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February 1, 2009
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“Nya!” a cute voice purred as a young boy.

14...16 at most posed in in front of a full length mirror. His hair reached to about his shoulders and was a most unusual shade of blue. What was even more unusual was the similarly colored ears poking out of the hair and the fur covered serpent that seemed to dance of its own accord behind him. While he definitely didn't have the figure of it he seemed quite content to pose in a stretched out black bikini top and matching flaring skirt, white panties peeking out from under the folds of skirt as he kicked one thigh high white sock in the air.

A knock on the bedroom door startled Aaron out of his game, causing him to almost jump out of his skin.

“You decent bro?” a older feminine voice called from the other side.

“Nina! Your back!” charging the door Aaron practically bowled over the larger woman who had to be at least twice Aaron's age and height.

The older girl laughed as she picked up Aaron swinging him around in a arc before setting his feet back on the ground and then stepping back, smiling as she examines his outfit.

“Still playing cat girl?” she chuckled.

Aaron giggled back, “I like cat girls!”

“Good! Good! I was afraid you might have grown out of it while I was abroad.”

Aaron put on a cute grin and giggled, “Never!”

“Wait right here will you,” Nina smiled as she headed down the stairs. “I'll be right back.”

Aaron nodded, wandering back into his room where he made his way to the bed. He had just removed one sock and was working off the other when Nina re entered his room with a small wrapped box in hand.

“I think you'll love this!” Nina giggled as she passed the box to Aaron. With one hand he undid the ribbon as his other hand slipped off the wig and cat ears to reveal his plain brown hair. Aaron's expression soon went from excited to disappointed as he pulled a pair of white cat ears woven into a blond wing about a inch or 3 longer then his shoulder line from the box.

“You don't like it?” Nina frowned as she found the catch on Aaron's belt and pulled the tail away, the wood links inside causing it to sway uncontrollably in the air.

“It's just,” Aaron began, “I already have several cat ears...”

Nina smiled, “Ah but these are special,” she laughed, “A merchant told me they were taken from the scalp of a real nekomimi, the only one to even curry the Emperor's favor during the Edo era.”

Aaron's face lite up again, “Cool, historic cat ears!” already his hands were fumbling to fit the wig over his head as he bounded to the mirror to pose, his sister smiling as she watched.

“And now for the big surprise!” Nina giggled.

“Nya?” Aaron tilted his head a bit, eyes wide and curious.

It started with a warmth in Aaron's chest, drawing his gaze down as he saw two small lumps start to fill out the bra even as his waist line was pulling inward.

“Mrrrrr?” he said in a curious tone, his Adam's apple singing into his throat as his voice rose a octave. “What's going on.”

Nina just smiled, “That you will have to just watch and enjoy.

Aaron's stomach churned as his eyes seem to grow larger, wider, and his features softened, even as he started to gain a few inches. Turning back to the mirror his gaze was transfixed on his widening hips, curiosity seizing him he pulled up his skirt, first mesmerized by his expanding bottom then by the smooth slop of his crotch.

“I'm turning into....” he said apprehensively.

“A girl,” Nina said with a joyful laugh, “Say it with me, I'm a cute cat girl”

“I'm a cute...” Aaron voice rose another octave and more of his figure developed, he now has modest A-Cup filling the bra, curiosity pressing him forward, “cat...girl?”

A sudden rush of energy knocked Aaron off his feet, and thankfully into his sister's arms, as his waist pulled in and his chest ballooned out to a mid way between B and C cups, a serpentine white appendage burst from his posterior and lift up the back of his skirt.

“Nya! I turned into a cat girl!” she exclaimed as she caught her reflection in the mirror.

Carefully Nina helped Aaron fond her feet and smiled, ruffling her hair, “That's right, what do you think.”

Aaron's mind was a storm of thoughts as she turned to her sister, after a moment words began to form. “Is this permanent?”

“Kinda, sorta,” Nina smiled, “There is a way to remove the wig but its a pain in the ass.”

Aaron leaped into the air laughing, “I'm a cat girl! A real cat girl! C-A-T Girrrrrrrrrrrrrrl!”

Nina's expression hardened as she quickly cupped her hand around Aaron's mouth as she danced reciting cat girl over and over, “Now be careful with that, every time you say that word you add another day to the curse!”

As she pulled her hand away Aaron looked at her curiously, “What word? Cat girl?”

Nina nodded.

Settling down Aaron absently began to lick the back of his hand, “Sooooo how long am I stuck like this?”

Nina took a moment to think, “I'd say about two, two and half weeks,” a sly grin forming as she ruffled Aaron's hair again, “So Aaron you ready to prowl for some boys?”

Aaron began to giggle uncontrollably, “Aren't I a little young?”

Nina waves her hand dismissively, “Your like 17 or 18 now.” then her face turned odd a moment as if she was sick, “Oh I almost forgot the last parts of the spell. What is your name?”

“Aar...” Aaron began but mid way his lips stop obeying his brain, “...ial! Ariel! My name is Ariel!”

Nina smiled, “Good Ariel now do you like boys, girls or both?”

“Boys!” She cheered, “I love boys!”

Nina began nodding, “Good, good, now how smart are you Ariel?”

“I like boys!” she giggled.

Nina's eyes went wide in horror, “Stop playing around, how smart are you Ariel!”

“I like boys!”

Nina sighed, “Great, well these next two weeks will be fun. I hope your at least a decent maid or cook, or have some useful skills!”

“I love to cook and clean!” Ariel laughed.

Nina smiled, “Not that it matters but that series of questions was suppose to set your new personality, but since you were so excited in the IQ part your about as bright as a box of rocks now, your brain hard wired to think only of boys.”

“Yeah!” Ariel giggled, “Are we going to find some boy now?”

Nina rolled her eyes, “Yeah sure, whatever.”

“Yeah! I love boys!”

Nina giggled, “Yes I know...let's hit the mall sis.”

“Yeah! Shopping!”

As Nina took Ariel hand she rolled her eyes again, “Yeah smart as a box of rocks and boy crazy, this will be fun.”

Aaron, a fourteen year old boy, lives with his sister Nina, who is about twice that. With a passion for cat girls Aaron soon receives a gift from his sister after she returns from a trip to the orient that will make all his dreams come true.
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