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Quest Log: Buy a Horse
“Rise and shine Prince Charming.”
The voice was soft and gentle and the girl gently rocked the man who currently was resting under the covers with the Nymph form of Niela, his arm draped over her as he slowly woke.
“Mmmmm you were amazing.” the man cooed as he slowly sat up, Niela rousing with him, “Same time next week?”
Niela blushed as she held his hand kissing it, “Count on it.”
Pulled from under the sheet he finally saw his alarm clock, it was Regis in her female form wearing the silken dancers uniform and holding out the man's equipment who took it and started to get dressed his eyes tracing Regis' form up and down, “Your a cute one too, how much for a quick roll in the hay?”
“Same rate as the Nymph,” she paused and licked her lips hungrily as she traced a hand down the man's chest, “But you'll have to come back later, it's early and us ladies need to eat.”
“Awe just a quick one,” the man purred as he slipped some coin into her belt pouch.
Regis smiles leading him out of the bedroom, “Alright a quick one.”
Slipping from the bed Niela moved to her own silken attire discarded onto the ground and starts to dress, slipping the ring from her finger and into a belt pouch where her form reverted to her orcish one. She yawned and she leaned back cracking her back and taking a moment to stretch, a smirk playing over her features as she moved to the main room, there were other rooms all around and she could hear with her acute ears a couple of the girls giving encores as a couple men make their way to the door.
“Great service!” one comments tossing a gold piece to Niela, “Keep the change.”
Niela catches it and pouches it with a smile, “Our pleasure,” she cooed slipping the ring back on and returning to Nyph form as she flips over placing a long, deep, kiss on the tipster's lips, “and thank yooooou for the tip.”
By the time they broke contact the other two men were just staring in awe as Niela slipped the ring off and bowing a kiss to the men as they exited moving to the door and locking it behind her before moving to a wardrobe by the door and opening it to slip into a set of leather armor yawning once more and stretching as she spins her daggers in practice. Once limbered up she opens the door...
And steps out onto the step of a carriage swinging up into the drivers seat and sitting herself down looking down at the empty draw segment where horses would normally be leashed and sighed. “We need to get horses.”
Jumping down she takes releases some locks near the wheels and takes a firm hold of the reins as she starts to pull the cartridge toward the edge of town.
“At least I just need to pull it to the transfer point.” she grunted as she dragged at the reins the carriage slowly rolling along.
“Need a hand?” A familiar voice soon spoke as Barb slipped into the drivers seat.
Niela grunts as the cabs weight changes and the cartridge bounces under Barb's weight, but a moment later Barb is at her side helping pull the cab, “I was wondering when you girls were going to join me since I know we are down 3 customers so you couldn't all be busy.
Barb chuckles, “I think Regis picked up an extra round after she woke me but yeah the others should be done soon, I just needed a moment to stretch my legs.”
“Whoa it's moving!”
The girls stopped looking back to see a man standing just in the carriage door looking down as they pulled to a stop.
“Thanks girls,” the man said being the first to slip out and walk around to stand by them as he inspected them a moment, “Hey don't suppose you girl also do taxi work?”
Niela dropped to her knees in thought and to rest, “Never thought of it.”
A whip cracked across her back as a Mouse Pooka male dropped into the drivers seat with a laugh, “Lookie a whore playing horsie.”
A fireball from Niela sent him flying off the seat.
“H-Hey! That's not fair!”
A heavy punch from Barb laid him out flat, “You're the only who initiated a duel.”
Niela drops out of the shadow of the carriage to drives her daggers in the back of the pooka who crumpled to the ground and passed out.
“Also that pun was worth half his HP.” one of the two men spoke.
“At least.” the first said as he helped Niela stand up, “Thanks for the great night ladies.”
Niela shrugs, “Meh, it's a living.”
“That was a cheap shot slut,” the pooka said getting back to his feet.
“You want to say that again?” It was Regis sitting in the drivers seat drawing a symbol in the air along side Barb, Niela, while Galadriel and Teliko stood atop the carriage with there blades drawn and Arwyn stood beside Regis in the drivers seat with her throwing daggers ready.
“Ok, I get the gist I'm going.”
A plum of smoke erupted at the pooka's feet and when it passed a small mouse was running off.
“Well I'll see you ladies around,” the first man said as he started to wander off waving, “Stay sexy.”
Moving back to reins Niela and Barb start pulling as Regis and Arwyn drop into the drivers seat and Galadriel and Teliko takes seat atop the cabin.
“Well I think it's safe to say the new gear is doing a great job,” Regis muses, “By my calculations last night was our most lucrative night of work, even if you were to still take out our inn keeper fees.”
“R-Really?” Teliko purrs, “That's cool!”
“So what are we saving up for this time,” Barb grunted as she pulled, “We got top end gear, it's enchanted for each of our classes, a private cartridge, what else is there to get?”
“The obvious answer would be weapons,” Niela grunts, “And now that your boyfriend has given Nala access to the Dwarven Forges and raw ore it should be pretty quick to get her to master level.”
“Yeah but that's practically free...don't tell me this is it, I just joined you girls!”
Regis chuckles, “I have some ideas.”
“Do tell, do tell,” Galadriel says curiously.
“Well we may have new gear but it only has the one class enchantment on it, we can still average 2 more on it before it risks exploding. I'll start planing and talk to each of you privately to figure out what would be the best enchantments to add.
“Willpower,” Niela says quickly as the reach the city edge and a moment later appear outside her home, the group quickly piling off, “The armor definitely makes it way to easy to hop in bed at the first offer.”
“Yeah!” the others all shout in unison, save Regis.
“Good idea,” she begins as Niela opens the door and they start to file in, “Only one small problem.”
“We discard the armor pretty quick,” Barb responds as they gather around the table and Niela heads into the kitchen.
Regis nods, “Right, the only stuff we could reasonably keep on would be jewelry. But I agree some Will boosting jewelery would be a good idea.”
“Also we need a couple horses to pull that thing,” Niela groans from the kitchen as the sound of the stove being stoked and the smell of burning wood starts to fill the room.
Regis muses stroking her chin, “I don't think that's a good idea. We'd have to feed them, clean up their shit. And we couldn't just leave then around for days without hiring someone to look after them.”
“Got a better idea?” Teliko wonders.
“The simplest solution would be polymorph, I could get a collar enchanted to turn you and Barb into horses which would make it easier.”
Barb groaned, Niela followed suit, “I demand a raise of I'm going to be the team Chauffeur.”
“Agreed!” Barb adds.
“No objections here.”
“Me neither.”
“Go ahead.”
“It's decided then,” Regis laughs.
“Though if I may make a suggestion,” Arwyn cuts in. “There are much heartier creatures then horses, a heartier creature would make the load easier to bear for both of you, I can look up the best one when I log and we can figure out which ones you can do Regis.”
“Ok, good plan. Any other pressing concerns.”
“One of the clients mentioned he'd pay for a chauffeur service,” Niela comments as she comes out with a tray of ale and sets up the table, “Seems like a good alternate and a respectable way to make money.”
“What sleeping with men for a living isn't respectable?” Regis smiles, everyone laughs and Niela returns to the kitchen.
“Well given our trip home today I'd suggest adding a seat either to the top or the back, maybe both if we don't want to use the sanctuary as transport cabin.”
“Great idea Arwyn!” Teliko laughs as she slaps the fellow elf's back.
“What's for breakfast?”
“Hey out of curiosity what's your cooking rank. You've been doing it quite a bit.”
“Salad, eggs, and boiled chicken, anything else would take too for my rank..still only Journeyman. Haven't been making any good xp dishes nor do I have the more exotic ingredients.”
“Oh for example dragon eggs.”
Regis licks his lips as she rubs her stomach, “I had dragon omelets forever ago. Their amazing.”
Niela pokes her head out suddenly, “Was it the end of Launch day feast?”
Regis nods.
“Figures, don't think anyone has made them since.” And then is back in the kitchen.
“Probably not.”
“Launch day feast?” Teliko says confused.
“On Launch day the GM kicked things off with style by hosting a feast where they served every dish in the game, some of my Guildmates have been trying to get a second crack at some of those dishes since then with no luck.”
“Well once I get high enough to make up and collect the ingredients you can invite them over for another feast.”
“Mind if I tell them that? Maybe a few of um will save the ingredients they find instead of vendor them.”
“Sure, go ahead, my ice box can keep stuff fresh for like forever.”
“Beta Perk? Pre-Order Bonus?” Teliko wondered.
Niela smirks, “Elric.”
Galadriel blushes a moment, quickly taking a drink to hide it.
“Had him cast a preservation spell on the freezer.”
Everyone shares a laugh.
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mhtg Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2013   General Artist
Providing a taxi service in a game typically is has fend off attackers in the job description... Also stove of flame and sink of cleansing (gets crud off dishes instantly), if the team is going to chauffer they need a ranger of some kind (yes they have ranged attacks but they all primary at cqc as in not viable for defending a moving base against moving targets, and seeing as almost all their weapons are metal I must ask can Nala make compound bows, imagine the natural spring in a compound bow (that like all compounds uses a pulley mechanism to amplify the tension strength) with the bow part built like a sword then add Elric...
NekoLLX Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2013  Student Filmographer
Ok gonna take your comment point by point:
First of such a specific spell as "cleansing" at least as you describe them wouldn't really work. Magic can be context sensitive, for example the spell of protection was either something that used normally would prevent rot, aging, or even somly as simple as increasing the durability of a object. When used on the freezer the context was to "increase the durability of the foods within" or prevent rot (which might normally be the effect of Necroth's toxic breath)
Sure a spell of eternal flame on the stove is pretty easy to do and not a bad idea for her next enchant but a sink of cleansing might be a bit trickier, there is a spell of cleaning Legion gives to Melody in the original but getting a hold of that as a spell someone knows? That might be trickier.
As for bows? That's actually a good question.
Tailoring handles cloth and leather
metalworking handles weapons and armor of metal
what would a bow maker use? Would it be a new profession like Fletching (arrow making)? or Mining?
Currently this is my Profession list, see anything missing?
ALCHEMY//Niela and Nala use this
ENGINEERING//none introduced thus far
COOKING//niela and nala
FIRST_AID//none introduced thus far
FLETCHING//none introduced thus far
As for defending a convoy while that might be true in a normal mmo from the perspective of a player keep in mind everything happens in "real time" while less time may pass back home if it takes 3 hours to get from one town to another then your walking for 3 hours (as you percive it) in game. Thus for the most part, just as in the middle ages itself, player dont tend to galivant around the world and stick to areas around their home town.
That said they do have a CC specialist, Regis, go back and read Ice Tomb, Regis specializes in debuff and Transformation magic that's how they were able to take on +8 giants despite Agro control going to shit and getting a zerg rush.
In fact let's take a moment and look at the teams actually strengths shall we
Niela: Thief/Battle Mage (Warrior/Mage)
Niela primarily a thief that means she excells as loosing agro, hiding and burst damage (back-stab) but as a warrior she also deals increasing damage if she focuses on one opponent, and she has range damage to fall back on as a mage.
Teliko: Similar to Niela as a thief with burst damage and loosing agro
Barbarous: Barbarian, mage
Barb is a melee power house, add in destruction magic and she has powerful ranged damage as well
Galadriel: Paladin/Dark Knight
Paladins get team buffs and heal they are also decent fighters, dark knight can turn HP in ranged, often area damage attacks and also do well up close like a Paladin.
Regis: Wizard/Sage As a sage he is built to tank magical effects, as a wizard his focus is debuffs and transformation magic, with a focus on crown control.
Arwyn: We don't know enough about our pure dancer but she has in both cases shown to use throwing daggers so she has some range there.
mhtg Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2013   General Artist
well whatever they choose to polymorph to pull the cabin could probably wear special armor enchanted with say a strength and/or endurance boost? and I just thought of a great enchant or two for Elric: a spyglass of focus or (for the cabin) axel of swiftness (you want the traction so it doesn't slide when parked so not wheel of swiftness) and wheels of unbreaking (reduces the need for makeshift tires) another one would be bearing of stability (aka shock absorbers)... that's what they COULD do with the money plus keeping artillery with ones transport never hurt anybody.
NekoLLX Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2013  Student Filmographer
a very good point "beast armor/rider armor/etc" is a valid option for them. Though a interesting point could be made for having two forms. One that's just powerful for getting the caridge around town for the worknights and one build more for speed for taxi.
What would a Spyglass of Focus be for?
A axel with a enchant for speed boost (or dex boost) could work
Wheels with the previously mention durability spell and mabe Ar and Con could work that would get close to unbreaking (since a actual spell of unbreaking probably would be not allowed by the gm as used on a player would be over powered)
Another option might be something as simple as a spell of Matter Regenetation (the non organic form of hp regen)
Stability is certinly doable, cast a spell that grant the catlike balance perk or similar.
mhtg Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2013   General Artist
spyglass of focus would be used to see what ever your looking at close up and it would never have a blurry image (hence the enchant) alternatively one could add it to some kind of sniper rifle and use it as a scope....
NekoLLX Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2013  Student Filmographer
you mena sniper Bow?
mhtg Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2013   General Artist
well if there's a flamethrower a sniper rifle isnt a far stretch (greak fire is just a grese that ignites with water)
NekoLLX Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2013  Student Filmographer
theres a flamethrowiner spell but no actual flame throwers
mhtg Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2013   General Artist
ahh even so a sniper bow would e awesome
NekoLLX Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2013  Student Filmographer
i suppose
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