” The Black girl asks calmly and curiously.

“I am Zordonna, leader of the Power Rangers. The real question is what brings you to Angel Grove?”

“Like duh,” The New Yorker cuts in, “the place is polluted to the high heavens we're investigating it.”

“Ah just as I suspected. Gaia is in good heath then I assume?”

“As good as she can be with the Earth polluted as it is,” the Russian boy notes.

“Zordonna,” Alpha interrupts as the Viewing Globes comes to life, showing Goldar fleeing, “The Ranger have won again!”

“Good Transport them here, Ashley and Geryon should know who they were fighting beside earlier.”

“You coward!” Rito howls as Goldar returns hitting her over the head with his staff, “All the bad guys in the universe and I had to get stuck with these nitwits!”

“Things sure work out better when we work as a team, huh?” Gery notes as the teens walk the halls of Angle Grove high together.

“Maybe with a little teamwork we'll get the dump site closed down yet,” Velma adds as they reach the trash Bulk and Skull strewn over the floor earlier just as Ms. Kaplan arives with a shake of her head. “Uh-oh.”

“Look at this place. Why hasn't it been cleaned up, yet? You, there. I want to talk to you.”

The girls shrug as Gery and Ash already start picking up the trash.

Before Kaplan can discipline the rangers a man's voice over the PA draws her attention, “Ms. Kaplan, Mr. Quagmire wants you.”

“One moment.”

“Why don't we show a little teamwork and get this place cleaned up?” Altha smiles as the girls join the boys as they get to work quickly clearing the mess from the halls just before Kaplan returns.

“Nice work, team,” Gery laughs as he pats Altha's back.

“What happened to the mess?” Kaplan asks confused.

“Mess, what mess?” Altha answers casually.

Flustered Kaplan wanders off, “Oh...”

“Congratulations, Power Team, you've done well, keep up the good work.” Zordonna comes in over their static filled communicators, “Please excuse the static. Alpha has been so busy practicing her dance steps that she keeps short-circuiting the control console.”

“That's kicking! Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi!”

Dance music filters in with the static as Beth laughs,  “Alpha my girl, forget about the hip-hop, girl. Keep being a robot and keep that console working.”

With a face palm from Beth the others burst out laughing.
High Five 63

At the Youth Center we find Gery practicing his katas among a group of other students while Altha  and Beth's voices could be heard a short distance away cheering on Ash as he pulled himself up the rope climb.

“Okay, Ash, you can do it, come on.”
“Come on! - Come on! Keep going! Keep going, Ashley.”

“It's just Ash, okay?”

“Ash! Be careful!” Gery cautions as he makes his way over “If you slip, you can really hurt yourself.”

“Yo, man, back off.”

“You're gonna make him nervous,” Altha adds.

“Nervous? Man, I never get nervous, when I climb.” Ash laughs as he suddenly looses his grip causing Gery to shriek like a girl only for his to laugh showing it was all a big joke, “Up here man it doesn't matter how bad my leg gets, I'm king of the world!”

As Beth laughs Altha gives a stern glare to Ash, “Not funny Ash, not funny.”

“Oh come on Altha I got this totally under control!”

“Guys, I'm gonna be over there,” Gery says softly back away, “At least its down-to-earth.”

“Na man, you should give it a try,” Beth interjects.

“Are you kidding? Uh-uh. You'll never catch me climbing anything that high. See ya.”

“Looks like somebody's got a case of height fright,” Altha smiles to Beth jokily who returns the look.

“Get a room you two,” Ash jokes from the top of the rope.

“ man it's not like,” Beth flusters before a new arrival focuses her attention, “Yo! Velma, my main brain! What's up?”

“Hey!” She answers softly closing the book she was skimming in one hand as she makes her way over to the two, “Well, actually, I do have some exciting news to disseminate. See, I've made a significant breakthrough regarding the cross--”

“Velma! Head up!” Ash jokes as she drops down onto her shoulders while still holding the ropes and swinging them back and forth a bit as Velma shrieks in terror eyes wide until they both go for a tumble, landing at Gery's feet at a push bar machine who just shakes his head in disgust.

“I'm not even going to ask how's your knee you deserve whatever you got.”

Ash just shrugs, “My knee's fine.”

“That was good. That was good. You guys should try out for the circus,” Beth laughs as Altha just gives another disapproving glare.

“Nah. The circus don't take geek clowns,” Bulk chides as she enters.
“Geek clowns-- that's great. That is so funny.”

“Why don't you guys just crawl back to the ooze you came from?” Altha glowers as the five teens gather by Bulk and Skull around the rope.

“Oh, that's funny, especially coming from a friend of the monkey man here.”

“Yeah? At least I can make it all the way to the top.”

“Hey, hey, hey. You sayin' that Bulk can't do it? Yeah, that's what you're sayin' alright,” Skull presses getting right up in Ash's face.

“Step aside,” Bulk pulls her partner away so she can stare down the impassive Ash, “let me show you how it's done.”

To which Beth, Altha, and Ash all share bemused glances before Bulk and Spike make their way to the rope proper.

“Are you sure you know how to work this thing?” Altha asks calmly and genuinely.

“What do you think I am—stupid?”

“Well, you know what they say if the rope fits climb it!” Beth teases as she swings the rope over to Bulk.

“Ha ha ha! Good,” Which gets Skull laughing manically.

Grasping the rope Bulk jump only to loose her grip and fall onto her ass.

“Hey, Bulky, I thought you were going up,” Even Velma gets in on the teasing.

Scowling Bulk spits on her hands getting a bit from Skull as well before rubbing them together and jumping up. Only for the rope to pull free and drop her back to the matt, followed shortly by some of the ceeling which gets the entire Youth Center laughing at her.

“Oh, yeah, Bulk, you, uh really showed us this time, didn't you?” Beth teases just before Altha slap her and kneels down to help up Bulk.

“Yeah. Showed them!” Skull laughs.

“You alright Bulk, here let me give you a hand up.”

Bulk glowers at her slapping the hand aside, “I don't need your help, just fix the damn rope before next time.”

On the moon Rito watches laughing himself, “Those Power Rangers are gonna wish they never tangled with me!!! I'll trap them in a time warp the same way I did Zordonna, and when I'm through, the world is going to be mine!”

“See I, uh, finally completed a narrow-beam transmission module that will allow wave function over an extended interval,” Velma explains as she leads the Rangers out of the Youth Center, pausing to turn back to them for response, “Well? Aren't you all excited?”

“I will be as soon as I figure out what you just said,” Beth answers with a shrug as they follow Velma to her locker which when she opens its a mess of electronic parts threaten to fall out but never do.

“She's created a communication device using microwaves,” Gery explains simply.

“Affirmative,” Velma explains as she pulls a handful of meta watches from her locker and hands one to each of the teens, “See? We now have connection to Zordon and Alpha in the Command Center.”

“This is morphenomenal,” Ash smiles as he slips his on his wrist, noting the pink bands on the metal strap.

“They respond to tactile pressure followed by auditory stimulus.”

“So what you're saying is that we just touch and talk?” Gery translates, “Like this.”

But as he and the others taps the new communicator they instantly teleports away leaving Velma alone to ponder events, “The neutrino power grid must have crossed molecular--”

“Uh-oh! Incoming!” Alpha says in shock just as the 4 main Rangers teleport atop her making her go prone, Velma arriving a moment later into the massive heap of bodies.

“Hey! Hey, guys!” Ash says first trying to extract himself from the pile of bodies.

“Hey hands off the--”


Once the mass of bodies are extracted a fluster Velma casts her gaze to her communicator, “It appears my communicators malfunctioned.”

“Oh! Welcome, homeboys, homegirls,” Alpha tries to act casual but it comes out forced, “What brings you to the 'hood?”

“Too much TV,” Beth jokes getting a laugh from the Rangers, save Velma who is still forced on her invention.

“I command your latest invention, Velma,” Zordonna says proudly, “Not only have you created a communicator, but you've also tapped into the Command Center's teleportation unit. With proper adjustments, it will allow you to teleport here in an emergency. But until Alpha can reprogram it, it will serve as a two-way communication link between the Command Center and each other. From wherever you are.”

To which Alpha begins collecting the devices and tinkering with them with a hand tool. “Hmm. This is easy. I just have to reflux the-- Uh-oh.”

The feedback pulse puts Alpha into overdrive as she begins to run and spin aroun the command Center out of control, “Oh! No, no, no! Ai yi yi yi yi yi!”

“Baboo, is the time device ready, or have you messed it up?” Rito turns to the black clad monster in his employ as she and Squatt tinker with what appears to be a model space shuttle.

“I managed to get it ready, even though this lunkhead slowed me down!” Wacking Squatt for good measure.

“Now, that looks okay!” Rito croons happily.

“It's all programed. It'll fly down to Earth--”

“--and wherever it lands, it'll open up a hole in time!” Squatt continues.

“Then Finster's monster will trap them in the hole and they'll be gone forever!” Baboo finishes.

This brings Rito to Finster's lab, “Finster, the time device is ready! Time to pick a monster!”

Moving over to a table full of moving clay monsters Rito smiles in anticipation, even tickling a few, “The babies! Which one of the delightfully hideous creatures are we using? Ha ha ha! Cootchy cootchy coo!”

“Uh, none, my Queen,” Finster explains as she finishes the last touches on a new skeleton monster, “I'm making a new one named Bones. I'm sure she'll be perfect!”

“She better be!” Rito warns as he makes his way over to finster and the finished monster, “She's so gruesome and ugly-- just what I wanted.”

“Thank you, my King,” Finster coos in delight as she moves Bones to the Monster-Matic. “I've set the monster-matic for full power!”

“Ahh. The Power Rangers will be helpless against him.” Rito croons as he waits for Bones to be created impatiently, “What's taking so long? He's going to be overcooked.”

“Hey! Oooh!” Squatt rushes over to watch only to knock her head against Rito's telescope and fall on her rear just as Bones appears.

“Ha ha ha! I am Bones, at your service,” Says the monsters as he removes his head and bows.

“Perhaps I should have set the machine on low.”

“All right, salad brains, it's time to launch the time device,” Rito roars as he moves back to Squatt and Baboo, “And I don't want any mistakes. I want the Power Rangers gone.”

“You want me to launch it,” Baboo picks up the controls and nods for confirmation.

“Yes!!!!!” Rito sheiks annoyed.

“I've just got to pull this lever.”

“Oh boy, I hope she knows what she's doing,” Baboo trembles uneasily as she plugs her ears.

“Ready? Fire!”

Rito laughs as he moves to his telescope trying to track down the device as it rockets towards
Earth, “Ooh! Where is that thing?! I can't wait to trap those Power Geeks in my time warp. There it is!”

On the streets of Angel Grove people panic and horns honk as they try to avoid the toy weaving through the streets as Squatt, Babboo and Rito cheer until it comes to a end, its nose cone opens and a technicolor vortex is projected from the device, setting off alarms at the Command Center.

“Extreme audio oscillation. What does it indicate?” Velma wonders as everyone looks around confused.

“What is this?”
“What's this noise?” Altha and Beth ask more plainly.

“It's Rita. She sent a device to open a time trap. And the Putty Patrol is gathering outside of town. Find out what they are up to while I analyze the time device.”

Alpha prepares the transporter circuits just as Gery has gotten his stomach back under control for the first transport.

“We're out of here!” Altha announces just before they vanish.

“Ugh let me morph before we do that again,” Gery groans as he bends over to retch, “It's the only way I can handle it.”

Of course while their attention was on Gery they quickly found themselves surrounded by the Putty Patrollers, “

“Guys, we got to morph!” Ash advises as he reaches for his morpher.

However altha disagree and starts to run, leading the others away, Puttys in pursuit, “No! Zordon said we gotta try to take care of things on our own before we use our powers. Come on!”

“Uhh Uh-oh,” Velma notes as they are surrounded.

But Altha and Beth just slap hands in a gesture of team work as they take combat stances, the others following suite, “Velma! Gery! Pull some away and spread them out.”

Following orders the duo makes a break for it getting a pairs of Puttys to follow, “Split up!”


“You go that way.”


With two on his tail Gery drops under a rock face using it to hide as the Puttys take the higher paths looking around for him before dropping down in front of him as he huddles closer to the wall holding his breath until the two run off to continue their search.

Cautiously Gery turns to see where Velma went and his heart nearly stops as he sees Velma shambling up a rock face with a Putty in hot pursuit, “Velma! Velma, come back! You'll fall! Velma! You're too high!”

Steeling himself Gery moves to follow, while the other three continue to struggle against the remaining Putties.

“Whoa!” Velma stops dead now facing a severe drop as Gery continues to work his way, uneasily, toward her.

As the Putty advances Velma rubs her wrists in regret at not having her communicator, “Alpha.”

“I'm afraid, but I can do this,” Gery says softly to himself to build courage. “Velma needs me.”

Fumbling for her Morpher the terrified Velma ends up loosing it over the side of the rock face, watching it tumble down into oblivion, “M-My Power Morpher!”

Just as the Putty leaps down to face her alone.

Gery continues to tremble as he climbs up to help Velma, gasping as his foot slides on the rock.

“Help!!!” Gery voice echos across the rocks in panic as he finds a spot to rest.

“Help!” Only for a much softer cry from Velma echoes overhead.

“I can't do it,” Gery takes a long breath as he glances up to see Velma arms just at the edge, backing slowly toward the edge while looking down to see the other others still heavily engaged with the remaining Puttys, “but I have to.”

Gery closes his eyes as he feels a sudden swell of power, a primal energy welling up inside him, when he opens his eyes for the briefest moment his eyes become like daggers and with the skill and grace of his totem feline he begins to scale the rocks like a mountain lion, or saber-tooth tiger.

With the others surrounded by a pack of five putties, trying their best to force an opening and Velma starting to loose her footing Gery reaches the top and roars with the fierceness of his namesake and courage he did not know he had to the advancing Putty Patroller, “Hey, dirtbag! Leave her ALONE!”

Slipping past the Putty Gery moves into battle stance as he stands guard before Velma, “Come on!”

The Putty changes and Gery moves quickly pulling Velma and himself to the side as the Putty launches itself over the edge and to it's own destruction.

“That was truly morphitudinous, Gery,” A relived Velma gasps for air.

“Thanks, Velma,” Gery says softly but the worry has not left him as they look off into the distance where their friends were being overrun, “What about them?”

“They're in trouble, We've got ot get down there and help them,” Velma adds as Gery just gives her a disbelieving look before she runs off, “Let's go.”

As the Putties close in on the trio of rangers Velma and Gery arrive and slip under their shoulders knocking them back and breaking the circle of Puttys as the five teens gather up together.

“Form a human chain! Now!” Altha orders as they take advantage of their breathing room, “- Beth!”

“- Ready,” Leaping onto her shoulders to form the first link, “Locked on!”

Just as She locks her legs around Ash, “Go!”

“Let's do it.”

As the Puttys try to find an opening in the strange maneuver the trio begin to glow and in a sudden flash instead of 3 warriors they face a single girl who then proceeds to tear them apart.

“Ay-yi-yi, Zordonna,” Alpha watches from the Viewing Globe, “I can't believe what is happening.”

“It is quite amazing Alpha, to see these young people already master combining their powers unmorphed like they did their zoids.”

“Oh!” Rito smirks as he watches the Putty run off and turns to his new monster, “All right, Bones, go do your stuff.”

In a flash of violet energy Bones silently vanishes.

As the Trio un combine they look around confused as they gather together as Zordonna contacts them, projecting an image before them that links to the Viewing Globe, “Congratulations, Power Rangers.
You've done a superb job dealing with the Putties. And special congratulations to you, Gery, for overcoming your fear in the face of an emergency and channeling the power of your Zoid. As well to you Altha, Beth, and Ashley for tapping into your powers to combine.”

Before any questions could be raised and answered however the alarm went off, “Hold your positions, everyone. Our scanners picked up a new threat. Rito has sent a creature named Bones down to the amusement park. He can fire energy bolts out of his eyes, and jump long distances, and even make himself disappear. He probably controls the time device as well, so get moving, Power Rangers. It's Morphin' Time.”

As everyone pulls out their morphers Velma is quick to flustered, “I l-lost my Morpher...”
“Do not fear Velma, just as your friends leaned to combine you can as well, pick a partner and team up for this fight while I send Alpha to recover your lost Morpher.”

“R-Right,” Velma says unsurely as Gery quickly takes her hand, “I got you Velma.”

“Mastodon! Pterodactyl! Sabre-toothed Tiger! Tyrannonsaurus!”

Morphing and teleporting the four rangers quickly pose before the Ferris Wheel, with yellow sporting a skirt and a new body shape and Velma's voice as they land.

“Power Rangers!”

“Here,” Bones gloats, “Let me help you get ahead.”

Tossing his head into the sky laughing as her body vanishes it begins to spin around as the Rangers wobble confused as Reality seems to melt and spin around them like water down a whirlpool.

“- Whoa! - What in the world?”

“Into the time warp, all of you.”

As the Rangers vanish from this plane Alpha teleports away herself to recover the lost Morpher, “It's got to be around here somewhere.”

However she is not alone as a contingent of Putty Patrollers are also sent down looking for the same artifact.


Before Alpha can react however a Putty holds the Morpher up triumphantly and they quickly gather up to be teleported away, acting quickly Alpha taps some of the controls on her chest drawing the Morpher toward her but not before the Puttys vanish.

As the Rangers get back to their feet in the strange void that houses little more then a old stump of a tree, violet sky, and fog up to their knees they look around amazed, shocked, and confuse, Yellow even laughing a bit at the strangeness.

“This is weird!”
“Man How strange!”
“Man, what is this place?”

Before Red draws their attention, “Look out!”

Bones knocks them all down with a surprise attack as the ranger huddle together.

“Blade Blasters up!” Leading the rest they draw their side arms, switching to blade mode as they charge Bones who summons skeleton minions from the smoke to engage the Rangers.

As the Rangers fight Bones and his minions Squatt appears from under a pumpkin and takes in the spectacle a moment, “Wowie!” before pulling a large bomb from her satchel, “This ought to do it.”

“Whoa! This place is weird.” Yellow nods as she fends off Bones a moment and Red seems to just vanish.

“Oh boy!” Baboo emerges next as Squatt finds a small tree to place the bomb and moves to cover,

“Now to blow up the time device and trap them here.”

“Come on, Squat! Hurry up! You did bring the matches, didn't you? I told you not to forget them!”

“I didn't forget them,” Squatt fumbles in her Satchel, “They’ve got to be in there.”

“Oh let me see that,” Babboo hits her partner again frustrated as she pulls out the matches and lights one, “Here.”


“Now just hold it steady so I can light it. There!”
“Oh, boy!”
“Now we're going to get-- Oh!” Squatt drops the fuse as it continues to burn, as Babboo claps and cheers.

“Hey, look!” Pink calls as she catches a glimpse of the burning fuse.

“We've got to stop her,” Red shouts suddenly appearing, a new blue ranger in tow though the rising smoke has obscured most of her form, as they gather together, just as bones slams her sword into the ground creating a great divide to separate them, “Come on! Let's blast her!”

“All right!”

With a combination of their blasts Bones falls to pieces.

“Yes!” The rangers laugh in triumph.

Only for Bones to reassemble himself, head floating high in the sky.

“We need to destroy her head,” Blue noes as she leaps into the fray and grabs the head before it can join with the rest of the body, wrapping it in its own cloak so its eye lasers can't be used, “Yellow, catch!”

“Look out!” Yellow roars as she charges through several of the skeletons toward the great rift hurling the head down the divide, “So long, bonehead.”

But forgetting that the skull can fly they are caught off guard when it flies back up forcing Yellow to struggle to keep it down as she slashes with her Blade Blaster as the rest of the Rangers battle the Skeletons.

“Ay-yi-yi, Zordonna what do we do?”

“Stay calm Alpha, as long as the vortex is open we can still rescue the Rangers, lock on and teleport them to the Command Center.”

Alpha nods and furiously begins to work at the controls as the Rangers battle with Bones. Just as Squatt and Babboo teleport away and the time bomb explodes.

“Aah Ha ha ha!” Rito gloats, “I've done it, I've destroyed the Power Rangers.”

His victory even sweeter as he moves over to one of the Putties who holds up a wrapped Morpher and eagerly begins to unwrap it, eyes wide in delight, “And with this no force in the universe will stand in my way!”

As the Rangers land in the Command Center, unmorphed, and plus one to their numbers, they take a relived breath.

“That was close.”

“Indeed Rangers, we got you out just before the Time Bomb exploded sealing you all at the End of Time with Bones.”

“Ay-yi-yi,” Alpha tilts her head confused at the new girl, “Who's your friend?”

Altha slaps her back and smiles, “Never got her name, but when when we were fighting Bones I suddenly found myself with another team of Rangers fighting monsters and Blue offered to help me fight Bones when the smoke rolled back in.”

“Is this true?” Zordnna asks as Blue just nods. “Well you are welcome to stay here in our time until we can find a way to send you home, but until we do I must caution you about morphing, too much Blue energy can be dangerous.”

“But my Morpher,” Velma interjects.

Rito's eyes go wide in rage as he finishes opening the package only to see that while indeed he had a morpher there was no coin in it. Tossing it at Goldar in rage he storm to his balcony and glares down at Earth laughing evilly, “I'm not through yet! Moondust, soft and pliant, send to Earth a giant!”

“Giant, go!”

“Don't worry about that Velma,” Alpha says confidently as she places the Triceratops power coin into her hand, “The Putties only got the Morpher.”

Only for the alarms to go off.

“Rangers you must hurry. Rito has sent down a giant to destroy the city and surrounding areas. Velma without your Morpher you will again have to share another's body. This will allow you both to morph but you you will both share a body.”

“S i'll turn into a girl again?” Gery says confused.

“Only while morphed, and not for the whole time, you are likely to switch back and forth durring combat from time to time. This is not a true combination.”

Gery nods, “It's Morphin' Time.”

“Mastodon! Pterodactyl! Triceratops! Sabre-toothed Tiger! Tyrannonsaurus!”

However as they arrive Red is immediately caught off guard and grabbed by the Giant, “Hey!”


“Let me down, you big ox!”

The giant shakes Red violently and growls as he/she/it tries to stomp on the Rangers.

Red gasps as she struggles, changing up her tone, getting softer, more afraid, “I-Is this any way for a knight to treat a lady?”

Confused the giant knight opens his hand to get a better look at Red. Under the helmet she smiles and uses the opening to leap back to the ground, 'Works every time.'

“Zordonna, I need Dinozoid Power now!”

“Alright! Now that's what I call power!” as the T-Rex arises the rangers hurry over to it as red looks on excited, “Let's kick some giant.”

“Morphin'!” Wasteing no time Red is quick to board the T-Rex and power it up, “Dinozoid power on.”

The T-Rex grows in response as it prepares for battle and the giant charges the two wresting for a bit before the T-Rex counters with a tail swipe.

“How am I doin', Beth?”

Beth the Black Ranger gives a firm thumbs up, “Morphenomenal! Yeah!”

Jump kicking the Giant the T-Rex and the Giant get some distance form each other.

“Time to chill this dude out!” Red shouts as she powers up the mouth canons and blasts a wave of energy toward the Knight which causes it to vanish in a wave of particles. “Yeah!”

On the moon Rito roars in frustration, kicking his globe into Squatt and Baboo as he holds his head,
“Oh, I've got such a headache! Somebody bring me an aspirin!”

“Yeah, I'm telling you, I heard it on the radio,” Erna explains to a costumer as they walk past the Altha, Ash, Velma, and Gery enjoying their drinks, “Five Superheroes saved the park from this zombie guy and the Justice League is seriously considering sending them an invite.”

This giving the teens a moments pause.

“Us, in the Justice League,” Gery says softly.

“And they call themselves the Power Rangers.”

“Speaking of which,” Velma stands, speaking softly, as she leads the gang away, “Our communicators are fully functional again thanks to Zordon and Alpha.”

“Cool. So, like, we can teleport and communicate to the Command Center with these things?” Ash confirms.


“This is so nineties,” Ash laughs excited as Beth makes her way in with a wide grin as she pulls a mask from her bag.

“Oh, Gery, I really wanted to express my gratitude in helping me out today.”


“The way you climbed those rocks was morphenomenal,” then quickly turns to Altha, “Also Alpha found and repaired your missing glasses.”

Altha smiles as she takes them and slips them back on, “Thanks, I was not looking forward to making another pair.”


But before Velma can press the issue Gery interjects wit ha smile toward Altha. She may have faced her fears but Altha spent a week blind and even fought without her glasses.

“I guess what they say is true. You really don't know what you can do until you're forced to do it. I hope I can be that confident the next time.”

Beth roars and Gery shrieks at the skeleton monster, his eyes becoming daggers for a moment before he scales the rope climb like a frightened kitten.

“Girl, looks like you've definitely overcame your fear of heights.”

Which gets everyone laughing as Gery continues to tremble, his voice weak, cracking, “Someone get me down.”

“Beth!” Altha glowers at her friend as she looks up to Gery, “Just keep it calm and slide down the four of us are here to catch you.”

Gery looks down but that only makes things worse as he holds on tighter, Beth sighs, “S-sorry man...”

“Just get a ladder you goof,” Altha growls and slaps her back as Beth sinks her had and slinks off.

“Alright! Alright!”
MMPR 63: High Five (2)

Alright so this might need some explanations, a few deviations for the source were made more from an “if they were adapting a Sentai with 4 girl rangers and one boy but wanted to have 2 girls how do you work around yellow being a girl with a skirt and boobs, which is a lot harder to turn into a guy without one?” After bouncing around a few idea I figured the easiest solution was a mix of several previous ones including the idea that in the Sentai the Morpher were swappable and they had guest stars ever other week using the main Morphers which left a lot of flexibility in what gender any ranger would be in any week, along with the idea that in PR they could combine not just their Zoids and weapons but the rangers DBZ style. In the end I decided to show fusion with Altha, Beth, and Ash to establish the concept then found a way to have Velma loose her Morpher but not her coin so she had to share a morph with Gery who then we can just hand wave with lines like “sometimes your morphed body will change.” Also I choose Velma because, well in the episode Billy looses his Morpher over the cliff and while he recovers it off screen it was a good opening for the set up I needed and also because outside of Tommy Billy is the most evil/clone ranger in Power Rangers so giving Rito the Morpher but not the coin gives him a link to Velma he can exploit even if he can't do a Blue Candle sort of thing.

Now as for the other Blue that part show making part story telling, they needed a Blue in the fight for source footage reason but also story wise the time Vortex never makes much sense, we know Bones head could fly why would throwing it even effect it? Also Rito wants the bomb to blow and nothing stops it so shouldn’t the Rangers have been trapped. Having Zordonna extract them made more sense thus only bones is trapped at the end of time with the giant being a time displaced knight since in the show he densest blow up just pixie dust away I figured he would just return to his own time, helping reinforce the time travel aspect of the episode. As for why Red vanished, unstable time limbo throws her into some future unspecified team up in the far future and she brings back a friend, which his also why we don't describe new blues look or show her face or let her speak much. From a film perspective imagine that any show of new blue is from behind facing the other rangers so we never see her face and the details of the suit are always obscured by objects in the scene, technically it would be th MMPR suit they use or rather Tricera Ranger from the Sentai footage but again clever editing so we never linger on it too long, clever viewers might notice it was MMPR blue just as we have noticed other editing gaffs from mix and match footage in PR but that just the fans being overly anal, the in universe reason is just a new ranger none of them recognize that could be expanded on later. As for the Justice League comment it's sated in a later episode by Ernie that “the Power Rangers might do for Angel Grove what Batman does for Gotham” and later season use Superman, their more pop culture references but fans have often joked that made the Power Rangers take place in the DC Universe so I figured, “why the hell not, sure.” Lastly some of you may be wondering about the mountain lion bit, well as I was watching the episode the way Trinni climb the rock looked a lot like how a great cat climbs so I basically got the idea that the rangers can tap into their totems Jungle Fury style and draw out the strengths of their animal spirits.

Toku Saturday Season 2 Week 13 5/23/2015
3:30 PST/6:30 EST/5:30 PM Central
Doki! Doki! Precure: Have We Finally Found Something!? A Lead on the Princess!
Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters: A Surprising Day Off
Kamen Rider Drive: Why does my brother have no breaks?
Shuriken Sentai Ninninger: Ultimate Battle! Miracle Combination!

Power Sunday Season 2 Week 4 5/24/2015
3:30 PST/6:30 EST/5:30 PM Central
The Tick: Leonardo da Vinci and his Fightin' Genuis Time Commandos
Power Rangers SPD: Walls
Big Bad BeetleBorgs: The Ghost Is Toast
VR Troopers: Lost Memories


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