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Quest Log: Break the Geas
“wHeRe Is HoNoR?” The guardian's voice boomed as he and his undead troops surrounded Teliko.
Teliko sweated bullets, the irritation in the undead palpable, “I-I don't know he's gone underground. W-We can't find him anywhere.”
“He MuSt Be FoUnD, aNd PuNiShEd.”
“I agree..but...”
“But somethings can not be helped,” Galadriel comes up behind the undead.
“PaLaDiN.” one of the horde hissed.
“I don't come to fight,” Galadriel says calmly and softy, “Actually I have come to end your eternal torment.”
“Galadriel no! W-We haven't...”
“Relax Teliko,” she smiled, “Just trust me.”
Teliko starts to wring her hands as she looks to the undead with worry, “B-But...”
“WhAt iS tTe MeAnInG oF tHiS?”
“Come Guardian, kneel before me and be rewarded.”
The giant undead turns looking toward Teliko cautiously, Teliko in turn looking to Galadriel who nods, “G-Go.”
Cautiously the giant stomps over to Galadriel and lowers to one knee, head low as he props one hand on his giant sword, in turn the other dead follow suite and kneel around their leader. Reaching out her hand and placing it upon the brow of the leader Galadriel closes her eyes and starts to whisper in Latin as Teliko holds her breath.
“Please don't die,” Teliko eyes starting to water as a glow envelopes Galadriel and the undead hordes.
The light continue to grow until it's brilliance forced Teliko to shield her eyes, and as it reached it's peek Teliko could swear she heard a voice whisper in her ear but could not be sure.
A heavy thud gave reason for Teliko to open her eyes, and as she did so the first thing she saw was Galadriel laying on the floor breathing slowly, rushing over she drops to her kneels pulling off Galadriel's armor, “Glady! Hang in there.”
Panic filled Teliko's face as she looked around unsure what to do.
“I'm fine,” Galadriel voice was weak and soft as she wrapped Teliko's hands in hers, “just worn out.” a smile spreading across her face, “l-look.”
Slowly Teliko turned her head, and looming behind her was not the undead horde but living breathing warriors instead, most were naked, a couple were female, most were humans, but a few were elves and the giant still towered over all of them.
“W-We're alive?” the guardian said with his new voice, confusion rising with each word, “What is the meaning of this.”
Galadriel smiles, “My lord finds you worthy,” before passing out.
<Connection Lost>
A young man with short brown hair nearly fell back in his chair as he returned to reality, “What the heck?”
Staring at the screen in front of him he saw the login prompt for the World of Serenity, quickly he retyped his username and password bringing the game back into focus as a leather bound book titled 'Record of the Chosen' appeared and flipped open flying through pages where he caught glimpses of other characters before it settled on the painting of Elric, a tab on the side of the book showed an icon of Galadriel's head but both were grayed out.
“What the hell?” he groused again as he tried to click on Galadriel several times to no avail, before his frustration peaked the game spoke.
“Your account was logged out safely please give the server up to an hour to resolve the issue.”
“An hour?!”
“That is only an estimate of the worse case scenario. Try again in 15 minutes if it still isn't resolved wait another 15. Do not report a bug until the problem lasts more then an hour.”
Elric huffed, “You could have explained it that way in the first place.”
“ heuristics system is currently being upgraded but the process is not jet complete.”
Elric sighed, “Well at least their patching the helper finally.” Pushing out of his seat he turned toward his door, “Don't log me out I'm just getting a snack, I'll only be A-F-K for ten minutes tops.”
Grabbing his phone off the his desk Elric headed for the door and he opened the IM app, “Oh great Nala's on!” he smiled as he started to type out a message. “Hey Nala, can you log into the game and pass a message along to Teliko?”
“Sure. What's up?”
“Oh my connection farted and kicked me out of the game, now my accounts all bucked to hell and could take up to an hour, real time, before I can get back in.”
“Yeah, sure, I can do that, but why the hurry?”
“I was doing the curse breaking on Teliko's undead friends, and I pull it off but Galadriel passed out from the effort and then I crashed, Teliko's probably freaking out right now.”
“He He. Yeah I can see that. I'll pop in.”
<CatsShaDrow has gone offline.>
“Oh hey Nick,” the tank like Chuck paused as he passed Nicole just as she sat down at her chair and before her computer, “Playing that game again?”
She nodded, “My friend just IMed me that he crashed, just gonna pass a message along.”
“Alright, I'm hitting the store, gonna restock the shelves, get you anything?”
Nicole looked thoughtful a moment, “Can you get me some of that special milk I like.” she mused as she rummaged in her pocket for her wallet.
“The nutrient rich kind?”
She nods as she hands over a few bills to Charles.
“Thanks, I'll be back soon.”
And with that Nicole logged into the game as Charles slips out the front door. Cameras trained on him as he stood in the tinted deck but quickly lost interest when they saw it was not Nicole who was leaving.
“Where's Nicole!” one demanded.
“Having a life, you should try it.”
“Get lost!”
“Awe you know you guy love me.”
Slipping around the corner Chuck started to walk, after a minute or so Mr. Stark slip up beside him, “Afternoon Charles.”
“What do you want Tony?”
Resting a hand on Charles shoulder Tony smiled, “Oh I was just swinging by when I saw you leaving mind if I go with you?”
“Whatever, long as your not here to harass Nicole.”
“Awe I'm not the bad how is my former mate?”
Charles wavers a moment before wiping his brow a moment, “M-Mate...r-right you and Nicole use to d-date.”
“Do I sense a hint of jealousy?”
“N-No,” Charles voice cracked as they turned into an ally, one hand scratching at his chest a moment, “I'm not that kind of g-girl...I-I mean g-guy...yeah g-guy.”
“What kind of guy?”
“Huh? What about guys?” Charles voice cracked to a higher pitch as a pair of mounds started to tent his shirt.
“You we're talking about guys, is there a guy you like?”
“You know I think your pretty cute, always have.”
Charles flustered, “R-Really?”
Stark pulled Charles into a long kiss as her hair grew out and her wait cinched in slightly, she was still built like a take just a female one as they pulled away.
“Be a Good Girl and keep this secret from the others, especially Nicole, it's not yet time to bring them into the fold.”
Charles nodded absently, “Uh, huh.” as Mr. Stark slipped a hand into her pants.
Charles tongue lolling out as fur began to spread across her body, “Who's your mate?”
Charles cooed, “You, of course.”
They shared another kiss before Stark pulled his hand out of her pants her form reverting back to male form, “I'll see you tonight in the hills outside town, but for now finish your errands alright my mate?”
Charles nodded in a haze as Mr. Stark slipped away, “See you later mate!” he yipped with a canine like pitch at the end.
“5 Down, 3 to go.”
“Come again sir?” Sanders looked to his boss and friend Arran.
The CEO of Portal Corp. rubbed his temples a moment, “5 interviews down, 3 to go, then I can take a break from the spotlight.”
Simon smirked, “You can never take a break from the spotlight.”
“Probably,” Arran smirks back, “But a guy can dream, can' he.”
“So had any luck increasing your influence?”
“In the game world? No. But I have been wondering, what if there are other worlds other there besides just the two.”
“Are you sure opening more portals is a good idea?”
“Right now their just windows, and all static. But maybe I can find more players from another world who would enjoy a medieval game, and maybe that would give me the power I need.”
“Orrrrrr you'll just find another world you'll want to save.”
Arran smirks, “Your probably right about that but I have to at least they say with great power comes.”
“Ego and corruption?”
Arran chuckles, “Ok that's enough snark from you!”
“Or what you'll fire me.”
Arran chuckles, “Yes, exactly that.”
Simon waves as he makes his way toward the main door of Arran's office, “alright I got rounds to do...don't push yourself to hard Arran, we don't need you having a stroke and trapping all those innocent people in Serenity.”
“Yes Smother I'll take it easy!”
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mhtg Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2013   General Artist
I still say a PTE (priority target elimination) specialist that primarily works at a distance would balance out the fact that all the ranged stuff the team is doing counts as close to medium range or point blank. seeing as bows can be made out of either wood or metal and there actually is quite a bit of science involved it may qualify as engineering. even primitive bows were MUCH more then sticks, they were essentially ply wood the curve and material(s) were (as well as size) what made them different... then the composite bow that had extra bends to it took the power of a longbow and put it in a short bow... then theres crossbows which can adopt the full bows advancements and had 2 main advancements unique to its self... double ark and the repeating crossbow... and we haven't even talked about compounded bows that use pulleys and the fact that if one focused on the metalworking of them to perfect the springiness how powerful a double arched composited compound repeating crossbow would be (and how difficult the string would be to pull...
NekoLLX Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2013  Student Filmographer
the problem with that though is that none of them are engineers, one is introduced late but none of the cast know him yet as he is introduced via Nyoko's character and he has a prety powerful ark so on the one hand introducing him how would prevent the "new guy out of nowhere" the original story had but at the same time would downplay his signifigence. And that's even assumig enginering is the best fit for bow as opposed to some new skill set (the skill sets arent set in stone after all)
Actually since you seem so detail orinented i'm gonna toss you a email with some rules stuff tell me your thoughts on if anything could use additions
mhtg Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2013   General Artist
just so long as he is introduced in a way he isn't out of nowhere the significance will remain intact.
NekoLLX Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2013  Student Filmographer
well well see how that plays out as in the next two chapters we meet said characters (2 of them in fact)
mhtg Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2013   General Artist
well i have my DA account with my real age so i cant see it... (under 18 by 1 year and 1.5 months but who's counting)
NekoLLX Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2013  Student Filmographer
wait for the book to come out then i guess.
mhtg Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2013   General Artist
i guess of course i can probably guess based on the next one with them on what i missed
NekoLLX Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2013  Student Filmographer
maybe, maybe not
Uncle-Ben Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2013
Hey, Neko?
Have you thought to number the Quest Logs? i.e. Quest Log [15]: Break the Geas

That way anyone who reads these later will know what order to read them in. It would also make them easier to put in order.
NekoLLX Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2013  Student Filmographer
I can certinly number them now and go back, i don't know how long the book will be yet but i can certinly number them for convience
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