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Quest Log: Open the Ice Tomb
“Looks like it's just us boys,” Regis chuckles as he meets Barb standing outside the gate of a large city built into a mountain, Barb was still in female form.
“Speak for yourself.” she laughed.
“I could counter cast Polymorph if you like, change you back.”
“Naaaa, this is fine. Actually thinking of making it permanent, got a good thing going on.”
Regis rose a brow, “Oh?”
“I'll tell you about it some other time. Come on I got the perfect quest for our mage craft.”
Regis shrugs and follows Barb to a waiting dwarf carriage, “Hey! We're ready!”
“Ah, this is your friend eh?” The dwarf responded as pulled open the door of the carriage before climbing up to the reigns, “Good luck, the Duke is counting on ye.”
Barb nodded, entering first as the two settled in for the ride.
“So share, what's this quest about?”
“You know the world lore right? How there was a great war, every race but man died off along with magic and the plague was working to finish the problem.”
Regis nods, “Then the wood be High King and his GMs arrived and the world started to recover. The people were so impressed he was elected High King, a position that had been vacant for hundreds of years.”
“Right. Well with the Dwarfs returning they are looking to clear out their abandoned homes of the dead and undead, squatters and the like. But more to the point there is an ancient memorial that due to the years of neglect the entrance has been iced over. Seemed like an easy job for us, clear the opening, do a basic investigation, and then report back to the Duke and get our reward.”
The cartridge came to s stop and the door opened a chill wind blowing in made Regis shiver, “Looks like we're here.”
Barb seemed unaffected by the cold as they left nodding to the driver who handed her a small metal tube, “I'll be heading back now but just use that and I'll make my way back to pick ye up.”
Barb nodding slipping it into a side bag, “Thanks, we wont let you down.”
The driver nods and loads up, driving off, tossing a canvas pack on the ground as he leaves.
“I don't know how you can just ignore the cold like this,” Regis shivers.
“Better Con I guess,” Barb muses as she opens the pack. Surprised to see a collection of logs and a couple fur cloaks, passing one to Regis who gladly slip it on and immediately starts to warm. “Well that was nice of Brom.” she smiles, “I'll start setting up the camp while you check out the entrance, it's a few paces to the west.”
Regis nods and heads off west, passing through some brush and stopping as he comes upon a tall stone archway, the entrance completely plugged but a huge ice at least several feet thick.
“Well this is odd, ice build up shouldn't be this thick.”
“I was thinking the same thing,” Barb muses walking up, in her own cloak, “I figure there has to be a crack somewhere that let wind and snow get in then it either iced over itself or is just to small for me to fit through.”
“Well the obvious solution, at least if I was managing this, would be to Polymorph you into something small, maybe a chipmunk and find the entrance. Then I watch the camp while you loot the place. But that's not the quest objective we need to blow the door so the Dwarfs can reclaim it so looks like it's fireball time.”
Barb smiles, “That's what I was thinking. But do you have Flame Touch?”
Regis nods, “I prefer to focus on debuffs and transformation but a few attack and utility spells always come in handy. And Fire Touch is great for starting camp fires.”
“Well I'm thinking we use fire hands to melt the blockage, I know it's continuous magic so the mana drain is going to continue as long as it's active but we'd probably spend just as much mana casting fireballs all day.”
Regis nods, “And the splash damage could damage the archway. I could use flame thrower while you use Fire Touch.”
“You have flame thrower?! I though you were all about crown control?!”
“A flamethrower is great at crown control!”
Barb and Regis both chuckle.
“Alright then let's get started then.”
Regis steps back, tracing symbols in the air as Barb moves in closer making motions with her hands until they glow red hot and she places her hands on the ice wall, steam rising as she starts melting through it just as a stream of fire hits the ice next to her the rise of steam occluding them from view for the next several minutes.
“And I'm done,” Barb says dropping to her knees with a deep breath as the steam clears.
Regis drops to one knee propping himself up with his staff, “Same,” his eyes tracing up to the ice wall, “Good grief we're only a forth of the way through. Good thing Niela gave me some spare Mana potions.”
Tossing a blue bottle to Barb the two took a moment to rest and drink down their potions.
“This is gonna take a while,” Barb sighs.
Regis smirks, “Good practice though.”
Barb nods as she gets back to her feet, rubbing her hands together and cracking her neck, “Well let's get this done with then.”
Regis huffed as he finished off another potion and pushed up to his feet, “No natural ice wall should be that thick.” he mused as they moved into the stone hall.
“I was thinking the same thing,” Barb mused, “But the only thing I can think that could survive in a place like this is undead.”
Moving onward the sound of heavy foot fall broke their thoughts, and quickly they ducked into an alcove to hide as a massive figure lumbered past them.
Regis> Or a frost giant.
Barb held her breath, as she watched the Giant raise an arm and rebuild the ice plug in minutes what it took them four time as long to melt.
Barbarous> Perfect. And their level twenties to boot. Let's switch Mentors Regis.
Regis> No we'll be fine with you as lead.
Barbarous> Are you crazy they're +8 to me!
The giant looked around and the two held their breath as it lumbered off.
Regis> And they would be -20 to me if we switched. But like I said don't worry. I can debuff them, we just have to be careful how we pull them.
Barbarous> Are you sure?
Regis> Just trust me on this, I do this for a living...grant not against +8s but We'll be fine.
Barbarous nods as she steps out into the hall, “Aright then I'll get his attention!” her hands tracing symbols in the air before releasing a fireball to the giant's back.
The giant howled turned and charged, “Who dares!” has massive club crashing down toward Barb who threw up her hands to catch it.
“You're strong from a human, but I can feel you weakening.”
While it was true the Barbs knees were trembling what the Giant was not noticing was that his own strength was waning, from the alcove Regis did was he was good at, sapping the giants strength until Barb had the upper hand, turning the attack around and leaping up, bringing her ax head down the Giant's body.
“Not so tough now are you tiny!” Barb howled.
“Keep your voice down!” Regis urged in a low tone, we don't want to alert...” the thundering of heavy foot falls broke him mid sentence, “Awe crap.”
Regis slipped out behind the giant as Barb fought and started to cast at the charging frost giants, sweeping his flame thrower back and forth across the halls.
Opprobrious laughed, watching the other Giant's stop cold, not wanting to wade into the fire, “Flamethrower IS great crown control!”
“Yeah!” Regis called back, “But I can't keep this up forever, Finish off the big lug.”
There was a massive thud as the giant behind Regis fell and Barb ran up quickly behind him, “Don't worry Master, I'll lend a hand.”
Regis smiled as Barbarous slipped up next to him and started making signs in the air. The drain of mana became less noticeable and Barbarous took on a portion of the burden letting her mana add to Regis to maintain the effect, “Oh this Master-Apprentice buff is going to make things go a lot smoother.”
Barb laughed as she passed Regis a mana potion, “I know right!”
Regis took the potion in one hand as he maintained the flame thrower with the other and took a swig, feeling refreshed as he began to form a second spell with his free hand, “Alright tiger go get um.”
Barb laughed manically as she dove into the flames, launching herself at the nearest Giant just as the weakness spell was draining their power and the flames was keeping them separated.

Regis rested on a stone coffin as Barb lie on the floor taking long shallow breaths, “What a rush!”

“More then I would have wanted to deal with,: Regis said cautiously as he looked around, “But I think that's all of them.”

“Guess there isn't much room for a Giant to set up camp in a tomb.” Barb paused as she sat up, suddenly frowning, “Awe man.”

Regis to his feet as he followed Barbarous gaze, there were a few coffins that had been smashed in and the corpse had rolled out, “Those giant's have no honor.”

Regis mused as he walked over with Barb as they looked at the corpse.

“This thing is a mess, how are we supposed to fix this?” Barb sighed looking at the broken coffin.

Regis though for a moment, then started to pull the body out and lay it on the floor, “Do me a favor and make sure there's nothing flammable in the coffin Barb.”

“Huh?” Barb said confused but did anyway, a chill wind blowing through the tomb as she took out a shield, a sword, and a journal and set them next to the corpse, “What are you thinking Regis?”

Regis moved back to the coffin holding up one of the stone shards as his hand glowed red hot and he ran his hand along the cracked stone, “It's not perfect but I should be able to fuse the stones back together. Should hold at least until the Duke can get new coffins made.”

The light from outside was getting dim as Regis worked and even Barb shivered as the cold cut to the bone, “We should get back to camp, signal for our ride.”

“You head off ahead, I'll need a few minutes to fix this up.”

Barb nodded moving to the stone coffin and sliding the top off, “There, in case you finish before I'm back, at least you can put the guy back in his crypt.”

Regis smiled as Barb moved to the other broken tombs and pushed the lids free on them as well before heading for the exit.

“Halfway there,” Regis paused in his repairs as he dropped to the floor to catch his breath, the tomb growing darker and darker and the wind howled through the empty halls.

Just beyond the fringes of his vision motes of light started to form, lights that were starting to take the form of dwarfs that started to close in around Regis as he got back to his feet and back to his repairs. As he finished and worked to slip the corpse back into his tomb he turned just in time to see the half dozen spirit surround him.

“You have to be kidding me...first giant's now ghosts?” He took a long breath as she got himself ready for a fight.

One of the ghosts waved it's hand dismissively as he kenneled in deference to Regis, the others following shortly there after, “You are not the defiler were initially believed.”

Regis looked back to the sword, shield and journal he had yet to replace in the tomb just as he heard Barbarous charging back in, the Ghosts all standing and drawing spectral weapons, “Wait! She's helping me! Stand down!” the ghosts paused as Barbarous howled as she charged in ax high.

Regis> Barbarous stop!

And then skidded to a confused halt, a nervous tension filling the crypt as the Barbarian and the Spirits sized each other up.

Regis laughed nervously, “Well this is an unusual turn of events. Barbarous meet the ghosts of the dwarfs whose tombs we were trying to fix. Ghosts meet Barbarous, my apprentice.”

A long moment passed before the ghosts sheathed their weapons and dropped to one knee, “Oh honorable Barbarian and Wizard we offer our gratitude for your pure hearts.”

Barb laughed nervously, “ problem r-right.”

One by one the ghosts started to vanish, until only the first remained, who remained silent only motioning to a nearby wall which suddenly lit up with an eerie light before vanishing.

“Guess we earned a prize.” Regis chuckled nervously as he picked up the shield. “Guess we're obligated to finish the repair job now.”

Barbarous chuckled, “Not that we weren’t planning to anyway.”

Regis nodded as they finished replacing the journal and sword and sealing the top before moving on to the repairs of the 5 other destroyed tombs. Once that was done the two made there way to the wall staring long and hard at it.

“Looks like just a wall,” Barb muses as Regis reaches out a hand.

It passes through and they both gasp for a moment before stepping forward, and through the wall.

“Spooky,” Barb muses.
Time for some Mage Action
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BTW considering the class combos mentioned previously i see no problem with a Pooka: paladin/necromancer, or a ghost paladin... it usually turns out its the goals that matter more in most stories
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yeah i cant really see to much of a problem with that, i mean the Undead Guardian is in a sesse a paladin, he's a holy undead. It's just a matter of conflicts. A Dark Knight is littery the inverse of a paladin, has the same requierments but is supposed to be evil so your basicly trying to Duel Class as Paladin twice to get the excluded skills
mhtg Featured By Owner May 24, 2013   General Artist
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NekoLLX Featured By Owner May 24, 2013  Student Filmographer
mhtg Featured By Owner May 24, 2013   General Artist
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