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Quest Log[16]: Adams and Family
“I've had these powers as long as I can remember, and been playing with them just as long. But it all came to a head when I was still a kid...” Nicole paused, looking aside as she walked cautiously beside Tony.
“Go on,” a smile spreading over his lips, “You can trust me.”
Nicole took a long breath, “I often wondered if I was alone, but have let to find definitive proof there were others like day...I did learn WE aren't alone.”
Tony pauses, trying to process the information, “Wait you mean....aliens?”
Nicole smirked, “it will make more sense...I hope, once I explain how I went from a young boy with a brother and loving parents and a different name to well...who you know today.”

“Anyway,” Nicole continues, “I'm pretty sure I'm the only one, after almost 3 decades and no evidence to the contrary it's about the only logical answer, however, I have came to seeing something 'unusual' was when I ran afoul of the Adams when I was 12.”

“Code name for Aliens. Long story short, when I was like 12 my family went on a little country tour, in one of the stops, me being the brash know it all kid I was, decided the sneak away, shapeshift some wings and take a private tour. During my flight though I caught the glimmer of something and touched down, slipping into chameleon mode, which really just meant my hands and face were hidden since I can't effect clothing, but hey I was a kid I thought I was invincible. Anyway, I watched some FBI guys shooting it out with some some really weird creatures, long arms and legs, black-grey skin, broad but skinny chests. Really Sci-Fi shit. And the 'Adams' were guarding some weird ass phallic device that looked like it was shooting random pulses of light into the sky. They saw me and I ran, and I'll never forget what happened next.”

“Well don't keep me in suspense! What happened?”

“I was getting to that!” Nicole sighs, “This isn't easy for me.”
“R-right...s-sorry.” And in this one case Tony was genuine, he could tell from the tremble in her voice and the slight shiver running through her body this was a deeply personal experience for Nicole, and part of him reveled in being privy to that little bit of power he would soon hold over her for knowing it.
“Anyway something hit me, near as I can tell it was a pulse from one of the Adam's handguns, anyway as soon as it hit my clothes just exploded, literally disappearing into loose atoms, no ash, no string they just evaporated. And I suspect so would I. My body felt like it was coming apart at the seams, and it's only by the grace of my powers I was holding together, but even so I felt myself 'fading' in and out. Whatever the ray was my powers were having a hell of a time countering the effect. I think at some point I got winged by another shot, then I tripped and rolled down a hill. The aliens must have figured I finally dissipated or got killed, or soon would be, or were called away to more important duties, it really doesn't matter. He wasn't after me and I was face down in the dirt by some train tracks just about to come apart at the atoms. I knew if I passed out I would cease to be so I just lie there, not moving, barely breathing, hardly able to think I just focused on holding myself together until I felt the danger pass.

And then I passed out.”

Tony smirked, “Well clearly you survived. So what happened next.”

Nicole shivered a moment, “A-Anyway when I woke up I was starving and parched, I had after all just fought off disintegration. I was hardly cognizant but I knew I was in a cell. Apparently the FBI guys saw what happened and wanted answers. Eventually they got me some food and water and once I was actually capable of functioning like a normal human being they grilled me like a stake. I was a 12 year old kid so I told them everything I knew about my powers, my limits, and eventually agreed to help them fight the aliens by using my powers 'for the good of the people,' the threats of jail time and treason might have helped persuade me some as well. And so I became a sort of secret weapon, turning soldiers into monsters to fight the aliens, and that's pretty much where all the Bigfoot vs the Greys and other tabloid junk comes from. My monster men dukeing it out with the Adams.”

Tony tensed now, “So're a government stooge?”

“For the first few years, yes. I was young, and intimidated by Big Brother. By day I was trying to be a normal kid, well as normal as a kid can be locked up in a government 'safehouse' while they passed the news along to my family their son had died.” she forced a smile, “h-had a top notch education and free medical though.”
Tony growled, he didn't know why but he did.
Nicole took another long breath, “but on nights and weekends I was the government’s secret weapon with the war on the Adams, our codename for the aliens. but eventually I wised up and confronted my handlers. I demanded my freedom and to get paid for my services. They countered with threats of making me a traitor and fugitive, reminding me that as far as the world, and more importantly my family, thought I was dead. And you don't just come back from 'faking your own death,' and go on with a normal life, they emphasized the point live on the run with no one to turn to. So I reminded them that my powers are only limited by line of sight, of ANY of my senses, and any agents they sent after me would wind up turned inside out.”

Tony winced at the image, sunny very uneasy about his bigger plans, “C-Can you do that?”

“Kinda, sorta. I can't directly turn someone into say a flayed zombie or turn them inside out, but I could turn them into a form that would have trouble functioning, say a fish man, with gills and no lungs. Or a bird person with hollow bones, in the middle of a run such a shift in mass and density would mean a nasty fall and with hollow bones...”

Tony started to sweat, “H-Hey look about that entire wolf thing.”
Nicole started to smile, “Water under the bridge.”
Tony gave a relived sigh, 'At least my Pheromones seem to be doing their job.'

“Anyway they tried to threaten me with snipers next, I reminded them if I was on the run you can bet I'd have eyes like a hawk and ears like a cat and would hear them a mile away, and once I could hear them I could see them. And it might be a bit hard to pull the trigger with their thumb and forefinger coming out of their temples.”

“And yet they tried to send a sniper after you, what made them think they could do it anyway?”
Nicole smirks, “They every every so often, after all I'm their secret weapon and if they can't have me they want to make sure America's enemies wont. So when they think my guard is down they send a sniper but no matter how good a guy they hire is I can still see um coming...” she pauses, “Last time was a bit of luck though, they sent an old friend of mine, and he gave me a heads up.”
“You know a professional hitman!?!”
Nicole smirked, Tony sweated bullets, “'Government Stooge' remember, before I cut ties I knew a lot of dangerous people, I turned half of them into monsters remember?”
Tony forced a chuckle, “R-right.”
“Anyway we arranged a pretty flashy show, something the spooks would know I did and would make them back off.”
“You..turned him into a seal?”
Nicole nods, “With a congenital heart disease, he 'died' an hour later and his skin seemed to melt, I'm sure the spooks covered it up but I'm betting there's some doctors out there thinking the seal was exposed to some kind of nerve toxin. And then when no one was looking he reverted to human with a new face and got to start his own life over again.”
Tony laughed, despite the creeping fear learning the full extent of Nicole's prowess was the end note was still amusing.

“Anyway after a lot of jockeying back and forth to prove who was the top dog I agreed to keep helping them, but on MY terms, and I expected compensation for my work. Nothing major mind you, but enough to have a nest egg I could fall back on if life got rough. Fast forward a few years and here we are.”
Tony gave a relived sigh as they approached the theater, Nicole now leaning on his arm as her hands wrapped around his, a soft sigh in her voice, “And here's the theater.”
She gave a happy sigh as she smiled, “Thanks Tony, I needed to get that off my chest forever.”
Tony was quiet as they entered the theater, quiet as they purchased their concessions, and quiet as they began looking for a seat.

“Tony?” Nicole whispered “Why so quiet.”

“Thinking, I...just though you were a witch. I never really though of a bigger picture.”

Nicole nodded, letting out a long sigh as she rested her head on his shoulder just as they found seat, “I've known about the Adams for years but it was always a side job. I never really thought too deeply about what I can do and the repercussions. I just enjoyed having a unique gift. Still it's a burden I could never share...thanks for listening.”

Absently Tony ran his hands through her hair, “I just” he began, taking Nick's free hand in his other for communication, “How am I suppose to react, what am I supposed to do. I'm just....a battery. You have surpassed me in every way, financially, professionally, magically, what role do I play in all this.”

Nick was silent a moment, “Just being there is enough.”


Nick sighed and watched the screen, her head still resting on Tony's shoulder, his hand still running through her hair, Tony forced a smile. It was not cocky, or malevolent, more sad and longing, “Good Girl,” he finally whispered.
Nicole was smiling as they left the theater, but Tony was clearly faking his, “I needed that,” Nicole almost yipped like a dog, “I feel so alive after telling you that Tony. I was worried how to break everything to anyone!”

Tony smiled, running his hands though her hair as his amber eyes looked into her, “That good,” his voice was hollow, as if just going through the motions, “You have always been a Good Girl.”

“Yup!” this time Nick did yelp like a dog.

Tony's voice was still hollow, “And Good Girl's know how to please their Masters.” he started.

Nick eyes shifted to amber as she tilted her head, a tail snaking out of her skirt as they slipped into an alley, he paled a bit looking at the tail wag, and watch Nicole shimmer her skirt down.

“N-no,” Tony's voice cracked, “M-Master doesn't want his Good Girl to have any more puppies. Do you remember the other way to make M-Master happy.”

Nicole yipped as she reached for Tony's belt, he swallowed hard, his throat dry, “G-Good Girl.”

But as his pants ship down only an inch or two he put a hand on Nick chest, pushing her back, his voice suddenly firm, “No...”

Nicole looked confused, and whimpered, canine ears forming and folding down, “Master?”

“Just....forget it...I can't do this right now...” He stumbled past Nicole, headed for the exit of the alley, “It....isn't worth it....go home.”

Nicole's ears folded down as she whippers, “Master?”

“Just,” Tony paused turning back to look at the sad and hurt look and rubbed the bridge of his nose, “Just go home Nick...and...I'm sorry.”

She whimpered and looked on confused, still, “Master...doesn' me?”

Tony tensed, running over to wrap his arms around her, “Of course I love you...j-just be a Good Girl and go home. I promise we'll mate later.”
Her eyes lite with joy, “Promise Master?”
He nodded, “Y-Yes I promise. I just need to clear my head.” as he pulled away running a hand through her hair and kissing her cheek, “Master loves his mate, his Good Girl, very much.”

Nicole smiled as she yipped, tail wagging as she watched her Master vanish into the distance.
...Tony's apartment...
In his wolf man form Tony looked down at Hiroki/Mr. Sanyo who was grunting in pleasure with each thrust he made, but his heart wasn't in it, and slowly he stopped pulling out.

Ms. Sanyo looked back with wide and innocent eyes, longing for answers, "Master?"

“It's over...just...go home and forget about all this.” Tony said hollowly. “Go spend time with your real mate.”

“But this is my home Master,” she said confused, “You are my real mate.”

“That's just the wolf programming,” he said with a haunted look, “It's not real. Go home, I release you.”
And with that he tossed Hiroki her clothes and ushered her out his door.
...Ryan's home...
Ryan and Saran were in their wolf girl formed curled up in each others embrace as they lie on the floor when they heard a knock at the door, the knock persisted for several minutes before it stopped as they got up, got dressed, and changed back to human form to answer it.  A naked young wolf girl waited on the other side with a forlorn look.

“Hiroki!” Sarah quickly ushered her inside, “What are you doing in public like that, you know Master doesn't approve of us going around in wolf form in public.”
Hiroki ran over to Ryan with tears rolling down her cheeks, “M-Master abandoned me, I don't know what I did wrong. Please you have to help me.”

“M-Master?” Ryan said confused, “N-No that cant be right, Master loves us. We are his mates. He would never abandon us. Something must be on his mind.”
“Yeah!” Sarah yips, “You know Master. Sometimes he's just not in the mood to mate. Or is busy making plans to grow the pack.”
Ryan slipped off to the kitchen as Sarah comforted her, “I-I suppose your right. Master isn't like that...but Master Tony, my Mate...he...told me to go so suddenly.”
Ryan came back with a glass of water that Hiroki lapped up hungrily, “I'm sure master will be better by tomorrow.”
“Besides if he isn't it's a mates job to rise her master's spirits. I'm sure if all of us girls get together we can get master out of his funk.”
Hiroki yipped happily before licking the girls faces.
“Come on why don't you call up Sakura and all us girls can go have a girls night out, that should raise your spirits Hiroki.”
Hiroki's tail wagged excitedly, “Sakura would love that! We haven't had much us time since Master choose us.”
Sarah and Ryan smiled as they gave Hiroki a kiss on her cheeks and the three started laughing together.
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mhtg Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2013   General Artist
this part didn't change much except add more hatred for Tony then the old version did
NekoLLX Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2013  Student Filmographer
then I hit my goal.
mhtg Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2013   General Artist
by taking a jerk frying him with loathing oil adding a pinch of traitor, a dash of bastard and serving him with a side of hatred you have certainly cooked up one hell of a despise special...
NekoLLX Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2013  Student Filmographer
hoefully i can defuse some of that toward the end so you don't feel his punishment is too severe but at the moment yes he should be dispised, in the original all he did was mind rape Hiroi and Nicole but since he also was told about the comming war it helped temper him and lead to his own redemption, without the impetus of a comming war there is really nothing to hold back his ego
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