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Quest Log[15]: In Search of Honor
“Tell me this plan again.” The ranger sat opposite Niela at an inn, outside as people waked by, a massive hawk with two sets of wings perceived on a chair next to him.
“We are starting up a taxi service and we need a ranged Specialist just in case we get into trouble. Magic can only go so far, we need a sniper.”
“Yeah I get that part...but a Taxi service. I got better things to do with my time then sit on a coach all day and maybe shoot something,” a smile spreading over his lips as he place a hand on Niela's thigh, “Unless you want to make it worth my while.”
She brushed it away but not without hesitation, “Look it's good money and how else are you going to get to the other zones. You plan to just stick around her until the next trade caravan comes through? We'll cover more ground, we'll be our own trade caravan like this.”
The Ranger looked thoughtful a moment, “I suppose. But I'm just not cut out to play a game where I’m a merchant all day. No promises I’ll always be up for a taxi run when you guys are.”
Niela shrugs, “I'm sure I could find other rangers when your not available, I just want to give my friends a short first.”
“Thanks Nala.”
She shrugs, “No bigggie.”
“You know I could probably convince the other girls to let you on in the main business too, we already added a 6th girl, it's not that hard just a small enchanted item, and we make money hand over fist.”
Maestro twisted his face in disgust, “No thanks, I can't believe you gave up adventuring to be a whore, especially how you were always touting your character's stories, is this really how you saw them retiring?”
“I haven't retired, I still adventure, and because we make so much gold We have been able to get really good enchants and really good gear!”
“I find that hard to believe.”
Niela slipped off her gloves handing them across the table to the ranger, “Take a look I crafted those myself and had a friend do the enchants. All thanks to our little bussiness.”
Bow Maestro presses the gloves away, “They can't be that good.”
“Just take a look,” Niela says her voice getting sweet, “Please.”
Bow sigh looking away as he takes the gloves, “F-Fine.” then stats to turn them over in his hands.
Several moments passed as he just examined the gloves, “Y-You crafted these...” but he quickly cut her off, “r-right....of course, I can see your name in the info screen. Guess I can't really question you on that point. Really impressive. Can you do a full ranger set?”
“Of course I can, and you'll get it for free complete with a full set of enchants on each piece...”
He held up his hand to silence Niela, smiling, “Yes I get it, if I join your dancer is a very, very tempting offer...”
Niela smiles, “And this cartridge, we'll be able to use it for our own travels not just taxis?”
“Of course.”
“C-Can I sleep on it?”
Niela smiles, “Want company.”
“Sold!” Bow grins wide as he takes Niela's hand and hurries into the inn tossing some silver to the inn keeper, “I'll extend my stay another night!”
Niela giggles as she picks up her pace and follows Bow Maestro into his room quickly discarding her clothes once the door slams shut.
“I just don't know what to do,” Teliko worried as she and Regis shared some tea in Niela's living room, “I thought that making them human would would break their obsession with Honor but it has done everything but.”
Regis shrugs, “That's NPCs for you. Just keep whispering those sweet nothings for now, you can't do much until the next part of the quest drops.”
Teliko sighs, “I've been asking around, but Honor has gone into deep hiding, no one has seen him.”

“At least nothing else important has been stolen right? So he's not just eluding you while continuing his crime spree, right?”

“That's the thing several other things have been taken but the thieves have all been caught...the thing is none of the items have been recovered.”

“That certainly fits Honor's MO,” Niela interrupted as she entered, “Evening girls.”

Regis twisted his neck peering past Niela, “Brought along a friend?”

Stepping aside Niela let the human girl step forward, a large 4 winged hawk on her shoulder and a bow on her back, she smiled nervously and waved, “H-Hi g-girls.”

“Ladies and...” Niela paused snickering at Regis, “ Bow Maestro the latest addition of our marry band.”

Regis rose a brow, “Ranger?”

Bow nodded, “Niela said you needed a ranged guard for the caravan project.”

Regis smiled, “That we do. While Crim and Elric are enchanting our ride and getting it ready for travel we started going over details on what we would need to make our taxi service a success.”

“Bow Maestro? Why does that name sound familiar,” Teliko scratches her head.

“He' She's the girl I mentioned from my tale of Tyre's Fort, the Ranger-Bard.”

“Oh right!” Teliko leap to her feet moving over to inspect the new girl, “She's cute, I didn't know she was a girl, could have sworn you mentioned she was a boy in the story.”

Bow smiles awkwardly, “Well actually....”

“Say no more,” Teliko smiles slapping the new girls behind playfully, “Your not the first boy turned girl in this troupe,” her eyebrows wiggling devilishly, “The real question is have you given your new body a test run.”

“N-No.” Bow says looking down at her feet.

Teliko chuckles as she pushes Bow into the bed room before pulling Regis to his feet and shoving him in after, “Give her a good run Regie!” before slamming the door behind.

Niela chuckles, “Sometimes your just too much Teliko.”

Tossing her hair and shrugging she takes her seat again as Niela sits across from her, “If she's going to get into the business she's going to have to get use to the practice.”

“I guess,” Niela starts, a soft moan escaping the other room, “Well looks like that's starting up,” she started to smile, “Any word on Honor?”

Teliko shakes her head, “Nada.”

Niela smiles, “So hows real life, I've been hearing a rumor you and Sarah found a guy to share, anyone I know.”

Teliko bites her tongue, “P-Probably.”

“Oh!” Niela pips up, “well don't keep me in suspense, who is it!”

“You'll meet him soon, just relax.”

Niela shrugs, “Sure, no hurry, just got kinda curious. Kat's got a new boyfriend, Chuck got his own, Nyoko too, and way I hear it the Sanyos relationship hasn’t been better. The only one who doesn't seem to have a date is Tony and myself.”

“You two should totally hook up then!” Teliko squeals.

Niela twists her face in disgust as her voice gets low and she holds her stomach, “L-Look I know the entire wolf thing wasn't entirely his fault but I just can't look past it. Not only did his knock me up but he turned me into his little fuck bunny and slaves, besides, he used to be my boss. It would just be weird.”

“He's not that bad.”
Niela shrugs, “Maybe he's changed after his little stint as a girl, mellowed out, and truth be told I could use something I could confide in.”

“He's totally perfect for that,” Teliko smiles, “Go talk to him, you're made for each other.”

Niela sighs as she looks out the window, “Maybe...I-I'll think about it.”

Rising from her chair Niela makes her way to the door, “I should log, since Kat and Chuck found their soul mates they haven't had as much time to watch the house or go shopping. Need to do some errands while the nanny is still here.”

Teliko smiles, a wolfen tail snaking out from behind her and wagging as elven ears changed to wolfen ones, “Don't forget what I said!”

Niela waved without looking back as she exited her house, “I'll keep it in mind.”


Mr. Stark caught up with Nick as she slipped out of the Deli, wrapping an arm around her waist, “Evening Nicole.” he said with a smile.

Nick looked up into her assistant's amber eyes, and pulled herself out of his grip, “Getting a little intimate aren't we Tony?”

“I can't help myself, not when my boss is such a hot piece of tail like you and today is one of those few times I get to be the real me.”

Nick sighed walking ahead, but Tony kept right behind her, “Is there something in particular you want?”

Tony smiled, pressing a ticket into Nick's hand, “Look I know things have been...frosty...between us for a while.”

“Being railroaded into switching genders and then turned into someone's pet and mate does that to a person,” Nick says coldly.

“And you got your revenge, I have to be a girl most of the time too! And you know the wolf thing wasn't my fault.” he said coolly, “Come on, one movie. It's a big sci-fi epic, right up your alley.”

Nick paused, looking down at the ticket and stopped a moment, “Well things have been crazy lately...and I did want to talk to you about something.”

Tony smiled, “Oh, what kind of 'something.'”

“Incredibly complicated stuff, stuff about my powers, my past. Been thinking about it a lot recently, since..." she said slowly, cautiously as Tony slipped his arm back around her.

“Since the assassination attempt?”
She nodded.
“You can trust me,” he smiled,  “I'm all ears.”

Nick closed her eyes, taking a deep breath, “ all started on a trip abroad when I was just a kid...”
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mhtg Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2013   General Artist
been wanting ask do small crossbows ever have magical auto loaders? and the way I see it so long as a ranger is provided 3 things they can be the deciding factor, cover, battlefield intelligence (in the knowing who's where) and QCC assistance (incase they are unlucky).... Provided they have enough ammo of the proper type that is, you don't use poison tips on an armor mounted enemy, you use explosive arrow heads if they're chain or chain plate combo (not under chain) and they aren't that fast a standard arrow will do it if you can hit the exposed areas (like the neck).. You use faster poison on enemy snipers so if you graze them they're still dead... wait they will have specialized ammunitions right cause it'd be darn annoying if a wood plank or (if you want to go classic) bags of sand/flower were all it took to defend against ranged attacks, I doubt a sniper would have much use for flame tar arrows while sniping, now flame on contact would be useful at night to light up targets but flame tar says looky here snipers that I'm trying to duel I'll broadcast my position and allow you to back trace it like a flare and get an easy kill.... (kind of why sniper rifles have flash guards)
NekoLLX Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2013  Student Filmographer
They have a cartridge or “magazine of sorts” But again Crossbows like the Iron Condor are a more newer concept most just use a long bow. As for ammo with th right skills one could coat arrows with poison but that has to be don before hand, most archers just have several pre loaded quivers in their inventory and hot swap since there can be enchants on the quiver and potions on the arrow. Some players have even enchanted arrows but that's kind of a expensive proposition unless you have some way to recover them after wards
mhtg Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2013   General Artist
what about explosive arrows? couldn't that be done with Alchemy I mean i'm sure some alchemy results in explosions soo...
NekoLLX Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2013  Student Filmographer
yes, theirs a good mix of both for arrows
mhtg Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2013   General Artist
is there a quiver equivalent of the portable sanctuary charm? or is that OP?
NekoLLX Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2013  Student Filmographer
you could enchant santually on the quiver but let's be honest then you'd have a giant room filled with arrows you being rooting into blinded, theres a few enchants for more inventory space but the problem with them is they all work on a compression concept, you don't see items when they are in a space larger then the out side and with arrows you need to beable to grab them by a half exposed end, invtory spells would abid a item half exposed
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