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Quest Log: Recover the lost Crown of Adronis Netro
Niela stretched before the gates that lead to the sewers, “God why does it always have to be sewers. For once can't the villain hid out in like a warehouse or something?”

“Warehouses aren’t much cleaner,” Teliko muses as she saunters up the large undead guardian right behind her, “Don't worry big guy we're getting those thieves back now.”

The giant undead just growled.

Niela knelt as she checked the gate, it opened with relative ease, “Well someone definitely came through here, and it wasn't someone working for the king, they broke the lock.”

Slipping in first Teliko and the guardian followed in next, “There's all kinds of monsters around and these thing are pretty old right, so it's not definitive proof, right?”

“Actually when Ayers became High King in addition to curing the plague ravaging the land one of the other things they did was build an aqueduct/sewer system to get water to more paces. So the sewers are relatively new.”

They girls moved quietly, in shadows, the giant undead, not so much, had they not been thieves themselves they might not have recognized the little clues here and there or one of their ilk moving silently through the sewers. But voices up ahead made it clear they were not alone, and they slowed their movements.

“Well they can talk, at least it isn't more undead.” Teliko mused, glancing back to the giant, “No offense big guy.”

The giant said nothing.

“I'll scout ahead,” Niela says taking lead, “wait here.”

“Hey don't forget you're a dancer now, you can probably sweet talk them.”

Niela chuckles, “Sure, I'll remember that.”

Teliko bounces on her toes as she crouches and looks up to her giant protector, “I wish you could talk big guy.”

Suddenly the giant growled, drawing his great sword and spinning around, Teliko shirked, closing her eyes and throwing her hands over her head.


Niela's voice made her open her eyes and as she did so she saw the giant in battle beside Niela with a group of rat faced creatures.

“What the hell are those!?”

“Rat Pooka, go Teliko, we can clean up here, go and find the crown, we'll be right behind you!”


“Go!” Niela spun to dodge an attack countering with a fire ball, “We'll be fine.”

Teliko narrowed her eyes, “You keep Niela safe you hear me big guy! And you come stay in one piece as well!”

The Giant growled as he cut a Pooka in half, Teliko breaking into a dash as she bolted down several tunnels, she could hear more of the Pooka on her tail as well as Niela and the giant right behind her. But she came to a halt as she entered an open area, in the center was a greenish pool and inside it should could see a chest, her eyes twinkling, but on makeshift scaffold around the main chamber she caught the sight of several more Rat Pooka, her hear nearly stopping.

For the moment they hadn’t seen her but she couldn't stay in the shadows for long, and there was the treasure calling to her. Analyzing her options she looked around, there was a puddle to her side and a quick glance saw her covered in filth. A voice off to the side catching her ears.

“Do all you guys have cheese for brains?” the figure in a side room grumbled, Teliko slipping toward it with her back to the shadows but her eyes ever on the pool. “I told you the 4 levels need to be face away from the pool tho drain the acid. How hard is that to remember. Away from the pool drains the acid.”

“Thanks, I was really wondering how to get to that treasure.” Teliko's mouth betrayed her as she emerged from the shadows to see a large leather clad Rat Pooka.

He smirked, “And you think I'm just gonna let you slip away and steal our loot?”

Teliko slipped her tunic off, letting it fall to the ground as she licked her lips, “Actually I was hoping we could make a deal.”

The Leader rose a brow, “You cheese heads can go.”

“But boss!”

“I said go!”

Grumbling the Pooka filled out as the leader moved to Teliko tracing a hand along her form as he helped her slip off her pants, “You know I've never been too keen on elves.”

“Oh?” Teliko purred, “Such a pity.”

“Oh...I disagree.” The Pooka turned rummaging around a collection of junk, “Hummmmm where did I put that little thing.”

Teliko slipped over, pressing her body against the pooka's back side as she ran her fingers seductively over his chest.

“Ah here,” he said as he turned around and tied a small bandana around Teliko's arm. She stumbled dropping to her the floor before pitching over, her face stretching out, ears changing, a whip like tail erupting from behind as her body twisted and changed. It was over quickly but it left the new Rat Pooka panting on the floor on her back.

“And much better,” the leader cooed as he pushed himself atop her. “You know not all of my mooks started as Pooka.”

“W-Wait...” Teliko protested, “l-let me catch my b-breath.”

“That can wait,” the leader said as he discarded his shirt only for his body to explode as a massive sword cleaved him in two. Teliko's breath were short as she looked up to the maw of the giant undead looming over her, Niela just next to it.

“Looks like only the concubine is left.” Niela mused fire dancing on her finger tips.

“Wait!” Teliko shouted, “It's me Teliko!” her fingers fumbled for the arm band but she was still short of breath.

“T-Teliko? Seriously?”

The two figured backed up as Teliko finally managed to remove the bandana, but the return to her old form was to much for the already ravaged body and she passed into unconsciousness.

As Teliko came around she found the undead guarding the door, Niela was nowhere to be seen, “Hey big guy.”

The undead turned and let out a low growl.

Teliko looked around as the undead handed her her clothes, “T-Thanks. Where did Niela get off too.”

The undead pointed a large finger to the room beyond.

Getting to her feet she moved to look around, pocketing the bandana as she stood, the acid pool was still sitting in the main hall but all the Pooka had been cleared out and a gate ahead had been unlocked and opened. Moving to the main chamber Teliko watched the gate but her curiosity had gotten the better of her and she made her way around the acid pool working the levels until it drained out. After a moment more of waiting she leaps down. Only to roll to dodge the springing of a spike trap built into the floor. But her roll nearly gets her killed anyway as she rolls into a second trap that releases a cloud of poison vapor. Dropping to her knees before nearly collapsing again she starts to check the floor and disarm trap after trap.

“Having fun down there?” Niela chuckles as she leaps down.

“Look out for tra-”

But it is too late, Niela lands on a spike trap but Teliko gaps when it doesn't go off.

“How did you...”

Niela glances down at her feet, “I'm still level 30, I still have my various feats and perks, one of them keeps me from setting off pressure plate traps.”

Niela kneels, disabling the trap in half the time Teliko took for one and takes a quick look around, “I think that was the last one.”

Teliko nods, as the two move to the chest, Teliko about to pop the lock when Niela stops her and takes out her own lockpicks.


“Trapped lock.”

Teliko pauses as Niela works, her eyes looking long and hard at the lock, then go wide, “How did I miss that.”

“I have better perception and detect trap skills. Don't worry you'll get better as you level up.”

Popping the lock the chest contained a weapon of good, some even enchanted, and they were perfect for thieves, there was one small problem.

“This material is crap, I could buy a better dagger!” Teliko grouses as she looks at one dagger, it's blade seeming to absorb light as if a living shadow itself.

Niela takes the blade and looks it over critically, “Nice enchant on it though. Maybe Regis or Elric can peel off the enchant. Probably loose the dagger in the process but it could be re applied to something else.”

Teliko smiles, “Sweet!”

As the two split the loot among their inventories the Giant offered a hand to pull the girls up, a curious look on his face as he looked at Niela.

“Well the thieves aren’t up ahead,” Niela related.

The giant growled.

“But looks like they left one of their own behind, He's being harassed by more pooka, but I bet if we free him he'll spill the beans on where the thieves got off to with the crown.”

The group paused as they heard voices coming from the area beyond.

“Crap probably heard us.” Teliko growls.

“Or have some way of knowing when their loot is tampered with, come on I got an idea!” Niela says pulling them back into the side chamber and pulling out a couple of the bandanas.

“Ugh we are going to be in no shape to fight if we use those!”

“Just trust me,” Niela smirks as she tied a bandanna around the giant's arm.


“Hey Fleabag look what we found!” One of the Pooka entered the chamber where a human was trussed up in a hanging cage while several other Pooka taunted him by tossing small stones at him. The lead pooka lead a trio, 2 females, one male, in next who looked a little worn and two more males behind them.

“You some of Moore's new meat?” The large Pooka 'Fleabag' questioned as he offered some stale bread to the group.

One of the females just nodded, taking the food hungrily.

“They were pretty messed up when we found um.” Another said, “Only survivors in fact. But looks like the acid pool got our uninvited guests.”

Fleabag smirked, “No one can resist the lure of treasure.”

The large Pooka stood up and circled the 3 new ones sniffing them, “Been a while since we had some females in the horde, gonna be fun having you girls around.” He motioned off to a side room with a toothy smile, “Ain't got any fancy medicine but the doc should be able to patch you up.” Then he turned to everyone present, “Looks like we're gonna have to move on, to many adventurers are crashing our place. Eat, get a good rest, we move at first flushing!”

Following instruction the new recruits slip into the side room to find another Rat Pooka bandaging up the wounds of another, one of the girls sharing a look with the other.

Teliko> I having second thoughts about this Niela, they are not hurting anyone...can't we just free the guy and...

Niela> They weren’t hurting anyone before we got here either, but soon as they saw us they tried to kill us and rape you.

Teliko coughs, the doctor looking up, “You don't look that bad.” moving over to circle the three and motioning to a set of cots, “Looks like your healing just fine. Get some rest, you'll be fine.”

The 3 nod and slips over to the cots, settling into rest.

Niela> If it's any help while you were dealing with Moore we got to encounter their other leader. And seems like these guys have been using the sewers to attack the city, they ambush people, kill them, then loot their corpses. If someone puts up a fight they either sell them to slavers or break their minds and turn them into mindless cannon fodder. These guys are not misunderstood their criminals through and through.

Teliko> Aren't we just as bad...we are thieves ourselves...

Niela> When was the last time you killed someone not in self defense? Heck you were the one avoiding conflict at Azriel's cave.

Teliko> I suppose your right.

Drifting off the sleep several hours pass, and as they awaken they find the others fast asleep. Moving quietly they return to the main room, and the cage with the man inside.

“Teliko you free the guy, I'm going to set up a diversion to cover out escape.”

She nods as Niela slips off with the male of their group to the acid room, “Ok big guy,” her voice still low as she removes the bandanna.

The giant undead growls as he stands to his full height.

“Ok I can take a few hit but please pull your punches I need to look dead but I'd rather not have to run back from the spawn point.”

The undead howled as he raised his sword high.

Niela's scream woke the other rats, “Undead! Arrrrg!”

They all ran out to the sound laving the man behind and not seeing as Teliko opened the lock and hurried the man out the exit behind them.
Hey look our first quest!
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NekoLLX Featured By Owner May 24, 2013  Student Filmographer
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