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A pair of golden eyes reflected in the darkness as Ben moved cautiously into the alleyway. At the far end a creature hissed and growled.

“G...Grow awrrray Brrrrren,” it hissed, “I in contrrrrol now...but...not...surrre.” it hissed.

“Gwen fight it, your...” tears stained his face as he moved closer, “...I...This isn't you Gwen.”

The monster lunged at Ben, pinning him to the ground, he struggled under the beast to get free but Gwen was stronger. She leaned n closer licking her lips before tasting his tears again. The beast threw back kits head and roared, leaping off of Ben and bounding off. Ben pursued until Gwen leaps up a fire scape and began to quickly ascend the stairs.

“Your not going to loose me that easy Gwen,” Ben said as he lifted the Omnitrix, a moment later he was once again Heat blast. Flying up he reached the roof before Gwen but as she reached the top she growled before launching herself over his head and dropping to all fours bounding toward the edge of the roof. Heat blast ran after her, hot on her tail as they leaps from rooftop to rooftop. So focused was he on catching his Cousin, Ben lost all track of time and in the middle of one long leap between buildings the Omnitrix timed out, in a flash of red Ben plummeted toward the ground. Gwen skidded to a halt as he cousins panic scream reached her. She spun around quickly bounding into the space, running down the side of the building until she was under Ben and then leaps across, catching her plummeting Cousin and them leaping off the sides of the building until the reach the rooftop again and she could drop him on his back. Gwen panted, collapsing onto her back as she caught her breath, Ben beside her.

“I-I knew you didn't have it in you Gwen,” Ben panted as he caught his own breath. Then after a long pause he tilted his head to Gwen, “Thanks.”

“Now I know the world's going to end,” Gwen purred, “Ben Tennesen saying thank you.

“Don't get use to it kitty litter,” he teased back.

The both sat bolt upright together then, their eyes locked on each other.

“Hey you sound normal!”
“I know, how did I break the spell?”

Granted Gwen was still a cat girl but at least she wasn't trying to kill Ben now, the both dropped back to the rooftop to take a deep breath.

“That's because somethings are more powerful then magic,” came Max's voice.

The duo looked over as their grandfather emerged from the fire escape, and said in unison, “Like what?”

“Love,” Max said with a smile.

Ben and Gwen looked at each other with disgusted faces. “I don't love him/her, I barely tolerate him/her.”

Max just laughed.

“Getting use to being a cat isn't going to be easy.” Gwen mused.

Ben nodded, “I know, I'll keep the cat jokes to a minimum.”

Gwen smiled, her paws moving to rest over Ben's Omnitrix clad wrist, “Thanks for coming after me Ben.”

They slowly sat back up as Gwen cupped her other paw around Ben's hand, tears dropping from her muzzle onto her paws, seeping past her fingers and onto the Omnitrix and Ben's hand, “I was so scared back there, thanks for believing in me Ben, even when I didn't believe in myself.”

Before Ben could respond the wail of the Omnitrix drew their attention. Gwen barely had enough time to unwind her paws and catch sight of the Omnitrix's unusually yellow glow before a massive explosion of green light threw Gwen and Ben backward, kicking up a load of dirt. Max coughed along with the voices of two girls as the dust settled. A startled gasp escaping his lips as he saw two figures rise, one was Gwen, human, wearing her torn and tattered Lucky Girl uniform the other was...Lucky Girl, the cat, wearing Ben's clothes, with the Omnitrix's Icon set dead center of her chest.

“Gwen your you!” Lucky girl exclaimed.

“Ben, is that you?” Max and Gwen said cautiously.

“Who else would I be?” Lucky Girl said curiously, before her paws shot up to her throat, “What happened to my voice! I sound like you!” Her next action was to check out the Omnitrix, but it was gone. Max approached cautiously, tapping the Icon on Lucky Girl's chest.


“Why is everyone suddenly not sure I'm me!”

Then Lucky Girl looked down, and practically jumped out of her skin, her tail lashing wildly, “I'm a girl!”

“Relax Ben,” Max said sagely as he tapped the icon, “Somehow the Omnitrix absorbed the curse Charm Caster put on Gwen, but it looks like it's just another alien form. Let's see what happens when you time out.”

Ben took a few moment to catch her breath as the Trio made their way back to the Rust Bucket. Elsewhere Charm Caster opened her eyes again, her body seating with rage. “I'll get you one of these days Lucy Girl, bet on it!”
and the catgirl fun continues.
Regreme Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2008
Very touching.^_^ Are you going to continue this?:D
NekoLLX Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2008  Student Filmographer
yup its a 5 parter, just finished and posted part 5
Regreme Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2008
So I see.^_^ You did a good job on it.:D Then again, you're a good author.^_^
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