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Quest Log: Track the Thief named Honor
Niela> Oh hey Teliko, up to anything fun or just entertaining?
Teliko> Hey Niela! I got a lead on Honor, the big guy and some of my undead friends are making an assault on his strong hold, wanna join the fun?
Niela> Sure toss me an invite and share the quest.
Teliko slipped back into the shadows as her undead cadre continued charging forward her focus split between the battle and the voice in head. Her attention was diverted however as one of the humans came up with a pair of daggers came up along the backside of the giant.
“Oh no you don't!” Teliko leaps from the shadows, her daggers plunging into the back of the fellow thief before she melts back into the shadows, the thief giving a cocky grin as he does the same.
“You won't get a second chance elf-whore.” his voice echoing off the shadows.
Teliko dropped to her knees as blades sliced at her body, “Ow. Damn it! Stop!”
“Not likely whore!”
“Hey that isn't very nice!” A new voice interrupted as 3 thieves rolled out of the shadows, their clothes smoldering.
The half-orc emerges from the shadows of her own as the thieves get back to their feet.
“The whore's bodyguard.”
“Figures she would show up to finish what the whore couldn't.”
“Oh shut your trap.” Niela emerges from the shadows delivering a right cross to one of the three as she melted back into the shadows beside Teliko, helping her to her feet. “You gonna be ok Teliko?”
“Give me a moment then we caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-” she was cut off by a dagger to the back, both turning in sequence together to counter attack.
“They just don't give up do they?”
“It's really annoying, thanks for coming so quickly.”
“What are friends for.”
Diving back into the fray the two thieves took out several of the others as they gathered up with their undead allies.
“Take out the orc, drop her and the whore falls.”
“Hey! Stop calling me a whore!” Teliko protested as she launched herself at a thief, “I'm an Entertainer.”
“Yeah chill out with the cracks about OUR day job,” Niela taunts as she makes symbols before blanketing the several thieves in ice, a skeleton finishing the job as the crowd thins out.
“New spell?” Teliko jokes as she slips into the shadows leaping out from another to take out one of the thieves.
A heavy cut from her daggers caught another off guard and lies them flat, “Naaa, I have a whole book of spells, I just don't use them a lot. Their more an assistance aid then my focus.”
“Cool, maybe I should have gone wizard or warrior.” Teliko leaps from the shadows to take out a pair of thieves.
“You know now that I think about it you really should have gone monk. Kung-fu and assassinations seem more your style.”
“That's the last of them,” Teliko drops to a knee panting as the undead crowd around them and the piles of dead or unconscious thieves.
“For now, we need a more subtle plan,” Niela pants as she takes a knee, glancing back at the undead, “Or maybe you should have gone necromancer.”
Teliko pauses, her eyes lingering on the large undead guardian, “Yeah...”
“Something on your mind?”
“It's just...” Teliko pauses looking back again, “It's almost over right...once we get the crown the big guy and his friends..what happens next?”
“I suspect with the crown returned their ancient bond would be restored and they would go back to their eternal rest.”
Teliko looked back again, her voice low, “Good for them...”
“But what?”
“You don't want that do you?”
“'s just...the big guy...and the others...I know they don't say much but we've been through a lot...I don't want it to just....end...isn't there something we can do. Maybe bring them back to life?”
Niela smiled sheepishly as she scratched the back of her head, “Your talking necromancy or at the very least some pretty exotic magic. I'm a pretty basic magic maker.”
“Oh...” A crestfallen Teliko says with a downward look.
“Hey don't look so down,” Niela smirks, “Last I checked we knew a couple specialists.”
Teliko gasps smiling, “You mean?”

“Elric and Regis.”
Teliko laughs as she pushes to her feet and turns toward the doorways deeper into the complex, “Then let's get this over with.”
“Alright!” Niela cheers, “You heard the little lady big guy, lead on, let's find you your crown!”
The giant undead growls and stomps on with his undead horde behind him as they proceed deeper in, Niela and Teliko following in the shadows.
...speaking of deeper in...
“Go Honor! We'll take care of the 'heroes' the same enchantment that gives them their immortality prevents them from slaying us. If we can not get them to give up the battle...” One of three lieutenants spoke, a female elf, beside her was a male Orc and a male human.
But the thief named Honor, was already gone.
“Why do you even follow that guy?” Teliko said emerging from the shadows at the front of the group, Niela at her side.
“Seriously! He couldn't stick around to even to hear your stirring speech.” Niela taunts.
“cRoWn.” The giant grumbled, his voice a low deep growl as he pointed a bony finger to the pedestal and started to move forward.
“You spoke!” Teliko practically squealed as she turned back to the undead, “You actually spoke!”
Niela hold out her hand to hold back the undead, “You might want to give up now, pretty sure the dead guys aren't gonna take no for an answer.”
“Shadows now!”
The three thieves vanished as the undead charged, Niela and Teliko vanishing next. Like the shadows that cloaked them the five thieves bounded in and out of the shadows when they emerged the undead were waiting.
“You can't win!” the orc taunted.
Teliko howled in pain as she tumbled out of the shadows.
“We are three, while you are but two!” the girl sent Niela sprawling.
Niela wiped some blood from her face before getting to her knees and turning back to motion to the undead behind her, “I think you're forgetting the horde of angry undead who wan their crown back.”
The Orc fell next, hitting the ground and loosing consciousness as 3 skeletons loomed over him.
“One down, two left,” Teliko smirks as she emerges from the shadows, her daggers striking the back of the human thief before vanishing back into the shadows.
“This isn't over whore!”
“Huh?” he got only a word in before turning to see the massive grand sword of the Guardian coming down across his chest.
Teliko and Niela emerged from the shadows with the undead at their back as the Elf emerged with the crown at her back.
“Give it up now.” Teliko threatens.
“Or what?” the elf smirks as she vanishes into the shadows with the crown.
Teliko smirks, “Niela, you can stop sidekicking now.”
Niela turns her head curiously, “You sure?”
“She's only one boss, I can spare the XP.”
Niela smirks, “you got it boss.” vanishing into shadows.
“You'll never touch me, I'm better....aaaaaaarrrrrrrrgggggggggg!”
The elf dropped out of the shadows, Niela emerging right behind her, the crown in hand.
“H-How?” The elf stammers staring up with Niela in terror, “HOW?”
“How?” Niela smirks as she tosses the crown to the guardian, “Come on you can't be that stupid. I've got like 6 times the experience you do.”
The elf's eyes contracting to nothing, “Y-you were holding back?!”
Niela shrugs, “Hey someone had to show Teliko the ropes.”
Now the thief’s eyes turned to Teliko, “S-She your apprentice...the whore?!”
Teliko smirks, turning to the guardian who looked down at the crown, “Told you we'd get it back big guy.”
“tHaNk yOu?” the guardian said solemnly as he turned his horn turning with him to leave.
He turned back, “yEs?”
“D-Don't go yet...p-please...”
Niela moves up next, standing beside Teliko with a smile, “That's right big guy, it's not over until we bring in Honor, the mastermind of the entire plot, the man who stole the crown, right?”
The undead guardian's voice became a low growl, as he took a firm grip on his blade, “HoNoR!”
Teliko smirks looking up to Niela, “T-Thanks.”
“Hey, what are friends for.”
mhtg Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2013   General Artist
Now they need a Human/bunny pooka (lets go classical shale we)/ necromancer/thief named Deathsong in the gang (read the prequel to PH, LWD and you'll find the main character of PH was once called Deathsong) that hates being called a bunny...
NekoLLX Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2013  Student Filmographer
probably not going to do that just so it isn't a clone of PH
mhtg Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2013   General Artist
good point still its a good comic
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